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Please be advised that today I viewed a large adult eagle flying between my two large back yard trees and circling occasionally. Very large and impressive. Beautiful white head and white tail feathers. This is my first time seeing this magnificent bird. We do have quite a few hawks of various types around here, but this is a first for me.
I'll have to warn my neighbors to keeps their small pets inside for a few days. I hope to see this beautiful bird again tommorrow.
Betty Kane
My wife and I sighted a Bald Eagle today, flying above our house in Fincastle. It's beautiful white head was clearly seen as it's big wings flapped on by us. An emotional sighting for sure. Twice I've seen a Pileated Woodpecker, and that was amazing too, but not like viewing this amazing symbol today.
Jon and Suzanne Bryan
On Wilderness Rd in Jonesville VA just above Kingsport TN on 1.27.15 at 8 a.m. and around 4 p.m.
Michael Heatherly
01/21/15 at 10:40a.m. spotted an eagle landing on a tree limb at the edge of woods on Rt. 60 Anderson Highway in Powhatan, VA between the County Line and Luck Stone. The beautiful white tail spread caught my eye as he landed. It took awhile to sink in that it was a bald eagle & for the first time in my life I saw one! If it ever happens again, I hope I will have enough wits about me to pull over, take a picture and make a note of the exact location
C. Dickson
Opal Road, Opal Virginia January 19, 2015 at 9:30 am the bird was fully white headed and white tailed flying up from the road and perched on high tree. It didn't look huge, though, about the size of a buzzard.
Sara Byers Roeper
January 15, 2015 around 5:00 p.m.
Saw a pair of bald eagles in a tree at Oronoco Bay on the Potomac River in Alexandria, Va at the end of Pendleton Street.
Jane Thompson
I saw a large bald eagle, Sunday, January 11, 2015, on Rt. 106, Vineyards Parkway. It was on a right side hill, as you head towards, The New Kent Winery, in New Kent, Virginia, not far from the Four Seasons entrance. It was almost dusk, and the eagle was eating a freshly killed mammal, by the looks of how red, the mammals body was. I drove past slowly, and then swung around, to get another look. I watched, at a distance, for a few minutes. It looked like a large, mature bird, with a full white head. When I drove past the second time, the eagle took flight, going away from me. I had never seen an eagle flying away, and was thrilled to see, the large section of white feathers, in the back. The wingspan was impressive, somewhere between 5 and 6 feet.
I feel grateful, that these magnificent birds, have made such a successful comeback.
Carol Yorgey
New Kent, VA
We saw and photographed a bald eagle in the City of Alexandria on January 2, 2015. It was perched at the very top of the dead tree near the Wilkes street train tunnel.
P Kilcullen
Witnessed a bald eagle behind my property....just sitting in tall oaks. Stayed in my area for about 30 minutes. He was about 100 yards away. About dusk, he flew away towards the northeast. I am located in Southampton County, VA in a rural area between Capron and Drewryville. On January 1, 2015....what a great way to start the new year!
Melanie Washington
Observed 4-5 juvenile bald eagles feeding on a large deer carcass only about 120ft from the side of the road in Bowling Green, Va on Paige Road 12/29/14 about 12:30am. They were huge and completely caught our eye. Just fascinating to watch. They were only a few black vultures around as well. I was driving and unfortunately could not get a clear photo but it was a scene imprinted in my mind.
Robin A. Blanchard
Saw a bald eagle today (12/29/14) in Burke, Va on Burke Center Parkway near Rt 123 intersection, circling with two crows about 8 ft above the road near the firehall. Awesome!
Sherri Berkman
I was driving down the road a bald eagle was standing in a field watching over what looked like a deer carcass that was hit on the side of the road. The sighting was in Hanover, Virginia. My whole family saw it. I have never seen one outside the zoo
Brittny Stone
Genito Rd 616 Amelia Virginia near 609 just setting in a field wish i could have got pictures
Gary Pollard
One of my coworkers just saw -2- adult bald eagles circling each other above the Health Dept. Admin. Bldg. in downtown Fairfax City.
12/18/14 1:30 PM
Carol Wood
Yesterday 12/14/14, my husband and I saw a large eagle eating a deer carcass in a field beside CampCarysbrook Rd. in Riner, VA.
We had heard there were eagles in the area but had never seen one in. We drove by and it took off in a circle, we didn't have time to go back but it was awesome!
Vickie Campbell
I saw a Bald Eagle fly over 395 in Arlington,VA this morning 12/12/14 around 7:30AM.
I couldn't believe it! It was gigantic, had a white head and white tail.
