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I live on Paint Creek State Park so I've observed bald eagles here and close by in Ross county. Yesterday, I was driving through Fort Ancient, Ohio (very close to Clarksville) and observed a bald eagle in the woods. I had never spotted one there; what a thrill!
Vanessa Schoettle-Cain
I spotted one bald eagle in Jackson Township (Canton, Oh area) this morning. Was flying low at about treetop level. Seen them before around Lake Erie but not this far south.
Brad Spencer
Saturday January 31at 3:30pm in a corn field on the corner of Ideal Rd and Vocational road in Byesville Oh 43723 I spotted and took pictures of a bald eagle in flight.
Leslie Robinson
Spotted eagle on centennial rd in sylvania ohio in tree above road below was a canada goose carcass
Dennis Krohn
Today I was driving south on 23 from Wyandot County ( only 2-3 miles after a work visit to Wyandot Community Hospital) and a bald eagle soared over the highway from a nearby tree!!!
Amy Baden
I travel along the Muskingum River on SR 60 from Beverly to Zanesville to work each day. I see 4 bald eagles on average each morning. There are often times 4 eagles around the Rokeby lock area on the river. Eagles can be seen perched or flying over the river. Another area that eagles are common is between the Beverly dam and the Muskingum River Power Plant. When the river is iced over the Muskingum River power plant is a great spot to see eagles.
J. Schott
Dye Mill Rd. Troy Ohio January 24,2015
Julie Puckett
Marietta, Ohio
    On 1/24/2015 @ 8:15 am I had just turned off st. Rt 550 on to st. Rt. 7 south and I spotted 2 Bald Eagles flying towards the Ohio river. I hope to see them again.
Don Flanagan
I saw an eagle on Jan 24, 2015 at the Fairfield/Licking Co line. along a cornfield at the corner of Blacklick Rd. and Basil Rd/York Rd. I turned left from Basil Rd NW onto Blacklick Rd and started to head west when something caught my eye to the right. I was blown away to see it was a Bald Eagle flying parallel with me. It was beautiful!! Just like the eagle picture I have above my fireplace with the bible verse Isaiah 40:31. This was my first siting. It landed in a tree top on the edge of the field. I pulled over to watch it and to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. He perched in the tree for a few moments before taking off and flying around the field a couple of times then heading northwest out of site.
Renee Johnson
I saw a bald eagle in Delaware County, Ohio, 3 miles north of Sunbury. Flew off from farm field with prey.
Walt Sandefur
Allen County, OH. I live east of Lima, OH at the edge of a small housing development, with a woods directly behind my house. Over the past 2 weeks I have seen a bald eagle fly over the woods on 2 occasions. Then on January 17, 2015, a bald eagle was perched high in a tree, on a limb that hung out over my lawn. I watched it from my back window with binoculars. When I drove away about an hour later, the eagle stayed. On January 18, 2015 I saw an immature bald eagle perched in another tree about 50 yards from where the eagle perched the day before. It flew away shortly after I spotted it, and about 5 minutes later the mature bald eagle was back sitting on the same branch where it had perched the day before. I had more time to watch it that afternoon. Mostly it sat still other than for turning its head. But it did preen itself briefly, stretched out its left wing, then lowered its wing and vibrated its body as though to get all the feathers readjusted. Later, it leaned its head down, raised its tail, then pooped! Watching it was fascinating. Early the next afternoon January 19, the eagle was back, and this time stayed for several hours. At one time it turned completely around, and faced the opposite direction, but I didn't observe other activity. Today (January 20), I have not seen the eagle at all. But for 3 days it was quite thrilling.
Lois Benham
Chagrin Falls, OH
Saw a bald eagle on my way to work today. Awesome sight!
Axel Rodriguez
My wife Audrey and I seen a bald eagle two different times on the Miami river.One sitting was in Miamisburg Ohio and another was In Franklin Ohio.
Ron Boyer
I just saw an eagle about 3 miles east of Degraph Ohio
James Moss
My husband has seen a bald eagle twice this week around our home in Van Wert, OH. (35 miles south-east of Ft W, IN. We live in the city limits, but on the edge of town.) He came in the morning of 1/8/15 from taking out our dog and was excited about having seen the eagle flying close by. (Ok, I half wondered if maybe my husband was imagining things! lol But I have heard of sighting near lakes in IN, not that far from here, so thought it might not be impossible). Then the next afternoon, 1/9/15, my husband and the man picking up our recycles saw it again.
Lee Ann Mieke
Sighting January 9, 2014 in a field in Akron Ohio, landed on turkey carcass I threw out for the crows. About 50 feet from my window away, so majestic, lived in ohio all my life and I am truly blessed to have seen him... I call him Fitz!
Lynn Marie
I had a bald eagle sighting at my house on Friday afternoon.
I had no idea eagles were so close by, the only next I was aware of is at Eastwood lake, and REALLY hard to see!
Note: at first I thought I had a pair of juveniles but later I figured out I had a juvenile and an adult right out behind the house, and the second adult farther down river in a big sycamore tree. It was breathtaking to see them fly in , settle on a big poplar branch outside the dining room window, and stay for most of the afternoon :)
Carrie Craig
Have seen a pair of bald eagles in northwestern licking county. Most sightings of eagles have been north of Homer Ohio just south of Knox county line.
Heath Hess
1-2-2015 at 11:00 AM EJ Brown Lake Buck Creek State Park, Clark County Ohio. Single adult Bald Eagle perched in tree over looking lake near beach area..
