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Two bald eagles seen this morning 2/14/15 in NW Houston.
Olga Trammel
Auburn Lakes Retreat
My son and I saw a bald eagle in the East end of League City, Texas on February 12. It was circling over and then landed on the shore of one of the man-made lakes along Austin St within an incomplete section of a neighborhood. I couldn’t get close enough to see for sure, but it looked like it was eating a fish or something. When he finished he took off and flew away towards the West.
John Storey
Pretty sure I drove right alongside a bald eagle flying along the bayou at the Texas Medical Center today in Houston, TX at about 5.45 pm. Couldn't believe my eyes!
Danielle Van Strien
I saw a bald eagle in Harris County; Spring Texas on 2/5/2015. It was flying about the tree line by itself.
Evan Broadbent
I saw my first bald eagle this morning near Zavalla, Tx near Rayburn Dam.. Was so beautiful!!
Billie Sue Johnson
4 pm 1/27/15 : Just watched a bald eagle take flight from a tall pine tree in the small wooded park of the Normandy Forest subdivision, near Ella Blvd. and Spring Cypress, in Spring, Texas. It circled over my house and headed south out of the park. BEAUTIFUL!!
Kate Robertson
La Fleur Lane, Spring, Texas
Watching a very beautiful, large bald eagle in flight over my head as I write this. I am on hwy 147 somewhere between Etoile and San Augustine, Tx in San Augustine county (I think). I have seen so many beautiful things today on my road trip, but this will be the one I talk about at the dinner table tonight!
Toni Linnerman
We saw a bald eagle on January 26, 2015 in the Hunt County Texas. The lone Eagle was on Highway 1565.
Connie Mader
Saturday, January 24, 2015. On our pontoon boat on Canyon Lake, TX. We spotted two bald eagles, which shocked and amazed us. Using a telephoto lens on the camera, we verified it was a pair of bald eagles! Then three more showed up and flew around a bit and then flew away. One appeared to make a dive for a fish dinner, but it was hard to see from a distance with the sun setting directly behind it. We were thrilled and can't wait to see more next Saturday, if they are still hanging around the lake.
Tricia & Jim Heisler
Houston, TX & Canyon Lake, TX
Saw a bald eagle pick up fish from water in the lake on the 11th hole at WindRose golf Club in Spring Texas.
My first sighting south of the Woodlands Tx. It happened around 2:30 PM 01/ 20/ 15
R. Oberg.
Observed a bald eagle in hunt county texas on Jan 18.This was near Greenville Texas at lake 4 reservoir.Long observation through binoculars as the eagle flew over the lake to eventually land in a tall tree in the adjacent Sabine river bottomland.
Michael Ramsey
I sighted a lone adult bald eagle roosting in an oak tree in the yard of our lakefront lot on the south shore of Lake Cypress Springs on January 18, 2015. It was looking away from me out toward the lake and was not bothered by me walking out on my deck to take several photos. Finally, I saw it take off and fly across the lake. It was my first eagle sighting and it was magnificent.
Bill Miranda
My husband & I were driving East bound on Hwy 78 in Wylie, Texas (the wooded area before the dam) saw a beautiful bald eagle soaring above the trees!
Connie Portinga
Seen just east of Brookshire, TX the morning of 1/16/15. Just south of I-10 on Woods Road. What an amazing sight and special treat on the way to work.
Gabrielle DeLuca
I live in Sugar Land Texas. I saw a bald eagle flying over highway 59. my daughter spotted it first and I started to make fun of her and then when I look closely I realize that it was indeed a bald eagle! What an amazing thing to see! I've lived in Houston area my entire life and I have never ever seen a bald eagle. date January 13th 2015
Carrie White
I'm at Echo Lake in Murchison Texas and the Eagle was just in my yard! Amazing!
Janet Boyce
I sighted this Juvenile Bald Eagle soaring above campsite 41 at Magnolia Ridge COE Park on January 7th, 2015. At the same time witnessed a pair of mature eagles soaring far above, and too far to decently photograph. after about 15 minutes the disappeared to the Niches Rive area North of Lake Steinhagen. I have watched for several weeks for them to return, to no avail, and will continue to do so as long as possible.
Dick Mott
I spotted a bald eagle in a large tree along White Oak Bayou in Houston, TX at 11:30 am on January 5, 2015. It sat in the tree for a long time, and when it took flight I saw its massive wing span. I had heard of sightings on White Oak Bayou recently,but couldn't believe I actually saw one!
