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    Website information not referenced from the listed books was acquired through discussions with bald eagle experts as well as personal experiences. WI has a large number of nesting bald eagles which remain year-round if they have access to open water. There are two bald eagle nests within walking distance of our home. Eagles also gather at locks and dams on the Mississippi River during the winter; which is only an hour drive away. Consequently, I have been given a wonderful opportunity to photograph bald eagles and observe their behavior. During my ten plus years of eagle photography, I have been fortunate to meet people who know much more about eagles than I do. They have been very helpful whenever I receive an email with a question I can't answer or I'm unable to resolve through a book search.

    The Bald Eagle Viewing Directory is composed of sightings which were copied and pasted from emails sent by those who were kind enough to share their experiences.

    Wabasha, MN's National Eagle Center is an excellent place to observe and learn more about bald and golden eagles. I have also visited the American Bald Eagle Foundation in Haines, AK, which I highly recommend if you're ever in the area. During October and November, thousands of bald eagles gather during the annual salmon run. It's quite a sight to see!


   American Bald Eagle Information was created as a retirement hobby to provide bald eagle and other information as well as share my photos.
   The information and photos on this web site may be used for student projects as long as neither are placed on other websites. The photographs are copyrighted by Hope Rutledge, the owner and author of the American Bald Eagle Information website, and are NOT available for other websites, photo galleries or commercial use of any kind.

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