Curt Hefner
Thursday, Jan. 2, 2015 - Took my grandsons (ages 9 & 10) for a ride along the Sandusky River in Seneca and Sandusky counties in Ohio. I drove out River Road (North Twp Rd 73) past the Tiffin Development Center. Ive seen an eagle in this area. As I started to tell the boys to look upward towards the treetops, they both began yelling, "Grandma! I just saw them! There's two of them! They're in that tree!"
I turned the car around and pulled off the road close to where the boys saw them. How majestic they were, each perched on a branch in a tree across the river. One flew off the branch but returned shortly. I felt we were interrupting their "fishing" trip so we didn't stay long.
Definitely a memorable day! :)
Tess Walker
Tiffin, OH
Juvenile Eagle sighted Jan 1 2015   Miami County Troy Ohio     Casstown Sidney Rd.
Julie Puckett
12/31/14, 4:45PM, Licking County, OH.
I was driving northbound on Cherry Valley Rd. Leaving Newark and heading into Granville. As I was beginning to cross the bridge over the creek, I looked to my right and observed a Bald Eagle in flight. It landed in a tree on the north bank of the creek. I then pulled into a church parking lot and observed the bird perched in the tree for a moment. I wanted to stay longer to observe, but my family insisted that I get them to the restaurant because they were all hungry. This is the first time I have ever seen a Bald Eagle in the wild.
Bruce B. Frey
I spotted a juvenile bald eagle sitting in a tree off SR 95 near Lucerne Rd. about 8am on 12-23-14. Then, on Christmas Eve, about 4pm, we saw a mature adult flying over north over Knox Lake, off Shultz Rd. Fredericktown, Ohio. Always amazing and Awesome!!
Sharon Dean and Aaron Ray
The Scioto Audubon Park in Columbus, OH. At roughly 9am on 12/20/14 I saw my first bald eagle take flight heading south over the Scioto River. Amazing!!!
Lisa Mallett
12-15-2014 I spotted a bald eagle flying above the Little Miami River and land in a tree. I was in Greene County, driving on Stewart Rd. in Sugarcreek TWP.
Caleb Roe
I spotted a bald eagle at the corner of Auld Road and Children's Home - Bradford Road just outside of Gettysburg, OH. Wasn't close enough to tell whether it was a male or female. It landed and picked up a carcass off the road, then flew north around a stand of woods and I lost sight of it. I know there is a pair in Troy, Ohio, but this is the first time I have heard of one in Darke County, Ohio.
Jacob Minnich
Columbus, Ohio on the Scioto River about 2 miles north of downtown.
On the river fishing in the inlets and saw one bald eagle flying overhead. Second time I have seen one in this location, around the same time in the day too. Eagle was circling over inlet shorelines just working its way north up the river. Got a chance to take a video which is hard to identify, but was really an awesome thing to see one flying right overhead about 40-50 feet in the air. Last sighting I was quite a distance away but noticed the white head. This time I was 100% sure. Majestic. USA.
Evan Leskovec
Friday 11-28-14
Warren County Ohio. Spotted a juvenile eagle alongside Great Miami river on SR 73 between Middletown and Franklin. Noticed a large dark bird high in tree along river and as I drove bye caught the glistening white head. Turned car around to show kids. Never thought we would see anything like that here.
Marvin Halsey
Thursday 27 Nov 2014
Was traveling south on Rt158 toward Baltimore. My wife and I saw the same Bald Eagle reported on the 19th. It was feeding on the same carcass and in the same field. We stopped and watched it for several minutes. Very cool! It finally took off and there was another one that joined it while flying. So that means there are a pair in the Baltimore , Ohio area that has been here for awhile. As with the other Baltimore siting, I've never seen one in the wild. Was really excited to see such a wonderful and beautiful bird.
Bob Cleland
On November 27 (Thanksgiving), we saw an adult bald eagle in Shadyside, Ohio. It was perched at the top of a tree alongside the Ohio River right off of Route 7.
-Sara Vrooman
There is an adult bald eagle that lives near the Lodi Outlet Mall in Lodi, Oh on White Rd. Have seen him daily for the past two weeks, perching, flying, and once with food in his talons.
Nov. 22, 2014.
CJ Foltz.
This magnificent creature was sighted above my home in Fairfield County, Ohio on 11/20/2014 at 12:50PM.
Teresa A. Jarrell
Today 11/19/2014 at 2:30pm I was driving on route 158 at the edge of Baltimore, Ohio- Fairfield county- and I saw a Bald Eagle feeding on a deer carcass out in a corn field. I drove past it 3 times to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing as never having seen an eagle before ( except the zoo) in Ohio in 54 years.
Lois McDonald
11/17/14 in Yellow Springs, OH I witnessed a bald eagle as I was driving on Hyde Rd. which is south of Yellow Springs. He flew right over my car as I was driving. He was low in the sky and was easily recognizable as a bald eagle and not another species of predator birds. The markings were very distinctive with the white crown and tail and dark/black body. It's great to see these raptors making a comeback in the State of Ohio.
Jack Kerr
Nov. 16, 2014 approx. 2 pm
Avon Lake, Ohio
Single adult bald eagle in tree lakeside between Moorewood and Curtis
Ramona Padilla-Dus
Two Eagles were seen today in Minford Ohio at 1146 shumway Hollow rd. setting high up in the top of a tree. Their neck feathers was not white but brown, i have seen countless hawks in my life but these two were no hawks. They were the size of a small turkey. Observed them for a minute before they majestically flew off. What a wonderful site.
Eric Bennett
At approximately 1:00 pm on 11/10/14, a mature bald eagle flew over my property at about 500 feet. Location: Rt 252 between Wolff and Neff in Medina County Oh. It was in a fast glide going southwest, the sun shining off its white head.
Larry Tyran
I saw a bald eagle at washington and lee in cleveland hts. on nov 10 at approx. 1:00pm. Pretty cool.
