Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Ronnie Wilson wrote the following: Bald Eagle sighted Thanksgiving day 11am Northwest Harris County Texas, Cypress, Texas @ Louetta Rd and Longwood Trace

Ed Smith wrote the following: I have seen bald eagles on three occasions recently near Able Springs, Texas. This location is about 25 miles east of Dallas via highway I20. I never saw one in this area until this year.

Terry Singeltary wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle today fly down the shoreline at Bacliff, Texas 77518 on Galveston Bay about 3:30 PM or so, headed to sunny San Leon. we have an osprey on the end of our pier that sleeps there most every night (I built a perch for him and the end of the pier and he really likes it. I thought that eagle was going to land on chummakers perch.

Chuck Donley wrote the following: I saw a bald eagle for the 1st time here in Texas. Approx. 7:30am 11/18/2015 at Woodruff Park in Plano TX. Magnificent & Large. Never saw one before in that area so I imagine all the other birds normally in the area thought twice about flying around. I didn't hear any of the Killdeer normally there, just the ducks. It was great.

Karen Ingersoll wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle flying N to SW about a mile east of Diana, TX. Total surprise but large bird with white head/neck and white tail, slow wing-beats. Beautiful. Couldn't get my binoculars fast enough to follow but will keep looking.

Jennifer Pinkasavage wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle catching a fish in the pond alongside I 45 and 1488 just south of Conroe, Texas. 11/15/2015

Gale Brister wrote the following: At 5pm on November 14th, a bald eagle was seen flying from the west to east over highway 288 at the Binz exit in Houston.

Wendy Wright wrote the following: Saw an adult soaring/gliding within a mile of Downtown Houston TX on 11-8-15 at 10:15AM (after a cold front passed through).

Lynetta Campbell wrote the following: A magnificent bald eagle flew in front of my car this afternoon (11/4/15) in Kingwood, TX. It swooped down, was about 10 feet in front of me, and then rose majestically to fly away.

Terry Alfonso wrote the following: Near Lake Houston in Huffman, TX: On 10/31/15, I heard a strange noise outside my house, like metal rubbing on metal. I went outside to see what it was, and saw a huge bald eagle sitting in one of my pine trees. This was the last thing I expected to see! I was able to get a few pictures, then it flew to another tree at the front of my house. When it flew off towards the lake, it was carrying a squirrel in its talons. Right after it flew away, a second eagle flew up out of my neighbor's tree to join it, I hadn't even noticed that one. Very exciting for me! I've seen them a few times around Lake Houston, but never in my yard. Absolutely beautiful birds, what a thrill for Halloween!

Veronica Lorine wrote the following: While out and about today in Sugar Land, I spotted a beautiful bald eagle flying overhead at Hwy 6 and Williams Trace. What an amazing sight!

Kelli Montgomery wrote the following: I saw one bald eagle flying over the Dad's Club in Pearland, TX on Thursday, October 29, 2015 around 5:15 pm before my daughter's softball game. The girls stopped playing for a second to stare up at this magnificent creature. Not something you get to see very often especially in a residential area. I have a feeling it was the first time many of these young girls have ever seen a bald eagle so it made the experience even more special.

Gloria Hill wrote the following: Saw 4 bald eagles soaring over lake conroe south shore estates this morning. Beautiful to watch

Monica Menzel wrote the following: Saw a female bald eagle fly across cove at Richland Chambers Lake (near Corsicana, tx) around 6pm on 10/10/15. She dove toward the water and came to rest on a large oak near water. I watched her for a few minutes before she went back to work looking for small prey in a nearby field. Absolutely majestic!!

Dylan Skogman wrote the following: 9/28/15- sighted a mature female bald eagle near a large tank off of FM 466 in Guadalupe county. She flew from the tanks edge and perched atop a dead oak tree.

Rick King wrote the following: While sitting on my Patio looking across Lake Houston, I spotted a pair of Bald Eagles hovering over the lake... I rushed in to grab my binoculars and for the last 20 minutes I am sitting and observing them as they sit ion a near by tree branch ..... It is awesome just sitting here and watching them just sit..... Atascocita Tx

Brian Bacon wrote the following: I saw a large bald eagle flying over Wolf Creek Park fm 224 Coldspring tx. Flew over the park for five minutes or so. 9/13/15

John Robinson wrote the following: Saw a Bald Eagle today (9/21/2015) flying low over Indigo Lake Drive in Magnolia, Tx. Have seen them in Canada, but to see one here was a great surprise. Probably in that area due to the fairly large lake.

Danny Yardley wrote the following: On 8/6/15 at around 9:00AM we saw a mature bald eagle land in a tree behind our house next to the pond in Rock Creek in Cypress TX. It must have been a female due to its size! She sit in the top of the tree for around 5 minutes and when she flew away you could see the massive wing spread and her beauty in flight. We have lived here for almost 13 years and that is the third time we have seen a bald eagle and we hope its not our last.