Nila Kay
My son and I spotted a large bald eagle in a field on mettz road , right off of rt. 28 near midland Va. This was on Dec. 10 and 11, 2014 about 3:00 pm both days.
Robbie Ryan
Sunday12/7 @ 4:40 PM saw an adult bald eagle flying over the Bull Run bridge on Old Centreville Rd. (between Pr. William and Fairfax Counties West of Rt. 28). I’ve lived next to Bull Run for 22+ years and this was my first Bald Eagle sighting.
Carol Wood
12/7/2014, Shoemaker School Rd, Purcellville, VA
My wife and I watched a pair of bald eagles attempting to feed on a deer carcass directly across the street on Shoemaker School Rd. in Purcellville, VA. The carcass was close to the road so between an occasional passing vehicle, gathering turkey buzzards and a pair of red hawks the eagles gave up and eventually left left the area. There was a several minute time period when the both eagles and both red hawks circled away flying high and within 10'-50' of each other with the hawks seemingly driving the eagles from the area in a semi-aggressive manner. My wife and I found it spectacular viewing the pairs of bald eagles and red hawks together within the same field of vision through our binoculars for several minutes.
Dave and Cindy Ingels
On November 30 at around 8:30 AM, I saw three Bald Eagles on Richie Road, in Midland VA. I think there was a total of five of them but defiantly three were in a field feeding on a dead deer.
Angela Clarke
Nov. 29 afternoon - top of tree on farm bordering south side of Rivanna River in Albemarle, just west of Fluvanna, lone [bald] eagle. First thought is was buzzard, but it turned and it was clearly eagle!
Alice Owens
Bald Eagle spotted on Judes Ferry Rd in Powhatan Va 23139
Bob Jones
Midlothian,VA 23112.
See in tree top along RT 288 near Swift Creek Reservoir. It was a very large female.
Saks Richmond 007
11/12/14 - Floyd, VA.    My wife and I saw a single bald eagle soaring in a circular pattern a few hundred feet above the West Fork of the Little river.
A friend told me about two recent sightings a few miles up river.
- Jason Burgard.
My friend and I saw a single bald eagle soaring about twelve feet above the middle fork of the holston river this past october in smyth county . About two weeks later I saw another one in a field eating on a deer carcus ( probably the same one or one of a pair). It was only about three hundred yards from my first sighting. The area where we saw the eagles is called Fox Valley.
Thomas Austin
Marion, Va.
I saw a mid sized bald eagle today (10/26/2014) in Arlington Virginia. I was driving along Washington blvd between Ohio st. and McKinley Rd at 3 PM. when I looked up and saw a bald eagle being chased by two crows. I tried to get a photo to no avail. At one point, the eagle while trying to evade the crows came down at a very steep angle with very the distinctive bald eagle talons extended. It was beautiful.
The crows chase the eagle away and I was unable to observe where they ended up. This is not the first bald eagle I have observed. I have lived in areas where I have seen many other bald eagles. I was very surprised to see a bald eagle in Arlington County Virginia.
Joe Dorsey
I had the thrill of seeing an adult bald eagle at close range (50’) on October 16, 2014, on Roundtree Road in Glen Allen, VA. I was looking out the living room window toward our bird feeders and saw a huge raptor shadow on the road right at our driveway. Almost immediately a bald eagle swooped down through the trees and shrubbery that separate our driveway from the neighbor’s yard. That is where the songbirds hide when roosting or when they know a hawk is in the area. The eagle’s fly-through flushed many birds and one squirrel out into the open. The eagle made a quick turn, circled around in an oval pattern, came back over the road, and then swooped down again. This time its talons touched the neighbor’s grass and grabbed up the squirrel as it ran. A snack was served! What a magnificent bird … and what a shame I didn’t have my camera handy. I hope this bald eagle will come looking for food again, because next time I absolutely will be prepared to photograph it.
Judy Proffitt
One very large Bald Eagle was spotted in Moseley,Va 23120 just west of Richmond,Va. at 18321 DuVal Road about 5PM.
Robert Huddleston
I live in Virginia Beach. I have seen them in groups and pairs over the Sandee Lake area. Also in the Thalia neighborhood. I have gotten pictures, very exciting. This took place within the last two weeks.
Andrea Valle
I was looking out the front window and high above a section of trees that are protected by Fairfax County as parkland, To my amazement, I saw a pair of Bald Eagles. This occurred around 11:00 am EST today, October 5, 2014 in Alexandria, VA.
I had no idea that bald eagles could be in this area. They had distinctly white heads, white tails and the rest of the body from spread out wing tip to wing tip was brown and large, like the golden eagles we used to see. It's a tad windy today and they were flying in the typical circular pattern without flapping a wing the whole time I was able to watch outside my front window. It was so exciting to see!