Barbara White
I saw a single, beautiful Bald Eagle flying around over the golf course/Almeda area of Hermann Park in Houston, TX this morning January 4th, 2015 at 9:20am. I watched him fly and swoop around for about 4 or 5 minutes until he finally flew off to the right over the highway and disappeared. The whole time I was thinking, What! A bald eagle in Texas! But apparently so. His head and tail were shining brilliantly white in the bright sunshine!
I was watching out the window of my apt at Marquis Lofts, which looks out over the park.
Caitlin McNeely
Bald eagle shown in this picture was spotted in West Columbia, TX near the intersection of County Road 450 and Old Damon Rd on Dec. 23, 2014 at 11am. It flew down onto this fence post as we drove by as stayed there as we passed.
I saw one of similar size at this location (perhaps the same one) on Nov. 27, 2014.
Travis White
December 23, 2014
Harbour Town on Lake Conroe in Willis, TX at about 9:15 am
Leslie Hausler
Sugar Land, Texas
Dec. 22, 2014
David Rocha
Floresville, Texas
I saw a pair of bald eagles on December 11, 2014. They were in our hay field behind my house. I tried to photograph them but didn't get the camera soon enough. I did get to watch them for maybe 30 seconds. I believe they were eating an egret. I hope to see them again.
Casey Schultz
Saw a pair of Bald Eagles in Texas at the Matagorda/Wharton County Line at about 4:30 pm
Linda Torrez
Spotted a bald eagle soaring over Rockwall, TX. Saturday, Dec 28. Awesome! Made us miss Alaska.
Judy Fain
Spotted 2 bald eagles in South Austin this morning (11/30/2014). They were sitting on telephone poll span and one set off flying over an open field. I have lived in Austin since 1984 and this is the first time I have ever seen them in Austin (or Texas for that matter). It was frankly thrilling.
Kyle Landry
9/25/14 San Antonio, TX - was shocked today when I scared a bald eagle out of the road in my neighborhood in Northeast San Antonio by the TPC Marriott. It was eating a dead opossum, road kill. It flew into a nearby tree and just watched me for a couple minutes. I went back for my camera, but I was unable to locate it again when I returned. It flew into a grove of trees that hid it from my view. It was beautiful, full grown with a white head and tail. It was larger than the vulture that was sharing the food.
Connie Tuchman
There is an entire group of bald eagles that you will almost surely see if you look along the small hwy that runs from Brundage Tx to Crystal City TX. On my daily commute I usually see between one to three of them after I turn from Brundage going to Crystal City. From about 1-5 mile after the turn off of State Hwy 85 at Brundage is where they are seen.
Becky Ledesma
Amazing! A BEAUITFUL Bald Eagle was sighted at my ranch at Winnsboro, Tx on Nov. 13th. He landed on top of a larger dead oak tree above my pond. He than flew down picked him self up a large fish and flew across my pasture with it heading north. This was my first ever sighting of a wild bird. I was able to get some pictures and was truly amazed how large of a bird they are!
Bobbie Hodges
About 1100am I saw a bald eagle fly through my back yard. I was about 50-60 feet from it. I live in Love Oak, Texas about 15 minutes from downtown San Antonio. This was my second sighting of a bald eagle in my backyard. The first was about 8 years ago.
Susan Messer
11-3-14, 0730, 15-20 miles S of Victoria, tx. While driving north, saw a an eagle land in The southbound lane to eat carrion in the road. No more than 2 or 3 miles from the San Antonio river.
Michael Leidner
American Bald Eagle spotted today in a dead tree alongside 83 approaching Leakey, TX by the East Frio River in Real County. It was amazing!
Dr. Dawn Fradkin
I was jogging along the stretch of the Brays Bayou hike and bike trail between Buffalo Speedway and Bevlyn Drive just about 30 minutes ago, when a huge adult bald eagle flew from the bayou in a southeasterly direction (toward me). I have never seen a bald eagle in this area before. Since I was jogging, I did not have a camera on me, unfortunately.
I hope that the bird returns! It was magnificent!
-Alli Antar
October 25, 2014 – I saw a bald eagle sitting at the top of a metal power pole/tower overlooking a retention pond at Westpark Tollway between the Eldridge exit and Hwy 6 exit in Houston. I had my camera in the car, so circled around and got several pictures of this amazing bird. It must be the same one referenced in the previous note of September 27 by Jim Recer at the same location. Wow! What an amazing thing to see here…I had no idea!
Betsy Cross
I saw my very first bald eagle in the wild today it was beautiful. I live in Columbia Lakes subdivision in West Columbia off HWY 35.
Dave Davis
I just saw two fully mature bald eagles on a vacant lot in Fairhaven Estates off of Schiel road in Cypress, Texas. Harris County. They were on the lot. When they took off one of them had a small animal in its talons. Looked like a mole. It was awesome to see.