We have sighted 3 this summer 2015 in east Texas. 2 mature and 1 immature. The 2 mature were next to our pond at the same time. We have pictures. They have been back several times individually. Flew low right beside our house with a fish. Most beautiful living bird I have ever seen.
Vicki Socia

At 11:20 a.m. today, Aug. 21, 2015, I saw a bald eagle soar over my house in Keller, Texas.
- Sandra Engelland

I've seen bald eagles in Alaska,I have read that they fly through Texas,well I saw a lone bald eagle today Aug,20,2015 flying just above the tree tops of pecan and oaks here in Fort Worth ,Texas
Don Green

Two bald eagles seen this morning 2/14/15 in NW Houston.
Olga Trammel
Auburn Lakes Retreat

My son and I saw a bald eagle in the East end of League City, Texas on February 12. It was circling over and then landed on the shore of one of the man-made lakes along Austin St within an incomplete section of a neighborhood. I couldn't get close enough to see for sure, but it looked like it was eating a fish or something. When he finished he took off and flew away towards the West.
John Storey

Pretty sure I drove right alongside a bald eagle flying along the bayou at the Texas Medical Center today in Houston, TX at about 5.45 pm. Couldn't believe my eyes!
Danielle Van Strien

I saw a bald eagle in Harris County; Spring Texas on 2/5/2015. It was flying about the tree line by itself.
Evan Broadbent

I saw my first bald eagle this morning near Zavalla, Tx near Rayburn Dam.. Was so beautiful!!
Billie Sue Johnson

4 pm 1/27/15 : Just watched a bald eagle take flight from a tall pine tree in the small wooded park of the Normandy Forest subdivision, near Ella Blvd. and Spring Cypress, in Spring, Texas. It circled over my house and headed south out of the park. BEAUTIFUL!!
Kate Robertson
La Fleur Lane, Spring, Texas

Watching a very beautiful, large bald eagle in flight over my head as I write this. I am on hwy 147 somewhere between Etoile and San Augustine, Tx in San Augustine county (I think). I have seen so many beautiful things today on my road trip, but this will be the one I talk about at the dinner table tonight!
Toni Linnerman

We saw a bald eagle on January 26, 2015 in the Hunt County Texas. The lone Eagle was on Highway 1565.
Connie Mader

Saturday, January 24, 2015. On our pontoon boat on Canyon Lake, TX. We spotted two bald eagles, which shocked and amazed us. Using a telephoto lens on the camera, we verified it was a pair of bald eagles! Then three more showed up and flew around a bit and then flew away. One appeared to make a dive for a fish dinner, but it was hard to see from a distance with the sun setting directly behind it. We were thrilled and can't wait to see more next Saturday, if they are still hanging around the lake.
Tricia & Jim Heisler
Houston, TX & Canyon Lake, TX

Saw a bald eagle pick up fish from water in the lake on the 11th hole at WindRose golf Club in Spring Texas.
My first sighting south of the Woodlands Tx. It happened around 2:30 PM 01/ 20/ 15
R. Oberg.

Observed a bald eagle in hunt county texas on Jan 18.This was near Greenville Texas at lake 4 reservoir.Long observation through binoculars as the eagle flew over the lake to eventually land in a tall tree in the adjacent Sabine river bottomland.
Michael Ramsey

I sighted a lone adult bald eagle roosting in an oak tree in the yard of our lakefront lot on the south shore of Lake Cypress Springs on January 18, 2015. It was looking away from me out toward the lake and was not bothered by me walking out on my deck to take several photos. Finally, I saw it take off and fly across the lake. It was my first eagle sighting and it was magnificent.
Bill Miranda

My husband & I were driving East bound on Hwy 78 in Wylie, Texas (the wooded area before the dam) saw a beautiful bald eagle soaring above the trees!
Connie Portinga

Seen just east of Brookshire, TX the morning of 1/16/15. Just south of I-10 on Woods Road. What an amazing sight and special treat on the way to work.
Gabrielle DeLuca

I live in Sugar Land Texas. I saw a bald eagle flying over highway 59. my daughter spotted it first and I started to make fun of her and then when I look closely I realize that it was indeed a bald eagle! What an amazing thing to see! I've lived in Houston area my entire life and I have never ever seen a bald eagle. date January 13th 2015
Carrie White

I'm at Echo Lake in Murchison Texas and the Eagle was just in my yard! Amazing!
Janet Boyce

I sighted this Juvenile Bald Eagle soaring above campsite 41 at Magnolia Ridge COE Park on January 7th, 2015. At the same time witnessed a pair of mature eagles soaring far above, and too far to decently photograph. after about 15 minutes the disappeared to the Niches Rive area North of Lake Steinhagen. I have watched for several weeks for them to return, to no avail, and will continue to do so as long as possible.
Dick Mott

I spotted a bald eagle in a large tree along White Oak Bayou in Houston, TX at 11:30 am on January 5, 2015. It sat in the tree for a long time, and when it took flight I saw its massive wing span. I had heard of sightings on White Oak Bayou recently,but couldn't believe I actually saw one!
Barbara White

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