I am so delighted to have seen eagles here again. I know they may be migrating, but still I am happy to have had this experience. Thank you Fairfax County for preserving this strip of trees and the parkland it backs up into!
Diane Mousa
September 20, we saw two gorgeous Eagles flying above us around the N. Fork and Shelbourne Glebe area of Purcellville VA.
Kimberly Marrin
Sept 20 2014
Purcellville, VA A Bald Eagle was scavenging on a deer carcass near the house.
Matthew King
Sighted 22Sept 2014 flying above corner of Great Falls Road and Hallwood Ave in Falls Church Virginia
Hannah McCarron
Tuesday, September 16, 2014
A friend and I were fishing the New River in Virginia, upstream from Claytor Lake. We were in the area of the confluence of Big Reed Island Creek. It was overcast and drizzly all day. We observed a VERY low flying eagle. It was joined by three or four more, obviously riding a thermal updraft. We watched a bit, looked even higher, and after about ten minutes, we had been witness to a flock of ELEVEN eagles ascending on the thermal. We continued our observations until the last one vanished like a shadow into the clouds. I honestly have never felt quite so lucky in my life.
Sam Rorrer
I think I saw an eagle yesterday – it shocked me! It landed on a street lamp (a really high one) right near a large pond. I looked for known nests and the closest are 8-10 miles away. It was in the ‘Short Pump’ area of Richmond, VA, across from the Wellesly club house
Cara Ziegel
Very excited to report that a bunch of folks heading into the Kroger's Grocery store at 2801 Hicks Rd, Richmond, VA 23235 right off of Hull Street got to watch two eagles interacting with each other for over 5 minutes. They gave a delight when they swooped low above the parking lot!
Lorene Greenwald
I've had three sightings of bald eagles in the past three weeks! They all occurred on the east side of the Beaverdam Reservoir, off Belmont Ridge Road in Ashburn. Twice I saw them (including today, Jan 3 around 11:30 am) when the sun came out after the snow. The other time was on New Years Day morning, on a tree on the Brambleton Golf Course, seen from Belmont Ridge Road. They are majestic, especially while soaring over the snow covered ground!
Kathleen Cho
Ashburn, VA
January 1, 2014 1:45 pm
My son spotted a bald eagle in a tree off of Route 123 near Five Oaks Road in Vienna, VA. We did a U-turn so everyone in the car could see it. Flew from one tree to another. Beautiful omen to start the new year!
Jean Pawlow
On December 30th at approximately 9:30 am I saw a bald eagle in Rockbridge county Virginia. I was travelling up Route 11 just south of Fairfield when I saw the eagle flying over a large field where the McDowell family grave site is located.
Doug Putnam
I saw a female last week, December 18, and I'm saying it was a female due to her size. She was on the ground in a field eating.
All this week (week of December 16th), I've seen her sitting in a dead tree, way at the top, looking over the field. Always in the morning hours (7:30 ish a.m.). This morning, December 20, she had another Bald Eagle in the tree with her. Slightly smaller, but both of them were big birds.
This was on Route 54 heading west, before the Ashland, VA town limits, near a harvested soy bean field. There is a large structure near the rear of the field that looks like a Tuscany villa, totally out of place in this rural community, so a good landmark.
I feel blessed to have seen them, and I just had to share it.
Jennifer Embrey
Aylett, Virginia
2013 December 15, South Riding, Virginia, My Family and I saw an eagle in the middle of a field at the intersection of Rte. 659 and Braddock Rd. It must have caught something and appeared to be eating. It appeared to be about 36” tall. Beautiful.
Tim Dzurilla
Sighting on December 7 at approx. 7:40am. Gorgeous sight as I was eating breakfast - seen soaring up towards our home in Fredericksburg. Proud Patriot eve prouder to see this majestic eagle.
Betsy Smith
I saw a beautiful bald eagle soaring above the Ashbrook Parkway and Shady Banks Dr. in Chesterfield, VA. It looked as if was eyeing up a dead squirrel on Ashbrook Parkway for a quick snack.
Gary Buwalda
My husband and I spotted a bald eagle flying in Weber City, Va on Thanksgiving day 11-28-13. It was a little before 10:00 a.m. It was flying toward the North Fork of the Holston River. It was about a mile from the Tennessee state line. It was a beautiful sight. It sure made our Thanksgiving even more exciting. God is Good.
Jennifer and Allen Starnes
Nov. 11 2013 - I was returning from a short morning hunt in Salem Va.when I saw a large bird take off from the Roanoke river. My first thought was a Blue Herring, at one point we passed when I saw a white head and gold beak then as he passes the white tail. I am still amazed at what I saw and still see the bird flying away. What a majestic sight on Veterans day.