Tom Woollett
Just saw a beautiful bald eagle flying over our neighborhood lake in Houston between Tanner rd and west little York 77041
Marcia Kvl
I saw a lone Bald Eagle chased off of a power line pole by an Osprey at a large retention lake at State Highway 6 and the Westpark Tollway in Harris County, Texas on Saturday, September 27th. The retention lake is frequented by large numbers of water fowl including White Pelicans.
Jim Recer
I observed two adult bald eagles about 8 miles south of Columbus, Texas, today Friday 19 September 2014. I was driving home and they flew across a pond and into some large oak trees. I stopped but could not see them.
Cathy Scotka
I saw two bald eagles approx. 7 miles SE of La Vernia, Texas, about 11 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014. The eagles appeared to be adults, having typical full grown markings, white head, large brown body, white on tail fan, large wing span. The pair flew together between stands of oak trees over farmland. I got to within approx. 200 feet when they crested a stand of oaks and spooked a hawk, who flew away very quickly. I have never seen bald eagles or even expected to see bald eagles that day.
Don Bannon
ON 09/15/14, a lone bald eagle sat in a cypress tree while I took pictures for about 20 minutes this morning not long after dawn - just off the Lake O’ Pines RV park (Lake O’ the Pines, Texas).
Michael Mathews
9/11 @ 11:00 a.m I noticed the resident black bellied whistlers and cattle birds all in a panic on the small lake at the Ron Whitson Ag Science Center in Rendon, Tx. That's when I noticed a bald eagle on the shoreline. Before I could get a picture, recess started at Tarver Rendon elementary school and the eagle left. The ag center is located in Rendon and part of Mansfield ISD between Mansfield and Burleson off of 1187. Special treat on a memorable day in our Nations history.
Keven Smith
Today, February 18, 2014, I saw a bald eagle about 10 feet above me while tilling my garden. I live between Gholson and Aquilla, Texas, about 8/10 of a mile away from the Brazos River. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
Bobby Rios, Sr
I saw a bald eagle in our tree at Bushland, Texas on 2/15/14.
Selena Fogg
I spoted a bald eagle Monday February 10th while driving on 95 near the Belmont exit right near the water
Heather Martin-Steenburgh
I saw a lone Bald Eagle flying over the reservoir located close to the intersection go Kuykendall and the Woodlands Parkway in Montgomery County. This sighting was on Sunday February 2, 2014.
Thomas M. Fountain
My husband and I just spotted a bald eagle on Hwy. 59 in Fannin, Texas at around 1:30 pm. He was roosting in a dead tree. I thought my husband was crazy, so he turned the car around and sure enough there he was in all his splendor. I tried to take a picture, but he flew off. It was amazing.
Mae Lynn & Michael Smith
We spotted an Eagle chasing a hawk @SW14th and Skyline in Grand Prairie, Texas.
We sighted a bald eagle at I20 and Beltline Rd in the Grand Prairie/Cedar Hill area at around 4 pm today. It was very exciting to see this bird in the wild and so close up. He was flying low over stopped traffic heading into the hills.
L Tibbs
1/22/14. Spotted a pair of eagles this morning in La Porte Tx. Flying over the west part of Fairmont Park. I have seen several in other areas of south/east side of Houston. love to watch em.
Steve Hines
I saw 3 bald eagles flying South over head in San Antonio, Texas above HEB Alon Market off of NW Military & Wurzbach Pkwy on 1/16/14. What an incredible sight to see!!! I feel so very blessed!
Gina Bain
We spotted a bald eagle on two occasions very close to our house in Houston, TX (77095). My wife and daughter saw one on January 2nd while walking the dogs around the horse pen creek lake behind our house (corner of Barker Cypress Rd and West Rd), and I saw one myself 2 days later on the 4th.
Not sure if it was the same one. My wife described the one they saw sitting on the ground, picking at something, as quite a bit bigger as the one I saw gliding over the lake.
There were quite a few people around on both occasions and with help of google on the iphones, the identity was quickly established.
Willem van Adrichem
We saw a bald eagle on the way to church this morning. It was located on FM 787 near Rye, TX.
Amanda Seagroves
Jan 5. 8am. Bald Eagle observed flying over Cattail Pond, Cedar Ridge Preserve, Dallas Texas (I was hiking at Cedar Ridge Preserve)
Deborah Nelson
I saw a bald eagle today at LNVA in Beaumont, Texas. It first stopped at the lake (probably looking for trout since the lake was stocked recently). An osprey had been fishing for trout in the same area so when it saw the eagle land on it's tree it chased it away. I have it in video. At this point I did not know it was a bald eagle. I decided to walk around the lake to get another video of the osprey fishing and when I was walking with my camera, I turned to where the bird the osprey chased off was and saw the bald eagle close up. I was recording with an iPhone so the quality of the video is not good but I am glad I have it in camera!
