North American Bird Photos and Facts

Birds of Prey - Hawks and Other Raptors

Peregrine FalconPeregrine Falcon

Size - 15 to 20 inches long.
Habitat - Cliffs or open country near water; also on buildings in cities.
Nesting and Eggs - 2 to 6, buff marked with reddish brown, laid on bare rocky ledge or outcrop. Incubation 28 days, by both sexes. Young leave the nest five to six weeks after hatching.
Food - Mainly birds caught in flight; occasionally mammals and large insects.

Red-tailed HawkRed-tailed Hawk

Size - 19-26 inches long. Wing span 4 1/2 feet.
Habitat - Plains, deserts, farmlands, and open woodlands.
Nesting - The nest is a solid mass of sticks and twigs about 15 to 70 feet above the ground in a tree.
Eggs - 1 to 5, white, sparsely marked with brown. Incubation 28 to 32 days. Young leave the nest 45 days after hatching.
Food - Mainly voles and other mammals; also birds and large insects.

Turkey VultureTurkey Vulture

Size - 26-32 inches long. Wingspan of 6 feet.
Habitat - Open country, farmland, and forests.
Nesting - The eggs are laid on bare ground or in an old building, hollow log, or cave.
Eggs - 1 to 3, white with reddish brown spots and blotches. Incubation about 39-40 days, by both parents. The young leave the nest at 11 weeks.
Food - Carrion, some small mammals and birds.

Black VultureBlack Vulture

Size - 23-27 inches long. Wingspan of 5 feet.
Habitat - Open areas, farmland, deserts, and garbage dumps.
Nesting - The eggs are laid on bare ground, sheltered ledge, rock, or cave.
Eggs - 1 to 2, pale green, sparsely marked with brown. Incubation about 39-41 days. The young leave the nest at 10 to 11 weeks.
Food - Carrion, garbage, some small mammals and birds.

Crested CaracaraCaracara

Size - 21-25 inches long.
Habitat - Grassland, bushy country.
Nesting - Bulky plateform of stems and twigs 8-10 ft from ground in tree or cactus.
Eggs - 3 to 4, white or pickish, marked with brown. Incubation 28 days.
Food - Insects and carrion; and small mammamals, birds, and reptiles.

Northern HarrierNorthern Harrier

Size - 17 to 24 inches long
Habitat - Fields, marshes, and grasslands.
Nesting - The nest is a platform of weeds, leaves, and plant stems on the ground or in a shrub.
Eggs - 3 to 9, pale blue rarely spotted with brown. Incubation 32 days, by the female. Young leave the nest 5 weeks after hatching.
Food - Voles; also other small rodents, frogs, reptiles, insects, and small birds.

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