Wayne Mowles
Bald Eagle seen near Wasena Park on the Roanoke river greenway Roanoke Virginia
Amy Belcher
Nov. 10, 2013 - Just spotted a mature bald eagle in flight along Route 1 near Richmond, VA, next to a shopping center.
Char Stanley
I spotted one on October 30, 2013 around 7:45 AM and was not sure what I was seeing. For a moment, I couldn't figure out what type of bird would have a white head and white tail. I thought at first that it was an "Albino Buzzard." It took me about a minute to finally figure out it was an eagle and I was so elated. I spotted it on Clazemont Road in Montpelier, VA having its morning feast on a dead dear in a field. I was surprised at this since I thought they feasted on live prey. Anyway, once I figured out what it was I became more excited because it has been a very long time seeing one that was not in captivity,
S. Jones - Montpelier, VA
Bald eagles have been observed in LOUDOUN COUNTY (VA) twice in the past ten days. The first sighting was when I was driving on Rt. 9 headed west from HILLSBORO/WHEATLAND area. This majestic bird was heading straight towards my car and I began to fear that we would collide. At first I thought it was a buzzard, but as it neared, the classic white head became visible. We were only about 10 yards apart when the eagle ascended and flew overhead. My passenger and I were in awe! The second sighting was by a visitor to my home/farm. He recounts seeing the bald eagle with its prey as he left one day last week. I had no idea we had bald eagles in the area. What a privilege to see them!
11/5/13 Joyce Guthrie
Spotted a bald eagle eating dead animal in road he took off when we came into view, but what a sight he was amazing!
Huffville rd. Pilot VA
Ronald Perdue
At approximately 2pm on Tuesday Oct 29, I saw a large bird swoop down towards the road in front of my car (about a few yards). I thought it was a buzzard after some road kill but noticed the bird didn't touch down. As it turned toward a field on my right, I noticed a white head and then snow white tail feathers. I was amazed! I didn't think bald eagles were around here. This happened on Hwy 24 Stewartsville Rd in Moneta, VA.
Sheri Hodge
2013, October 27th – Late Afternoon/Early Evening – Gainesville, Virginia
I saw a bald eagle flying SE above Lee Highway just below Baltusrol Blvd. It was carrying a carcass. I'm not sure what the carcass was. It was the first time I’ve seen a bald eagle in the wild but it was unmistakable, the stark white head on the large brown body. Beautiful and amazing!
Natalie Thompson
Oct 26, 2013. Manassas, Va
Saw a pair a bald eagles flying along RT 234 at the intersection of Grant Ave and Sudley Rd. They flew west along RT 234 for about a mile.
Karen Snider
Watched a bald eagle swoop over an empty field near my house in Louisa, VA. Was near the road and startled by the approach of my car. Flew over the field and perched in a tree approx. 50 yards away. Not sure if it was male or female, wing span approx. 5-6 feet and looked very healthy. Beautiful!
Amanda Conlin
several sightings of the Eagles around lottsburg Virginia in the Northern Neck
Susy Dellinger
I live in Fords Landing in Old Town Alexandria. For several weeks there is an occasional bald eagle who lands on the pings. I can't tell whether it is a male or female but it is magnificent. My husband and I are always on the look-out for it now.
Nancy Devlin
I saw a male bald eagle flying over the Western Branch area (Bruce Road) of Chesapeake. Once, about two weeks ago and again, two days ago. The first time he was pretty high up, but he was obviously an eagle because of the white head. I stopped to get a better look, but by the time I pulled over, he was long gone. This last time he was low enough that we could see him clearly. He didn't look full grown, but his marking were distinct. I wonder if they were the same eagle.
Lynda Laliberte
Chesapeake, Virginia
Oct 6, 2013
I was standing on my deck today in Glenwood when I saw an eagle fly over. I came from across the Honey Bee golf course, over Round Hill Rd between Belspring and Radisson Ct. About 3pm.
K. Morgan
Virginia Beach, Va
I was driving on Ashburn Village Blvd. in Ashburn Village on 9/17/13 around 11:15am when I spotted two bald eagles circling above the lake near the Sports Pavilion.
Samantha Bailey, Ashburn VA
I saw a mature Bald Eagle at 6:40 pm on September 10 flying around a field across from my house. The bird circled around the field several times. This was a mature bird with a white head and white tail feathers. The bird landed on the fence and then flew out of sight.