Claudia Arredondo
I believe I saw a bald eagle this morning on American Plant Road in Waskom, Texas.
Darla Miles
My husband and I spotted a bald eagle this morning flying across our neighborhood, which is right off of Interstate 20 near the Smith and Van Zandt County line, near Van, Texas. What an awesome site and a fantastic way to start the new year!
Kathleen Sims
Adult male bald eagle which had died of injuries, found at Lake Texoma 12/31/13.
Juanietta Shaw
I saw alone bald eagle in Northwest Harris County at Marshall lake which is located just east of State Route 249 about a mile a half north of the beltway and just south of Louetta Road
Gary Meyer
One lone Bald Eagle was sighted on 12/24 around 11AM gliding over the Paloma Creek sub division of Aubrey, TX. Located a few miles north of Dallas. 1st eagle sighting observed in this area. Aubrey is located between Lake Ray Roberts & Lake Lewisville.
Maurice Wade
Sunday December 21 2013 about 4:30 pm one eagle flying over Cypresswoods Golf Course (near the intersection of FM 1960 and Cypresswoods Dr.)
John Unger
Working from home today and saw a Bald Eagle out my window in South Austin just above the treetops soaring. I was very pleased and surprised to see this in our area of Texas!
Thomas Barry
As were leaving my mother's home today, a bald eagle flew directly in front of our car. It had been eating something on the side of the road, then flew away as our car approached. After we passed it flew back to it's prey.
The sighting was on Farm Road 1818, in Angelina County, going from Diboll, Texas, toward Zavalla, Texas. This was my first viewing of this magnificent bird and made for much excitement.
Mary Beth Boatner
Lafayette, LA
12-21-13: Spotted an adult at 7:00 am CST, 7 miles north of Waco, Texas perched on a 25' high tree branch on the shores of the Brazos River.
Craig Pollard
While RV camping at Potter Creek Park, Canyon Lake, Texas on or about 12/04/2013, a pair of Bald Eagles were sighted and photographed atop dead trees located lakeside just off the camp sites. What a magnificent site to those of us who were not aware that the eagles were to be found this far south.
Patrick Weaver
Observed two adult bald eagles on the north end of Lake Palo Pinto, Texas December 15
Scott Tekell
I live in a rural neighborhood Stone Oak and recent on two occasions have seen and eagle flying over the small neighborhood lakes momentarily resting in an oak tree looking for food. Dates Dec 17th & 18th 2013.
Randy Fugate
Mature Male bald eagle with a smaller presumably immature eagle soaring on thermals over my house 12-17-13 10:30 am . Seen within 1/2 mile of Guadalupe river about 8 miles NNE Boerne. Unmistakably bald eagle with bright snow white head and tail identical to birds I've seen in Colorado and Alaska.
Clyde Rutherford III
Starting in early November I have been seeing a family of bald eagles in the Twin Lakes area south of Needville, Texas. I have seen eagles every year around this time. This year I was able to get a picture of one of them as it perched in a tree about 250 yards from my home. I had just my cell phone and could not zoom in enough but I got the idea of setting my telescope and shooting though it with my cell. This morning 12/16/2013 I was able to see a young one still speckled in color perched in the same tree eating some fish but was not able to get a picture.
James Cervenka
This morning I observed 3 bald eagles flying high over my house in the 3100 block of Spring Creek Drive in North Harris County Texas. The eagles were flying in a circle and calling to each other. The eagles were approximately 1000 foot high and circled for several minutes (long enough for me to go inside and get a set of binoculars). My home is located near Spring Creek Park which is a reserve that goes along Spring Creek to Lake Houston. I observed a single bald eagle fly up out of Spring Creek and land in a pine tree this past spring when I was kayaking on the creek.
Jake Schwab
Sunday December 1st at 4:45pm A single bald eagle was flying south over 6211 FM 1960 W Houston, TX 77069. Located in Northwest Harris County.
Danielle Eribarne
On 11/29/13 at approximately 4:00 P.M. I saw a Bald Eagle flying above the Frio River on a ranch in Real County, about 11 miles north of Leakey. I had a good view of it, have watched Bald Eagles at Lake Buchanan in the past. I know it was NOT a Cara Cara, too small, NO White on wing tips, absolutely breath-taking!