Brian Benchek
Saw a mature bald eagle on Nov. 10, @ 11 a.m. in Hocking Hills area vicinity of route. #33 and route 180
Floyd and Peggy Hubbell, westerville, ohio
On Sunday November the 9th at 7:30 a.m. At Wallace lake in Berea Ohio I was able to video tape a bald eagle flying around the swimming area
Joe See
Nov. 7,2014 11:00 am Bald eagle in Avon Lake, Ohio Eagle came from the south and was hunting along the shoreline.
Nov. 5, 2014 approx. 3pm 2 bald eagles in Avon Lake, Ohio both eagles were "hunting" along the tops of the waves.
Ramona Padilla-Dus
Avon Lake, Ohio
I commute from Morrow County Ohio to Columbus Ohio for work every day. I've had 4 bald eagle sightings so far this year while on I-71 southbound in the morning approximately a mile north of the Delaware 36/37 exit. Saw the eagle again this morning. All 4 sightings were in the same location with the eagle either flying over the highway or above the large pond that's on the east side of 71. I'm always on eagle look out in this area! Also, about a month ago my neighbor texted me to let me know that a bald eagle was perched in a dead willow tree on my property; however, I was at work at the time. Hoping for a sighting at home one of these days too. I love these birds!
Staci Wise
Yesterday November 6 at midday in the Strongsville OH area, on I-71, just south of its intersection with I-80. A single bald eagle flew across the lanes at about 40 feet. He looked majestic and string with a wing span of about 3.5 feet. My first bald eagle seen in the wild
Terry Wynne
I was delivering news papers in Hannibal Ohio. I seen a cpl black birds at the top of a tree, got closer then I seen they had white heads, got closer , they were eagles. Was so excited. Never seen them in wild . i see hawks all the time doing news papers, but this first I've seen eagle's. I wish I could have got pictures.
Connie Queen
Oct. 31, 2014 at 8:4am. Adult bald eagle circling over the Hocking River near East State St. 1.5 miles east of State Route 33, Athens, OH 45701.
Scott Marx
Today around 1 maybe a little after 1pm I captured photos of a bald eagle at Sheldons Marsh next to willow golf course in Huron Ohio flying and gliding over the open waters right overhead of me too it was beautiful and surprising
Kayla Heiland
South Euclid Ohio across from Notre Dame College. It was about 11 am this morning we spotted it in a large elm tree on the front of the property, sat in the tree for about 10 minutes and then flew off. Absolutely beautiful made our day.
Dave Pickwick.
I sighted a bald eagle at approximately 12:20pm Eastern time on Beard Road in Eastern Clark County, OH (near Springfield). It landed in a recently harvested corn field and appeared to be eating something. The large wingspan caught my attention so I stopped my vehicle. I knew it wasn't a hawk because the head of this tall bird was protruding above the cut stalks as it carefully watched me. I opened my vehicle door which startled it caused it to fly away. I watched it soar in a zig zag pattern for several minutes before I drove away.
Philip Reed
Springfield, OH
On October 20th at 8:45 AM, while jogging at Darby Creek Metro Park, I saw an adult Bald Eagle hunting near the creek. Darby Creek is 18 miles South West of Columbus, OH. It's wingspan was around 4.5 to 5 feet. It was breath taking to see my first Bald Eagle in the wild in Ohio. I saw it take off twice, looked huge and so regal.
Danilo Casiño
Saturday, October 18, 2014, about 1:00 p.m. – near the Hambden Orchard Wildlife Area, east of SR 608, north of SR 322, Hamden Township, Geauga County, NE Ohio – large adult soaring, very clear plumage as male. Beautiful and majestic!
Christopher C. Esker
I saw two bald eagles at 5 pm on Oct. 17, 2014 at the state wilderness area that adjoins the Delaware State Park in Delaware, OH. One eagle was roosting on the tree that used to hold an eagle's nest that finally deteriorated 5 or 6 years earlier. The other eagle looked like he was hunting in the marsh land while occasionally flying close to the perching eagle. I was walking on top of the Delaware Dam retaining wall that runs about 3 miles east of the dam and when I realized they were bald eagles, I was about 200 ft. away from them. I was astounded, stopped walking, and actually wept, they were so beautiful.
Rebecca Loach
While driving along the Ohio River on U.S. 52 in Lawrence County near Ironton, Ohio I spotted a large bird with a snow white head. It was much bigger than the hawks I normally see. The bird dove close to the water a few times giving us a closer look and we decided this must be an eagle. Even though I have heard of people seeing them in nearby Wayne National Forrest this is my first sighting.
Carol Shields Portsmouth, Ohio
I saw a bald eagle flying on Friday October 10, 2014 at Wolfe and Marks Rd in Medina, Ohio. It was flying quite low towards my car and then flew over it. What a majestic bird.
Nanette Dargle
    My son and I were squirrel hunting at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge, Ohio. As we were walking a trail that opened to a small field we happened to look up and seen a lone Large dark bird flying rather high and away from us. My son Austin and I both mentioned at about the same time the bird has a White Tail. A few seconds later Austin said Bald Eagle. We than heard a Very Loud Screech Bird Cry from the bird we had spotted flying alone. Immediately 3 Hawks took to flight in the pope site direction. Not sure - but we both feel that it was a Bald Eagle. This was Saturday Oct.11, 2014 at approx 11am.
Todd Barrett
Bald eagle sighted in Springfield Ohio on Old Clifton Rd
Zachary Hupp
Holmes County
October 9, 2014.
Troyer’s Hollow area.