Albert Howard
Middleburg, Virginia
I was driving outside my home and at the intersection of Newington Forest Ave. and Pohic Rd (FFX Cty. Pkwy.) I stopped at the stop sign and right before me I saw a huge bird with a white head and tail. I immediately got excited and drove across the street and parked to take a picture. Unfortunately, I was not able to take one even after following it around the neighborhood for about 15 min. There sounds kept getting farther away. I cannot believe it! It was so huge! I never have seen a bald eagle in my area so close and so low! Wow! My kids and I were so excited. I will have to keep watching.
Shaf Syed
Today, September 2nd
2:00 p.m.
North Chesterfield, Va 23236
Flew down to pick up a dead squirrel on a residential street, I was in my car, scared it off. It perched 50 ft up in a tree for 2 seconds, then flew off without the squirrel.
The eagle was huge, maybe 5 ft wing span, dark brown, white head and tail. Looked very healthy.
Thank you for the opportunity to report my sighting. Very surprised to see one so close and in my neighborhood. There are a lot of owls and hawks, but no eagles.
David Graham
We were driving a back road in Franklin County near Callaway VA. A large black bird swooped down and grabbed a small animal off of the road in front of us. When it flew up we saw the distinct white head and tail and we were amazed to realize it was an eagle! We have never seen one in this part of the State. It flew side by side with the car and we were able to view it for several seconds. It was truly an awesome sight.
Cynthia Bowman
Live on the Lafayette River in Norfolk, VA. On 1/24/13, heard crows fussing loudly for about 20 minutes. Went on deck to shoo them away. Saw it was an eagle in a tree that they were angry at. When it saw me, it flew away. Have seen him/her before.
Kathy Robison
Alexandria, Virginia.
At Alexandria National Cemetery on 1/22/13 and 1/26/13 (at around noon both times). On 1/22, I saw him/her on a tree branch 30 feet off the ground. He/she saw me approaching and flew to another tree. We repeated this at the cemetery a few times and he/she flew towards I-495. I took a picture with my iphone, but he/she was too far away. I could see him/her near the top of the power line pole by I-495. On 1/26, I saw the same eagle or another eagle at the same location.
Shogo Sasaki
Sighted on Friday, January 25th, 2013 sitting in the very top of a tree - Just south of Carmel Church, Virginia on Route 1.
Connie White
On 20 January, 2013 (2:45 pm) I watched a Bald Eagle flying over the Woodland Park Crossing shopping center in Herndon, VA (near intersection of Monroe and Sunrise Valley). I sighted him while driving my car as it circled several times in the air and could clearly distinguish its white head and tail. I am certain this was a Bald Eagle, as I saw several of these birds in the wild while visiting Northern Wisconsin over the holidays.
Scott Cramer
January 19, 2013 10:40 am in Glen Allen, VA. I saw a Bald Eagle perched in tree overlooking a lake on Hungary Road as we were leaving the neighboring subdivision.
Anna Marsh
January 15, 2013 - Columbia Island Marina, Arlington VA. I saw a bald eagle perched high in a tree overlooking the Potomac River and marina access near the Pentagon around 9am ET on a cool rainy day. I fully expected the large bird to be a buzzard and was shocked when I saw the beautiful white head. Seems to be the same/similar location reported by Thomas Slattery.
Tim Loucks
I live in Indian Springs Subdivision Off Hopkins Road in Chesterfield county Virginia. About 10:30 Sunday 1/13/2013 we had just left the subdivision and were driving south just past Kingsland and watched an eagle flying off with dinner in its claws. Just as it took off it looked to be attacked by a crow or starling. It was beautiful.
Rick Fox
Chesapeake, VA, two Bald Eagles on my neighbor's roof in Hickory. Lots of Eaglets practicing flying and learning to hunt for fish in the neighborhood lake.
Maureen Fair
My husband and I were driving down Franconia Rd toward Telegraph Rd, there was a bald eagle flying above us with a group of smaller birds, it was about 3:00 pm.
Katie Wolfe
We see these fellas all the time!
Tappahannock Va
Scottie Brimmer
Riner, Va. On January 2nd, 2013.
Mitzi Settle
Fawn Lake, Spotsylvania, VA (Spotsylvania County) December 29, 2012
Debbie Fox
On December 22nd in the early afternoon me and my son saw a bald eagle flying along side of us in a field right around the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake Border on Land of Promise Rd. in Virginia. On December 28th around 3pm I saw a very large golden eagle flying down Land of Promise Rd. in Virginia Beach Va. Then again on Jan 1st me, my husband and our kids all saw (I believe it was the same large golden eagle that was seen on the 28th) the golden eagle on Land of Promise Rd. in Virginia Beach VA. around noon. This time he had a raccoon at his feet he had killed or found and I got a really good close up look at this beauty. This road is a very country road with lots of farms and fields with very little traffic. They seem to love this area! I have seen a few more over the past three years since I moved out to the country in Knotts Island NC. I saw a bald eagle perched right on my fence line staring at my chickens! That was one time I ran outside to scare it away :)
Jennifer Cole
Christmas Morning, 2012, Newport News Va.