Ed Giddings
Today, in spite of the lousy weather, we drove over to Lake Livingston State Park, near Livingston, Texas. We were having rain mixed with snow. There were no Eagles at our usual haunts, but, circling Pine Island, clear to see through binoculars was a lone adult Bald Eagle.
Marney Mason
We spotted a bald eagle today, Tuesday November 26th, on the ice on Beaver Lake in Lattingtown Long Island New York. He flew off into the trees at the Beaver Dam Skating Club. Very cool.
Pamela Froshauer
November 19,2013. Lake Conroe Texas Harbour Town subdivision.
This pair first appeared on Veterans Day. They came back this afternoon. Their is also a much larger single eagle that was here on Veterans Day as well.
Leslie Hausler
Lake wright patman texarkana Texas Saturday November 16 2013
Kathie Ray
My husband and I spotted a bald eagle yesterday, Nov 15, 2013 about 10am, on the north side of highway 190 between Newton and Jasper almost to the county line. He was trying to take off with something large in his claws, but it was too large for him to fly. We watched him for a while and then left. About an hour later, we returned and he was still there...eating and trying to fly carrying his large lunch. He would eat some, then trying unsuccessfully to fly off with it. We watched for a while longer. He was amazing and the traffic did not seem to bother him. Only one other car stopped to watch. Most people did not even see him and he was in plain view.
Kathy and John Hillman
Nov 6, 2013 On a late morning drive from San Antonio heading north toward Bulverde (near intersection of Blanco and Ashtree Roads, zip code 78163), saw a Bald Eagle in a field close to the road. I didn't know there were any around here – what a thrill!
Beverly Herbert
Bald Eagle sighting today on Beltway 8 and CE King. It flew right over the Beltway while I was driving southbound around noon. SO so beautiful.....
Denise Hughen
10/30/2013 2:30pm until 3:30pm
Between Katy, TX and Brookshire, TX
I had the wonderful opportunity to spend and hour watching a majestic Bald Eagle keeping a watchful eye over a retention pond behind the old Igloo distribution building. I first noticed the Eagle as I was passing hovering over the water as if to be eyeing a meal. I turned around and to my amazement he (I presume) was perched on the power pole watching the pond. For an hour through rain, wind, then sunshine he sat unwavering. I had several phone calls to make, so I just watched and thought what a wonderful symbol of our country and freedom. I was able to get several photos of my experience.
Enos Colvin
Brookshire, TX
I just had the awesome experience of seeing a majestic bald eagle flying low over the intersection of Harlem Rd and Plantation Rd of Pecan Grove in Richmond Tx. Brought tears to my eyes, so beautiful!
- Vicki Visokey
October 18, 2013
Bryan, Texas
Brazos County
Approximately 8:30am
I was kayaking on Lake Bryan and spotted this bald eagle on the ground. When he moved and landed on an old pier post I was able to snap this awesome picture.
Jeff Dungan
I occasionally see one or two bald eagles in Scottsville Tx. East Texas near Caddo Lake.
Wilfred Smith
I spotted a pair of bald eagles at Lake Lavon just south of the Hwy 380 bridge between Princeton and Farmersville in Collin County, Texas. They were perched in some of the many dead trees in the lake about 50 yards from shore. I was riding my 4 wheeler with my two dog running beside me.
I would say that the larger of the two had a wing span around 4' to 5'. It was an awsome site.
We run this part of the lake almost every day. If I see them again, I will let you know.
Don Reed
Princeton, TX
I have seen 2 fully mature Bald Eagles in the last 2 weeks in the area west of Houston, Texas. And it is still only September!!
The first one I noticed was standing over what appeared to be a dead fish on the far bank of one of the Brdgeland Lakes in Cypress, Texas.
I thought it was unusual to see one at this time of the year here in Texas...but then yesterday, at about 2pm, I saw another fully grown Bald Eagle fly in and land in the middle of the pasture were longhorn cattle are kept south east of the intersection of the highway 99 and Interstate 10. Several cars stopped to watch as it seemed to drink water from a puddle about 30 yards off the roadway. Several of us took pictures with cell phones. I stayed long enough to watch it fly off into the west over the top of the Walmart and Katy Mills Mall. It continued meandering back and forth in the sky and finally dissapeared from my view as it flew towards the Brazos River bottom towards Brookshire.
I have seen actual fully mature bald Eagles only a hand full of time in my life living here in the Houston area, but this was the most awesome sighting I have ever had, he was very large and close enough to see his eyes, his exquisit beak and distinctly bold white head and tail, no mottled feathers at all, when it took off I judged its wingspan to be at least 7 feet across. Angela Beaubouef - Sealy, TX
We live in Winona, Texas and a Bald Eagle flew right over our farm on the corner of FM 369 and FM 16 E. this occurred about 3 pm on Sunday, September 22, 2013.