Update: We have made a number of eagle sightings in the Becks Mills region of Holmes County along the Doughty Creek since Labor Day. We have had several sightings in the field below our house and along the Doughty Gorge (also known as Troyer’s Hollow). I have a grainy photo of one trying to lift what appears to be a small groundhog. It was unsuccessful, but quite a show. Yesterday (Oct 8) I saw a pair in flight heading west along the creek. It was distant so I could not verify their genders.
Ernest Hershberger
East 93rd St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Sunday October 5th at 12:20pm
Kevin Simmons

Yesterday, October 3rd, we sighted 3 adult bald eagles in our neighbor's field. At first, two were hopping along through the field. After awhile, a third one flew in and there was interaction between them all, causing two to retreat to tall trees at the edge of the field after rising and circling the field.
These two sat watching in a tree with much chittering vocalization going on.
The one on the ground appeared to be tearing and consuming a ground hog.
All 3 had the same adult plumage pattern and none appeared to be youngsters. Having lived in Alaska, and seen them frequently, and visited them in Haines, this was quite a thrill for us to see them here in Ohio. We live in Fresno, Ohio.
Wendy M. Fisher
Sunday, September 28, 2014; approximately 3:30 pm. Very first spotting ever! In Gates Mills, Ohio, along the Chagrin River on Chagrin River Road. Exact coordinates 41.51167 -81.39798. We were driving along, and saw a large bird landing along the river. I thought it unusual for a vulture to be landing so close to the water so I u-turned, grabbed the camera, and dashed across the road just in time to see the adult eagle perched on a dead tree extending out over the opposite bank of the river. I couldn't even focus the camera before it took off south along the river. Very exciting!!
Christina Ross
Ohio 7:00 am 9/26/2014
Saw a bald Eagle flying over the Loveland Bridge (Loveland Ave.), it was following the Little Miami River.
Sharon Schmidt
I saw a bald eagle circling the sky outside of my office on Columbus Road in Athens, Ohio. The Hocking River is a couple of hundred feet behind our building and it was obvious he was circling over the river. Beautiful!! I know there are several in the Hocking Hills area, but not usually lucky enough to see one!
Kathy Irwin
Returning home from work on Friday, September 19, 2014 at approximately 5:20 PM, I spotted a pair of bald eagles along Route 2 between the Lost Nation and Route 306 exits. I was driving westbound. The Eagles were between 10:00 and 12:00 from my position, range, approximately 1/4 mile
Frank Tudron
Hudson, Ohio, just west of rt. 8 on 303. I saw what appeared to be a bald eagle on the north side over the pond, at about 8 am today 2/21/14. My husband then saw the bird again in the same area at about 2pm. Awesome sighting. Taking camera and binoculars to work everyday! Topped day of with seeing what I think we're two red tailed hawks flying together.
Sharon Whipple
Sylvania, OH. I was driving on Sylvania Ave. between Holland Sylvania and Corey and believe I saw a bald eagle. It was not large like what we have in the zoo, but it was about the size of a large hawk. I thought I was seeing something, but I watched it cross the road and the white head with dark brown body was unmistakeable. I did see the posting of a sighting near Sylvania Southview HS, about 4 miles down the road from where I saw an eagle.
Frank Latendresse
Spotted 2 mature bald eagles circling over the Tuscarawas river in Canal Fulton Ohio on 2/16/14. They sat together side by side in a tree for awhile, it was quite a site see.
P King
Erie County, Ohio
My husband and I were walking the pier to the Huron Lighthouse around 3 pm; two bald eagles soared over us, circled together at the mouth of the river, and then took off east across the frozen lake. It was an unexpected beautiful surprise!
K. Dickson
On 2-14-14 We were driving south on RT 7 along the Ohio River, heading toward East LiverPool Ohio. In a tree there were Two Bald Eagles. They were easily visible.They were located real close to the Stratton coal power plant.
Scott Dusky
Dublin, Ohio 2/9/14
I saw two bald eagles, with their white heads and tail feathers very clearly identifiable on this sunny day. The pair was circling above a small park near the Anderson's and Whole Food parking lots on Sawmill Road. They continued flying higher over about 10 mins, and finally got too high to see well. Amazing!
Lanie Justice
I'm in Miami Twp (Clermont County)/Loveland, OH. Bald eagles have been seen along the Little Miami River which is probably a mile or so from our house. We live in a wooded area. This morning, I saw a very large bird soaring. At first, I thought it was a vulture, but then noticed it had a white tail and head.
Doreen Isett
I saw an American bald eagle from my apartment window in Stowe, OH, in a tree by the Wyoga lake area. It was being mobbed by two crows. I was thrilled
Lisa Spadaro
There were two Bald Eagles flying around Coe Lake in Berea, OH today.
There is a nesting platform there for ospreys, so maybe they will nest there.
Kathy Shank
Saw a bald eagle in tipp city ohio today!!
Steven Anthony
Watched two adult eagles courting at Eastwood Lake. And a young adult eagle feeding at Deeds Point near downtown Dayton, Ohio.
Ron Guthrie
1/31/2014 I saw a bald eagle flying over Bypass 4 and Hamilton-Middletown Road in Fairfield Township, Butler County, Ohio.
Deena Casagrande
We have seen 2 bald eagles a r the Massillon Ohio waste water treatment plant. For the past week. We are located 1 mile north of rt 30.
Richard Miller Jr.
My wife and I were driving home from the lake at Strouds Run when we saw a bald eagle circling above the intersection of Stanley Rd. and Scatter Ridge. It was being chased by five or six crows, but seemed relatively calm as it swung in easy circles across the sky.