Spotted perched in a tree across pond from my apartment, approximately 100 yards away, in mid-town Newport News. Flew off to another nearby eagle.
Michael Gilbert
Bald eagle sitting in a tree top beside a trail off Soapstone Drive in Reston, VA at noontime on a sunny, cold day - Dec. 15th.
Donna LaBranche
My husband and I were driving Northbound on 234 Prince William Parkway near a water tower on the right, this is between Dale City, VA and I-66 in VA maybe WSW of Washington D.C....hey I'm a girl, close enough...about 11am today. It was a mature bald eagle, flapping its wings and flying slowly and at low altitude over the traffic below, enjoying the sunshine. The white head and tail were easy to make out. No other motorists seemed to notice. Last week we saw a mature bald eagle roosting on a tree limb at Hayfield, VA on Rt 600 South just a few hundred feet from Rt 50 West. This is just west of Winchester, VA, maybe 6 miles West of Winchester Medical Center. We saw a mature bald eagle in this same pasture two years ago. December is a good month for eagle spotting as they winter over in Eastern WV on the WV VA border, and we are only a few miles from the border.
Pat Wilson
Bald Eagle sighting in Chesapeake VA, 23323 on 12/6/12 and on 12/11/12
12/6/12 Adult Bald Eagle was seen flying and gliding over the lake behind our building in the 1100 block of International Plaza in Chesapeake VA, right behind I64, west of Bowers Hill interchange. Estimated wing span of 7 feet. WOW! First time I’ve actually seen a Bald Eagle. What a magnificent and memorable sighting.
12/11/12 same location in Chesapeake VA. This time it was an immature Bald Eagle with an estimated wing span of 6 feet. Small compared to the adult, but still a sight to behold. Swooped down on the lake and came out with a fish.
Vince Tretola
I saw a bald eagle on Monday 12/3/2012 around noon on Mt. Ephraim Rd. Sumerduck, Virginia. I was leaving my friends house. I was SHOCKED to see a large bald eagle fly directly in front of my car. It was soaring, not flapping it's wings. It had a beautiful White head, curved yellow beak, brownish/black in color. It was probably about 6 foot from tip to tip of wing spread. I couldn't believe my eyes. I have NEVER seen an Eagle in the wild. I live in Midland, VA. which is only a ten Minute drive from Sumerduck. I have fed, and been a bird watcher for years. I have seen many different species of birds, including hawks, woodpeckers, and on occasion, owls. But never have I seen a Bald Eagle in the wild. It was a thrill of a life time. I think it was headed to a large pond in an open field across the road . The property is also close to the river, and it's very wooded. I will never forget this encounter.
Shannon Kreutz of Midland, VA.
12/2/12 ~11:00am Spotted a bald eagle sitting in a field at the corner of Rt 606 and Evergreen Mills Road. Fly off north to the tree line in the same field. South Riding/Arcola, VA.
Chris Kubik
Bald Eagle sighting in Nov. 2013 in Giles county, Virginia.
Melanie Gevedon
On Nov. 27, 2012 I saw a large Bald Eagle rising from the ground off of Antioch Road just south of LaGrange Winery. It went straight up vertically about 75ft. before flying off into the trees. I had a good look at it's beautiful white tail, brownish/black fuselage, and white plumed head. It was a magnificent sight.
David Shilling, Warrenton, Va.
As I was driving to work this morning, November 23, 2012, near Great Meadow in The Plains, VA – a bald eagle was flying low over Rt 245. So beautiful. The first time I have ever seen one in the wild.
Beverlee Fitzgerald
Warrenton, Virginia
On 11/19/12, I had a Bald Eagle perched on a tree (on my property) from 7AM until about 10AM--in the Waterford Ridge development Waterford, VA 20197.
Robert Engel
On Thursday evening, November 18, 2012, I saw a bald eagle fly righr towards me while driving from the oceanfront with a bird in his talons. We were ten blocks from the ocean and live in both the Lynnhaven River watershed and the Rudee Inlet watershed. I was amazed how large and regal that bald eagle looked without a care in the world at that moment. God is great!
Beth Richardson
Bristow, VA an Adult Bald Eagle landed in my yard about 7:00 AM. It was looking for a quick meal of freshly run over squirrel. It seems unusual that a Bald Eagle would be trying to feed in a residential area. It was a magnificent sight and appeared very health.