It was amazing to see.
We have also had a Peregrine Falcon on our property...which we saw numerous times in July this year.
Mary Anthony
On Monday, September 16,2013 at approximately 5:15 PM my husband and I spotted a bald eagle perched atop a light standard on President George Bush Turnpike in Rowlett, Texas. The eagle was on the northbound side of the turnpike at TxDOT section 32 over Lake Ray Hubbard between the north shore and Interstate 30. It seems that because the water is so low on the lake that he may have been scanning the area for food. It would be really exciting if these beautiful creatures were to fill our skies again.
Anita Rives
Mesquite, Texas
On September 16, 2013 at about 12:15 pm while kayaking on Lake Ray Hubbard near Rowlett, TX, I spotted a solitary bald eagle perched on a dead tree in the middle of the lake, about 300 feet offshore, one half mile south of the Miller Road bridge. I kayak in this area frequently and have not spotted the bird before or since...
Dwayne Crow
I just wanted to let some know that we have spotted and bald eagle in Amarillo, tx. It was once spoted across the street from Bell Helicopter and the second spotting was off of FM rd 228 and FM 2575 in the field on left hand side. We have noticed since the eagle has shown up that neightborhood cats are going missing. We were able to get some pictures of it. We stayed in our car and a good distance away from the eagle.
Michelle and Charles Gower
Feb 4th2013 in Humble TX near Kenswick and 1960. Looked up mowing the lawn and there was a bald eagle flying over my house looking down at me or maybe my cat! I see them along the Spring Creek trail from Jessie Jones to Punt Park this time of year (Saw 3 - 2 weeks ago on a rainy day along spring creek) but never expected to see one fly over my house so low in the middle of town. They are getting more used to people every year. Wow
Keith Betterton
I live in Spring, TX north of Houston... About two weeks ago I spotted an adult bald eagle in a clump of dead trees near our backyard. Since then I have taken photos of three different eagles perching in these trees. I have only observed the most mature eagle twice. There is a younger one that I have seen many times now. Recent days have revealed an even younger one... I can tell by the plumage of each of the eagles. The "middle" aged eagle is very recognizable because of his/her distinctive occasional brown feather markings on it's white head.
Susan Brodie of Spring, TX
January 28, 2013 at 0730, saw a bald eagle near Humble, Texas (northeast Houston). Majestic bird!
Steve Wells
Today, January 27, 2013, at about 1 p.m., I saw a pair of bald eagles near the intersection of FM 1960 & Cypress Woods Medical Drive, (northern part of Harris County) Houston, Texas. Before I saw either of them, I heard some bird sounds that I had not previously heard, so I was searching the surrounding tree tops & sky for whatever was making that sound. They flew from different directions and it was an awesome sight as they both landed atop a tall pine tree! Wish I'd had my camera!
Barbara Thompson
On January 16, 2013 we saw both a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle at our ranch in East Texas. We are located North of Emory, Tx., in Saltillo, Tx. They stayed most of the day, and circled our lake on a regular basis. Our lake has tilapia, which will be getting sluggish and near the surface, with the colder weather. We saw the golden pick one fish off the surface, but then dropped it.
This has truly been a thrill to see!
Margaret Tyrrell
January 7, 2013 Saw two bald eagles in the trees near the intersection of Gosling and Spring Stuebner Roads in NW Harris County=
Daniel Olson
My sons and I saw a pair of bald eagles this afternoon (12/28/12) just north of San Antonio in Bulverde Tx (78261). I'm no bird expert, but there was no mistaking them for the vultures and occasional hawks that normally fly overhead. They looked majestic! We live in a valley and the wind was gusting so they looked like they were just lazily playing in the air currents. I'll keep my camera handy today in case they pass overhead again. Very cool and a rare treat for the kids!
Bob Arguello
I saw a Bald Eagle on my ranch near Andice TX on December 30, 2012. It was perched in a tree next to my tank which is stocked with lots of fish. I looked all over the ranch for a nest, but did not find it. It must have come from somewhere else to fish.
Julie Gracie Moseley
At about 9am this morning (12-22-12) I walked out of my front door and was surprised to see what appeared to be a pair of bald eagles soaring right over my head! Although it's impossible to mistake a large bird, with a completely white head and bright yellow beak for anything other than a bald eagle, I still wanted to make sure, because the 2nd eagle was smaller in size and did not have a completely white head. From looking a the photos on your site and a few others it seems to match the pictures of younger bald eagles.