Gabriel Hartley
While driving south on Riverside Dr, in Columbus, Ohio today (01-18-14) at around 2pm, I saw two Bald Eagles standing on ice, in the middle of the Scioto River, south of Bethel Rd! There were many people out taking pictures of them. One of the Eagles was very big, while the other was notably smaller.
Tim Wine
1-16-14 2:45pm I was driving West bound on I-70 right outside of Englewood, Ohio when a large bird took flight from the trees and flew across 70 from North to South. It was flying directly over Stillwater as i was crossing the bridge at that time. There was no doubt what it was. It was an American Bald Eagle. I didn't even know there were any around here. After some research I realized that i was wrong about that. It was definitely an incredible sight.
Justin Taylor
I saw a single bald eagle in Butler County Ohio in West Chester. I saw it from my picture window which overlooks a creek. It was at 12:00PM and it was very windy and snowy. It was circling the empty corn field which is behind the creek and then flew over the creek. It did this 2 times and then I lost sight. I don't know if it was male or female but it was an adult.
Tom and Lynn Wallenhorst
I would like to report an adult eagle recently sighted feeding on a deer carcass along Salt Creek, Eagle Twp, Vinton Co. The location is on Twp. Rd. #17 (Dixon Mill Rd.) approx. .3 mile south of it's intersection with St. Rt. 671. It's not unusual to sight an eagle in this area, however, the feeding sight is only 100 yds, from the road and easily visible. Eagle was first seen on 1/10/14.=
Lynn Oney
Traveled home today at lunch to put the neighs out to enjoy a bit of sun..... rounded the corner on Musselman Road by the Studebaker or Scarff fields of growing nursery stock ..... was keeping my eye on what I thought was a turkey buzzard (have seen a few really early ones); closer I got, the more I knew it was not a buzzard; It was an American Bald Eagle!!!! I was so thrilled. Have never seen one out of a cage in my life!!!! It was so cool..... Even the field workers were watching it playing in the thermals! (Musselman Road is in the southwest corner of Clark county just south of New Carlisle, Ohio).
Margaret Bickenheuser
I was driving north on Sunbury Rd just south of Morse Rd in Columbus , Ohio and noticed there was a flock of birds just ahead flying around. Most of them were geese and gulls, but one stood out, it was dark but had a white tail. It turned and landed in a tall tree beside the road and that's when I saw it's white head and realized it was a bald eagle! I'd heard of people seeing them around Hoover reservoir, but I'd never seen one before. Quite a sight, to say the least! 1-10-14.
Gregory Shabdue
My wife sighted and photographed a juvenile bald eagle(we think) in a tree at our home on Lake Erie in Lake County Ohio near Painesville. The date was 29 Dec 2013 around 10AM. We are off Lake Road near Bacon Road in Painesville Township. The eagle had a wing tag.
Chris Paquette and Bonnie Morris
Report wing tags here:
The past 2 weeks I have been thrilled to have encountered 3 bald eagles in the Loudonville/Perrysville Mohican Park area. The first siting was a adult w/ a juvenile bald eagle together eatting from a deer carcass. Today several miles from the last siting but possibly the same adult soaring down the road in front of me headed for the river, did not see the juvie. This past spring we had 2 nesting pairs that I knew of in this area, they showed themselves off and on. 2 yrs ago an adult was trying to pick up a road kill rabbit in front of me on rt 39. I slowed the car way down to see the spectacle, also, so the huge bird could get its meal but it lost its hold and rabbit hit the pavement right in front of my car! That was my very first "in the wild" siting, awsome.
Connie Workman
I was driving on Sylvania Ave. near Southveiw High School at around 4:30 p.m.on December 18th 2013 and I saw a bald Eagle flying rather low over the road.It then flew south over a church so I drove to the parking lot behind a church and watched it land in the trees south of the church parking.
John Rice
At around 12:30 this afternoon (12/15) I saw a Bald Eagle flying near a flock of seagulls just above an inlet of the Scioto River less than 2 miles from downtown Columbus. So, strange to see one so close to the city. We've seen an increase in Bald Eagles in central Ohio over the last couple of years.
Chris Rinehart
A few minutes before 4PM today a Bald Eagle flew over the lake behind our house in Stow, Ohio. It flew around the lake from just over the water to about 50 feet high, possibly looking for something to eat. We were stunned and it took me a few minutes to pull myself away from the window to get my camera. The eagle settled in a tree on the opposite side of the lake for about 10 minutes before flying off to the west. Our lake is located east of Rte. 91 and just south of Norton Road. I hope he comes back again.
Lynn Villa
Blanchester, OH
Today I was fortunate enough to see my first wild bald eagle. It was a magical sight! As I crossed over Todd's Fork, I looked down hoping to spot some deer crossing a popular shallow spot and I had to stop and look again. It was on the rocks and then flew up into a tree. It would be awesome to see them become as common as the red tails. It truly made my day!
Lucas Rayburn
My name is Deputy Burris with the Portage County Sheriffs Office. Earlier this morning around 8:45 AM I arrived at Nelson Ledges Estates in Garrettsville, OH for a call. As I was pulling in the park I noticed a rather large bird in the trees. As I got a closer look I noticed it was a Bald Eagle. I went to my call and as soon as I cleared I went back to the tree and to my surprise, he was still there. I was fortunate to snap a quick picture before he flew off towards the northeast. I have lived in Ohio my whole life and I've never seen one out in the wild. It was an awesome experience.
Robert Burris
Today 11/18/2013 my wife and I saw a Bald Eagle fly over our residence in Delaware, Ohio flying from NE to SW as if it was headed to Dublin, Ohio. We have lived in Delaware, County for 38 years and this is the first sighting that we have had from our property.