Jeff Knox
I have had five American Bald Eagle sightings since January of 2012. Sometime in January 2012, I saw an Eagle flying low in the opposite direction that I was traveling on Rt. 360 in Hanover County near I 295 and land behind me on the side of the road. In early March of this year, we saw an Eagle on the side of Route 301 in Caroline County, VA. Later in the summer, saw an Eagle High above I295 in Hanover County, VA. In October of 2012, saw an Eagle flying very low across Creighton Parkway near my residence. Finally today, November 5th, saw an Eagle Circling overhead near Mechanicsville Elementary School in Hanover County, VA. I will be keeping better records as far as dates with future sightings.
Will Sheridan
Mechanicsville, VA
Saturday, November 3, 2012
Spotted 4 eagles flying about 150 ft in the sky over Burke Dale St. in South Riding, VA around 1500. A pair of eagles seemed to stay together in flight and as they drifted briefly on the breeze. The other two darted and dove back and forth as the four of them moved on as quickly as I spotted them in their splendor.
Tomilynn Harris
November 1st, 2012 - Behind the DMV in Manassas VA by the intersection of Route 28 and Godwin Rd. there is a pond with some large trees. Eagles can be seen there either the pair or just one perched on the large trees. Nest is not located here. These eagles have been seen there coming and going for several years.
Daniel Huntzinge
This morning my wife and I saw two bald eagles perched atop the large metal columns supporting high voltage power lines adjacent to our property. We live in Courthouse Estates in the Princess Anne borough of Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Larry Lane
I was traveling N I-581 In Roanoke County 24019 12:00 noon today 10/22/2012 I did a double take that a bald eagle was flying approximately 80-90 feet up. This is the first sighting I have ever witnessed.
David Draper
October 7, 2012 in the afternoon, A few friends and I saw a single bald eagle perched on the outskirts of the man made lake in Buchner Farms neighborhood in Virginia Beach, 23453. It was watching ducks on the lake. I was watching from the 2nd level of my friends house which was about 20 yards away. It flew away when I started to pull the blinds up for a picture. Other friends that didn't get to see it, don't believe it.
Hiyasmin Siscar
September 15, 2012: Two bald eagles flew over the soccer fields at the Princess Anne Soccer Complex in Virginia Beach. The following weekend, one of the eagles was perched on a power pole outside of the complex, and we were able to take pictures of it.
Gayle Himmelwright
Saw a bald eagle fly overhead while sitting out on my porch in Williamsburg, VA.
Derek Jacobs
I moved to a house in June on the North River close to the Rockingham/Augusta county line in Virginia. Frequently, I see a bald eagle and an all brown eagle swooping down for fish.
Libby Tucker
9/10/2012 5:00 PM Loudoun county Virginia, along Belmont Ridge Road Rte 659 just south of the Dulles Greenway. Spotted 2 birds interacting in flight about 75 ' off the ground just east of Beaver Dam reservoir.
Timothy Dzurilla
Ashburn, Virginia
September 8, 2012. Spotted a single bald eagle on the side of highway 57 near Elkhorn Lake. Between Chatham and Halifax, Virginia. The eagle had just caught something to eat and was taking flight.
Rickey Boyd
Sept 4, 2012 9:50 am I-264 at Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach, Va.
Viewed in flight about 100 ft altitude. Observed in flight with full wing spread. Appeared to be full grown with full white head and white tail feathers. My son and I were headed east on I-264 in the right hand lane and observed the eagle come from the south side and circle over the highway and head back south...
Larry robbins
Virginia Beach
At twilight off Rt.50 in Chantilly, VA having left the South Riding development on Monday, February 20, 2012. On a thick branch of a tall tree. White tail...much larger than the hawk..the feet looked almost orange as did the beak. Shockingly taken aback. Majestic. Felt compelled to stop car as I usually have a good camera on me, but was not driving.
Tomilynn Harris
American Bald Eagle seen in tree just off pond on Westridge Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia
Date: 18 February 2012
Time: 4:15pm
Lynn Keen
I saw a Bald Eagle flying in Chesapeake,Va. on Feb. 17th 2012.
Debbie Vardaro
I saw a bald eagle on Cold Harbor Road (in the 5000 house number area) in Hanover, VA near the Chickahominy Market. It was sitting in a field and then flew up into a tree about 3 football fields away. Beautiful sight.
Rebecca Bracey
I have seen 2 Bald Eagles at the intersection of State Route 33 and Scotchtown Road, in Hanover Va. on Feb. 5th and 6th 2012. They were in the field feasting on a deer.
Danielle McElroy
I saw a bald eagle at about 5pm this evening, flying over the campus of Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Virginia (zip code 22302). Amazing sight!