It was very exciting to just walk out my door and see them soaring right over me and my home! I live in the Katy area.
Brandie Kern from TX
Today on December 20, 2012 at approximately 15:30 my son and I saw a bald eagle soaring above our house in Spring Texas, 77379.
What an awesome & graceful creature!
Richard Battle
I saw a Bald Eagle December 17 and 18th around 4pm from Lake Palo Pinto Causeway in Palo Pinto County, Texas. It was sitting on top of a dead tree in the water on the Lake Creek branch side of bridge. This was the first one I've ever seen in the wild, not really even looking, just on way home from work. Wow, I had to do another look then another to make sure, since we do have Ospreys in area but they don't have all white heads or tails...
Richard Wilde
December 17, 2012. 7:40 am on Ford Chapel Road, Lufkin, Texas (Angelina County). A beautiful way to start a Monday! It was eating roadkill on a bridge at the intersection of Ford Chapel and 1475. Huge, majestic and serene (even as it was feeding on an opossum). It flew away as I approached, giving me an amazing view of its wingspan and underside. Having lived here for 25 years, I was shocked to see it. Beautiful Creature.
Alyssa Massingill
Lufkin, Texas
I was in the backyard this morning around 8am when I heard an unusual bird call... looked up to a bald eagle sitting on the telephone pole. Grabbed my DSLR and snapped off a few photos... was just awesome!
*Walter Davis* of Katy, TX
Gonzales county Texas - 2 adults and 2 juveniles spotted
Michael Gair
I just have to report the sighting of an eagle today because we don't get to see them around here in the wild. So exciting for me! My husband and I were waiting in line for our daughter to get out of school. I usually look up at the sky looking for a hawk which is more common for us to see in our location. Today, December 10, 2012, my husband and I both saw this eagle soaring over my daughter's school, Central Elementary K-5 in Pollok, Texas. The school is located on Hwy 69, north of Lufkin. The time was about 3:05PM and we were able to keep the eagle in sight for about 5 minutes. I would say he was within 500ft when we first saw him. I was attempting to get the camera ready on my phone but he was heading away from us so there was no chance of getting a picture. I would say he was heading southwest. This is only the third time I have seen an eagle in the wild and I am an outdoor girl!
Felicia Simms
I just saw a large bald eagle in Hutto Texas. On hwy 685, just north of brushy creek, in the top of a tree. Beautiful! I was so excited, I got a good look @ him or her. Thinking it may be female due to size.
Rona Armendariz
Pflugerville, Tx
I sighted a bald eagle at about 8am, Sunday November 25, 2012 in Houston, Texas along Buffalo Bayou just east of Memorial Park. The eagle would fly along the bayou, then stop and perch in a tall tree for a while before gliding off to find a new spot. Our resident crows were not happy about the eagle, and were busy diving at the eagle. Amazing! Who would expect to see a bald eagle in the middle of Houston!!
Debra Dishberger
Houston, Texas
A confirmed sighting of a single Bald Eagle occurred on November 24 in Canyon Park on the north shore of Canyon Lake Texas.
Greg Hammer
I live in Missouri city,Tx and last week we spotted an American bald eagle flying in our backyard high above the trees and it would occasionally fly downward and we got a better look at it.we saw it at Cartwright Rd. at FM2234.
Laura Perez
Sighting in Northeast Texas in the Pittsburg area. We have seen adult bald eagles sporadically in the past (once a year or so) however we have recently sighted a juvenile bald eagle that fishes our ponds. We have had multiple sightings of the eagle youngster over the past week.
November 3, 2012
Paula Archer
Colorado river between Wharton and Lane City. I watched a pair of eagles fly along river and land in a tall tree across river from my house. I have seen one several times along river but never two together. What a sight with sunsetting behind them.
Larry King
We saw a bald eagle today in a tree about 100 yards north of Farm Road 521 in Matagorda County, Texas. It was about 3:30pm. We were in the section of that road near the South Texas Nuclear Plant Cooling Lake, just east of Simpsonville.
All four of us saw the eagle and Steve took the photos (with a 500 mm lens) from the road.
Steve & Sally Chew
(Maplewood, NJ)
Eddie and Lucretia Chew
(El Paso, TX)
My wife and I were sighting on our deck around 8:30 am when I sighted what I thought was a Charachara, as I had seen them here before. Then I saw the white head and tail. My heart started racing, I got very excited as I was telling my wife it's &$!@&.. eagle. It sailed past our deck and went down about 300 yards to a lake in our neighborhood park. We jumped in the car and drove to the park but didn't see it again. I grew up hunting in Louisiana but that's the first bald eagle I've seen on the gulf coast. WOW!