Bob and Karla Lortz
I happened to see a single bald eagle in flight over my yard today 11/8/13, around 10 a.m. It circled 4 or 5 times right over my yard, probably about 150 feet above the ground, then took off due south. It was definitely mature, although not sure if male or female. Wingspan was enormous in comparison to head.
Ken Arbre Dr Cincinnati OH 45236
We have lived in this area for 30+ years. First time I've seen one around here.
Tom Vangeloff
Nov 5, 2013
I thought this was a once in a life time. 2 days ago we spotted a Bald Eagle perched in a tree along I-675 and Yankee Road in Dayton, Ohio. The bird stayed there for quite a while. I looked for him/her on the way home hoping to get another look at something I thought I would never see outside of captivity. He/she appeared again today.
Kathye Lanning
I am in Centerville Ohio at McEwen and Congress Park. There is a wooded area with a small lake, the eagle has been flying out there all day and perching high in the trees. I do not see a nest, but there could be one. It is so close to the street, I could see it very easily but it was hard to take a picture.
Sarah Woodford
Spotted bald eagle twice in the same tree in Glenwillow just off the road of Pettibone(south side if street) and Austin Power. Sighted on Nov 1st and Nov 3rd 2013. Same tree. Then we went for a walk and there were two of them, they have been flying overhead of the parks. It's pretty amazing.
Danette Bequeaith
I saw a Bald Eagle today 10/27/13 on Fenn Rd just east of Rt 42 in Medina County. It was amazing.
Mary Kerschner
I was with my daughter today and we were traveling East on Back Orrville Road on our way home. Right before the intersection of Back Orrville Road and Millborne Road we saw one Bald Eagle fly across the road and swoop back and forth. We know for sure it was a Bald Eagle. White tail, white head. We turned around to go back to get a picture, but could not find it again.
Kristin S. Lorson
On October 22, 2013 two Bald Eagles were spotted in a field off of Township Rd. 1706 in Ashland County off State Route 603 scavaging on a dead ground hog. Then on October 24, 2013 at 11:15 am 4 bald eagles were spotted at the same location. Two of the eagles seemed to be fighting while in flight, while two other eagles were circling above.
Joseph Holson
October 21, 2013: For the better part of the past two weeks, I have observed a pair of bald eagles in Hudson, Ohio sitting in a tree near a large pond on the west side of town. The pond is on the north side of Ohio Rt. 303, just east of Ohio Rt. 8 and Hudson's Community Chapel.
Mike Zeleznik
On October 20, 2013 about 6:00 PM, my husband and I saw a bald eagle on State Route 148 South of Barnesville. He was sitting in the road eating on an opossum road kill. Shortly after we passed by my brother and his wife came along and the eagle was still there. He was so big and beautiful. This is the first time we ever saw one and he was only a few feet away and appeared to be unafraid.
Larry and Wilma West
Jerusalem, Ohio 43747
Bald eagle spotted perched in a tree just south of Carey, Ohio on Rt. 23 south of where Rt. 15 ends.
Lindsey Fawcett
On Oct 18, 2013 I saw 2 bald eagles while driving west on the Ohio Turnpike near the Portage River (approx mile marker 90) at about 11a.m. I have had numerous sightings in this area along the Ohio Turnpike.
Mary Borovicka
Strongsville, OH
I live along the upper Cuyahoga River in Mantua Ohio. This morning, from my kitchen I watched a bald eagle perched on a log near the bank of the river. Several times it waded into the shallows of the river. Twice it caught a small fish and flew to perch on a nearby tree to consume its prey. I was approximately 100 feet from where the bird was feeding and with a pair of binoculars could clearly make out the white feathers on its head and neck, its golden beak and some of the details of the feathers on its body. It was a very beautiful and fierce looking bird.
William Rector
My husband and I, and three other people, observed two bald eagles at Horseshoe Lake in Shaker Heights Ohio on 10/13/2013. I have seen the one for the past two weeks almost every day, but today was the first time I saw two; I believe one was female and one was male (one smaller than the other).
Caydie Heller
We saw a bald eagle on the Lower Shaker Lake in Cleveland Hts. OH this afternoon. it was perched high in a tree overlooking the lake. This was the third time we've seen it this week.
John Blackwell
2/27/13 - Euclid, Ohio, East Suburb of Cleveland – East Branch of the Euclid Creek. We have a pair of Bald Eagles that have been perching in our back yard almost daily for about the past 2 months. Very Cool! The trees they perch in over-look about a 100 Ft. deep ravine that the Euclid Creek flows thru. Amazing how alert they are. I have tried to sneak out of the house to take pictures, but every time I come around the corner of the house they see me and take off. The distance from where they perch to the house is about 200'. Beautiful huge birds.
Carl Bork
We have seen a bald eagle twice this week. Once on Thursday Feb 7, 2013 on Sugar Ridge Road, Bowling Green Ohio just west of I-75. Sighting again on Carter Rd, bowling green ohio on Sunday Feb 10 between Devils Hole Road and Sugar Ridge Roads.
Sharon Brinker
Date: 2/8/13
City/State/County: Pataskala, OH Licking County
Location: Beach Rd. SW/Township Hwy 88
Time: 9:25am
I have lived in Ohio my whole life and have finial seen my first Bald Eagle sighing on my way to work. I was heading down Beach Rd. SW. or Township Hwy 88 just north of Morse Rd. in Licking County and saw one standing out in a farm field.
Joshua Krumm
I believe I saw 3 bald eagles over the cows on the south side of West Case rd in Columbus, OH this morning at about 11:20. They were perched high in a large tree over a cow's feed yard.
Heather Rawlins
Dublin, OH
Monday 28th January 2013 on Ohio Route 7 near Shadyside, OH, perched in a tree between the highway and the Ohio River...majestic!