Abigail Cross
January 2012
Have seen a single eagle on several occasions, along the Potomac River just north of National Airport, in the trees between the GW Pkwy. and the pond at Roaches Run. Assume it is the same one.
Another sighting last fall, eagle flying above the western edge of Roosevelt Island in the Potomac.
Alison L. Spain
Today, 25 Jan 2012, my wife and I observed two Bald Eagles flying near the bird sanctuary at the end of the runway at Washington Reagan National Airport. The weather was clear and it was 3:30PM. Yesterday we saw a single Bald Eagle in the same area, but today we were thrilled to see the pair. This is in Virginia in zip code 22202, Crystal City where the airport is located.
Peter & Mary Beck
Saw a bald eagle in residential Virginia Beach, VA. It flew up and perched in a tree. There was an Osprey flying around too.
Dave Dey
25 January: I clearly saw a Bald Eagle resting in a tree in the mainside area of Quantico Marine Corps Base. This is the first time I've seen an American Bald Eagle in the wild and it was very exciting! What a treat. I really couldn't believe my eyes at first, so I moved a little closer to get a better glimpse. As expected, it did fly to a nearby tree, but in the process, I got a very good look at its white tail feathers, which convinced me that it was, in fact, a Bald Eagle. I did leave it alone after that. The sun was very bright, which made him look all the more majestic. My only regret is that I didn't have the brand new Canon camera with the telephoto lens that I got for Christmas.
John Wilkerson
Stafford, VA
January 24, 2012: I saw 4 Bald Eagles today perched today at Lake Mercer in the Burke/Fairfax Station, VA area. They were on the West side of the lake by the dam. There were also several sea gulls. Absolutely gorgeous. I've run this area for the last 2 years and never seen them before.
Scott Gooch
Woodlands Rd, Charlottesville, VA
We have a decent sized pond in our next door neighbors field and live 2 miles from the Reservoir. We had a large congregation of Turkey and Black Vultures around the pond. There was one Bald Eagle among them. Crows began chasing a Hawk, the vultures started flying off, and the Eagle soared over my head - WONDERFUL!
R English
Jan 20 – Huntsman Lake, Springfield VA
Today I've seen six or seven bald eagles soaring and fishing on the lake. Also noted other residents taking photos and enjoying the spectacle.

Huntsman Lake, Springfield, VA – Jan. 17 & 18. Lake is full of seagulls and I spotted two Bald Eagles soaring with (or after ) the gulls. Beautiful! I spotted them in the same area at least four times. They were soaring and then perching in higher trees. I guess they are migrating but I'd love to see more of them.
Joan Cutlip-Spivey, Springfield VA
I was walking my dog around 4:30 pm across the dam at Lake Mercer in Fairfax County, Virginia on 16 January 2012. I spotted 4 Bald Eagles. 2 were roosting at the top of 2 trees at the water's edge and 2 were soaring over the lake. The soaring eagles left the lake area but the roosting ones remained. I have lived next to Lake Mercer for 16 years and have never seen an eagle until now. I will definitely watch for these magnificent birds!
Pete Blakney Jr.
14 Jan 4:45 p.m. - Spotted impressive bald eagle in Chantilly, VA on Walney Lane, just south of Route 50. Appeared to have landed onto the road for a moment, then flew back up as traffic turned towards him, giving us a very good look at him. He was observed circling back and forth over the road for quite some time.
Jana DiCarlo
I was travelling on Willard Rd in Chantilly VA and saw this huge bird swoop down into the median. I assumed it was a buzzard picking up something dead but as I got closer I saw the white feathers on its legs and was when able to see its head. It flew over the same area for a few minutes. Saturday Jan 14th 2012 @430pm.
Ramone Burford
12 January 2012 -- 2pm, Arlington VA: bald eagle flew over the Hilton Hotel beside the Ballston Metro stop, southbound!
Suzanne Gillespie
I saw a bald eagle in Loudoun County, Virginia on 1/10/2012. It was about 8:30 am on Sycolin Rd. where it meets Gulick Mill Rd. near Goose Creek. Amazing!
Donna Marteney
Below is the email I sent to my friends and family about the awesome eagle I saw on Jan 1st, 2012. We were on Herndon Parkway near Dulles Pl. in Herndon VA around 4:30pm. It's a nice way to start off 2012! Happy New Year!!! :-D
~Margaret Farrell
I was traveling on interstate 85 north towards DC when I saw a bald eagle flying low just past the Chester exit.
I have never seen on before but you could clearly see the white neck, orange bill and black body.
Most awesome sight!
Jim Barnhill
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