Ricky Roberts
Missouri City, Tx.
In Hockley Texas we just sighted a grown Bald Eagle about to have a meal on a road kill, but as we rounded the corner in our SUV he spooked & flew off. First one seen around here in 2 years.
Kathy Hardcastle
9-15-12 Saw a pair of adult bald eagles sitting in a treetop while playing golf on Mt. Creek Lake in Grand Prairie, TX. It is our 39th wedding anniversary. What a lovely present.
Rickie Budnek
I saw a bald eagle on top of a distribution pole today on my property in Helotes, Tx.
Emil Greco
2/11/2012 Lakes of Rosehill, Cypress, TX, Northwest Harris County at about 4:15 pm, a bald eagle circled over my house in a pattern moving north to south. Magnificent creature.
Mike McKee
I was traveling east on Hwy 90 just a couple miles from Sugar Land TX, when a large birth swooped up a few yards from the front of my truck. I though WOW that is a really large bird. Then a few days later February 7th, 2012, I was turning west on to Hwy 90 from Hwy 6 South and I saw a bald eagle on the side of the road. I couldn't hardly believe that a bald eagle was stand on the side of the road eating. It was beautiful and I will treasure the site for the rest of my live. I am so happy to find that others in the Houston area have had the same wonderful experience. I travel that same route to work Monday thru Friday and hope to see the magnificent bird again.
Sandra Simon
Sugar Land, TX
We live ten miles outside of Mt. Pleasant, TX and on our way into town about 8:30 am on Saturday Feb. 4th, 2012 we saw a huge bird perched atop a tree by a large pond. It caught my eye because of its size and the fact that it had a solid white head. We turned around to take another look and it started to fly off. It was magnificent with white tail feathers, yellow beak, white head and huge wing span. We were amazed because we've lived here our entire lives and have never seen one in our area. Truly a majestic bird.
Lisa Nichols
Spotted a large dark bird with white head and yellow beak and talons in pine tree behind my house. He had some sort of critter (lunch) in it's talons. Thought to myself, this can't be a bald eagle, as I didn't think they were in the Houston area. I am in Copper Lakes Subdivision in NW Harris County. After "googling" photos of hawks, eagles, etc., I came upon this website and saw several different sightings in my area. It was truly an amazing sight. I was a little nervous to let my little dog out after that. :)
Jan Austin
Houston, TX
Adult Bald Eagle flying low, relatively low close to shore, headed North, over Cotton Lake, close to Cove Texas, East of Mont Belvieu, with what appeared to be a snake or possible small Gar fish in it's talons. What a wonderful sight.
1.00pm, 1/27/2012.
Peter Green
Back about or on Jan 25, 2012 my two doggies and I were doing our morning walk around Braes Bayou between the Scott and Calhoun bridges in Houston, Texas and saw one of the usual two osprey with a fish in its talon being chased by a much larger bird - a bald eagle. The osprey kept making turns, but the eagle would catch up. Finally the osprey dropped its fish. The eagle circled above where the fish had dropped for a while then went to roost in a pine tree while the osprey went toward the Scott street bridge. Within minutes the osprey had another fish and the eagle gave chase. I had never before thought of the noble bald eagle as a thief.
The following week, again while walking the doggies, I kept hearing the cry of a raptor. Looking around and then behind me, I saw two ospreys circling one of the trees we had just walked under. One osprey was doing wide circles while the other was doing much tighter circles around and "shouting" at a bald eagle in the top of the tree.
Really neat to see an eagle inside the loop, just south of the University of Houston. The ospreys would rather the eagle stay away. Braes Bayou does have lots of fish. Plenty for the cormorants, herons, pelicans, egrets, ospreys and occasional eagle.
david decker
Houston, Texas
Rockwall, Texas 1/14/2012
Approximately one mile north of FM 3092 and two miles east of FM 740.
Time about 12:30 PM EST.
The bird was making large circles, heading east by southeast.
Visibility was extremely clear.
Although the bird was extremely high there was no mistaking it for a buzzard. It was very large, prominent features were a fanned white tail and a large white head. I called my wife outside, pointed at the bird, and said "Look." She said, "That's an eagle."
Jerry Bryant
My wife and I have been seeing what appears to be a Bald Eagle near the San Antonio Tx area between Converse and Kirby, just west of Martinez Creek dam and NW of Martinez Creek Dam number 2. The most recent sighting was 04 January about 3pm. It was resting on a new pile of mulch created recently in preparation of some home construction. I saw fly sown to the ground wait a minuet and take off with something in its claws while I was out walking our dog in a nearby field.
Paul Marcus
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