Vivian Comer
Richland county, approx 1.5 miles north of Mansfield Ohio on Bowman St.Sunday Jan 20th about 2:00 pm in the afternoon, the wife and I were fortunate enough to see a bald eagle, setting on a road kill deer carcass, not 50 ft from the road! What a sight!
Jim Branch
While out jogging today at approximately 11:25 a.m. local time, I observed what appeared to be a bald eagle flying east to west/southwest over Munroe Falls, Ohio. The eagle was coming from the direction of the Munroe Falls Lake. The eagle flew over the meadow of the Metro Parks just east of State Route 91 heading due west, then turned somewhat towards the south heading over Tallmadge, Ohio. A red-tailed hawk was screeching in the area which is what attracted me to look upwards to see the eagle. The eagle had a bright, white head, very dark body and wings, and white along the tail region. The eagle could have been flying back to a location in the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest which is several miles away.
William E. Dillow
My husband and I were traveling Route 144 in Athens County when we saw an adult bald eagle flying close to ground and then swope up and land in the top of a tree. Was beautiful!
Mary Daily
Ross Township, Butler County, Ohio
January 11, 2013; 12:00 pm
State Route 126 half way between Ross and Shandon
My son's first and mine this far south!! Flew right over us and our house heading East.
Lara Verbecken
I saw a pair of eagles by Route 252 and Sprague Rd in Columbia Station 1-2-13
Mike Lubinski
Today we saw and photographed 4 bald eagles in a tree overlooking Lake Erie in Marblehead, Ohio. There may have been1 more since a large bird flew by the Tree as we neared it. Last year we saw no eagles. What a way to start the year.
AmySue Taylor
On New Year's Day, I spotted a Bald Eagle at the Jackson Bog in Stark County, Ohio. It was on the NW corner of the bog. He/she flew over the ducks on the open water in the bog. After spotting a large bird flying low and slow towards open water, all 150 of the ducks, primarily mallards, flew off. It dawned on me that it was likely an eagle, but I wasn't sure. Minutes later, I told a friend at the house what I had seen and as we were looking out over the bog from their living room window, the eagle flew across the house about 100 feet in front of us. It was extremely exciting!!! Then he/she flew to a nearby evergreen and landed on the top. It stayed long enough for us to get a decent camera and to get outdoors. The photos from the cell phone are blurry, albeit it's obviously an eagle!
Patty Pilz
On New Years Eve 2012 around mid day flying over Crystal Lake Rd in Bath, Ohio headed NW.
Cathy Clark
On Sunday, Dec 30th 2012, I saw an Bald Eagle about 20 yrds off the side of Erie Rd just north of Butterbridge Rd, between Massillon and Canal Fulton. It was eating something in the plowed corn field. We pulled over and watched for a couple minutes before it flew off. Magnificent!
Jim Marchione
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: December 26, 2012
While on a winter kayak paddle on the Olentangy River in Columbus on December 26, 2012, a bald eagle approached me, southbound, following the river, and then turned west, directly above my kayak. I was located just south of Henderson Road on the river at the time. Beautiful clear sighting on an equally beautiful wintery day.
Douglas Sershen
Sighted over Seven Mile Creek, near Collinsville, Butler County, Ohio on Christmas Day around 11:00am.
While talking to a cousin on the phone (Outer Banks, Carolinas), I saw a bird as large as a Turkey vulture. I thought it was a Red Tail but it had a huge white tail and almost brilliant white head. Its very large brown legs and talons were extended and it had prey down at the creek on its mind. Our house overlooks a wooded area and the creek. Our property runs about 1300 feet down both sides of the creek. The bird perched in a tree on the north side of the creek and was very visible due to the white head. There wasn't any snow until the day after Christmas or I wouldn't have been able to spot him.
While I hung up on my cousin and got my husband's attention and looked for my binoculars, he swooped on his prey and spent several minutes down at the creek then flew down the creek path toward Ohio state route 127. I could follow the white tail until he was totally out of sight in the trees at the bend in the creek.
What a THRILL!!
Kathryn Rady
Spectacular bald eagle flew over my vehicle as we traveled west on route 270 about 10 miles outside of Canal Winchester, OH, Franklin County (a suburb of Columbus) I saw a body of water to my right and my husband said it was the Scioto River.
What a treat! I am a bird lover and this was my first Bald Eagle. I found your site through google and I see many others have seen them in the area.
Date of sighting: Dec. 25, 2012 around 3:30PM.
Maggie Whalen Cybulski
This morning, I looked out the window at work and saw a bald eagle soaring above the courtyard. I was in Willoughby, Ohio near Lost Nation Airport.
Cheryl Langdon
Sunday, 12-16-2012 - I saw a bald eagle while driving down Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus, OH. It was flying from the Scioto River through Berliner Park, around 12:30 pm. 3 minutes from downtown. Wow!
Carol Kanode
12/16/12 my mother in law spotted an adult bald eagle in Marietta OH on Fern Cliff Rd on the Muskingham River. It's perched on a high tree branch overlooking the river.
Josh Reich
My son and I were in Vally City, Ohio around the intersection of 252 and Grafton Rd. in a tall tree was a very large beautiful majestic Bald Eagle!
Anna Austin
I saw a bald eagle on Lorrain Road (at Wooster Rd.) in Fairview Park, Ohio yesterday 12/12/12. It was perched toward the top of a very tall tree. It took flight and swooped down toward the road and then flew back. It ended up flying down into the Rocky River Preserve a second later. Talk about a HUGE and beautiful bird!
R Kruk
I saw a Bald Eagle perched in a tree near the Ohio River in Kilbuck (Allegheny County). I am not a bird watcher but it was so big as it swooped over the Ohio River Blvd, I couldn't help but notice it.
Mary Knafelc
12-5-12 Just south of Utica, Ohio on SR 13 at the entrance to a stone quarry. Spotted bald eagle in a tree right along drive waiting to grab a dead rabbit on the road.
Mike Oris
Today we saw a large bald eagle eating its prey in the field just south of my office in Beachwood, OH. The field belongs to a water pump station for the City of Cleveland, and is adjacent to the Chagrin Highlands, and across Green Road from the Highland Golf Course. The bird was about 150 yards away.
Brian J. Halliday
I saw two bald eagles out in the field behind my house on December 1st, 2012. They were feeding off a deer carcass laying in a corn field just outside of Lancaster, Ohio.
Daniel Spurling
Have seen three in southern Ohio in the past two weeks
Deborah Howell
We saw our first sight of a young male bald eagle, Nov 23, 2012. He's been in the field across from our home near Kingston and Adelphi Ohio,for 3 days straight. Nov 25th we saw him eatting, tried to fly with it. To large.
Carla Davis
Thanksgiving Day with my husband and daughter we saw a beautiful bald eagle flying over the court house in Troy Ohio - Miami County. At 12:30 It took off from the river and was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! What a thing to be thankful for!
The Hoke Family Ryan, Ashley, and Harper!
Nov 21, 2012. I am in awe. I saw my first Bald Eagle, in my own backyard. I live overlooking Wallace Lake in Berea Ohio. The lake is part of the Metro Park System. Weather permitting, I sit out every evening and watch the ducks, geese etc. I just could not believe it when this huge bird landed on a branch in a tree by the lake – right in front of me. No mistaking the white head. . . and the size. When it took off it was just magnificent.
Victoria Moore
I saw my first bald eagle in the wild today! It was flying across a grouping of trees by Route 3 and Foote Rd in Medina, Ohio. It was a male, I believe, as it was smaller and looked just like the photo on this site. It is a beautiful bird!
Ken Gerowitz
11/5/12 LaFayette, Ohio. Eastern Allen County. Headed eastbound on State Route 81 there is a wooded area on both sides of the road. A large black bird with a completely white head and neck flew over my car as I was driving. I wonder if anyone else has seen them in the area?
Ashley Lehman
I have become an avid Eagle-watcher over the last couple years. I thought I had seen one a couple years ago perched high in a tree on the banks of the Scioto River right outside Circleville, Ohio, where I live, but wasn't sure. Early last spring I was driving down Williamsport Pike and noticed a large bird perched in a dead tree beside an abandoned farmhouse. I came to a dead halt and had to back up and re-examine this when I realized, after traveling another 50yrds or so, that no hawk, buzzards, or other large birds I usually see, have white heads and white belly. I was shocked to see it was an adult Bald Eagle. He and I regarded each other, from only a distance of about 30yds!, for about 5min before he decided I'd seen enough and he flew off. I was AMAZED and in AWE! This was on Williamsport Pike between Circleville and Chillicothe, Ohio, about a mile west of Rt 104. I drove through this same area several times over the next couple months and saw him, or her, again soaring way overhead while driving down Pennyroyal Rd. Since nesting season has ended, I am certain I have seen an immature adult eagle perched several times along Rt 22 between Circleville and New Holland, Ohio. I have only seen him in the early morning hours and it's been a couple weeks since the last time. I am overjoyed to see they are once again populating this part of our state and it brings me so much joy everytime I am fortunate enough to see one!!
Cinda Burks
Circleville, Ohio
My sister and I were driving on SR 113 near Oxford, Ohio on 10/26/2012. We spotted a pair of eagles flying overhead and were able to pull off on Huber Road to stop and get a better look. They circled around and checked us out when we got out of the car. The pair also had a youngster, not quite as large as Mom and Dad, and still sporting the dark brown feathers. Sis and I are going to go back with cameras and see if we can spot them again.
Michele Plumley
Spotted in Athens Ohio along the Hocking River and US Route 50
Chance Collins
My friend and I saw a bald eagle in Warren county Ohio on Wednesday Oct 3 on the Little Miami bike trail. It was near the Stubbs Mill Rd. crossing.
Susan Place
My son (Greg Richard) sighted a Bald Eagle in Columbia Station, Ohio earlier today in the middle of the intersection eating some type of road kill. Upon taking off it had a sizable chuck of kill in its claws. Actual location was very close & near the intersection of Redfern Road & Ohio State Route #252. How Cool is That!!!
Grant Richard
Bald Eagles were observed on 9-19-2012 in Elyria,Oh on the Black River. We live on the east branch of the Black River and have seen them previously.
Jay & Deb Blazek
Dover, Ohio – February 20, 2012 – 07:45, Spotted an Eagle with nesting materials flying north on the west side of Route 77 at SugarCreek exit.
David Shiner
      A few hours ago, approximately 1630 hrs, walking to Giant Eagle supermarket(yeah I know, no pun intended !), in Berea OH I saw a large bird flying. At first I thought an Egret, that I've often seen on the bridge overlooking the convergence of Coe Lake overflow and the Rocky River flowing under the bridge on Bridge St., noticed immediately wide broad wings, flapping quite often and thermal soaring with horizontal long broad wings, sans dihedral rocking(ala Catharthes Aura). At 800-1000 ft above me I could clearly see, against dark clouds, white head and tail feathers. As I observed for 6-7 mins I ascertained Bald Eagle. I attended Hocking College from '90-'93, earning two AssocDegrees, with Ranger Services primary, Ornithology, , Birds of Prey, field work etc.. Could'nt get a job 'cuz I was Tooooo old at 50.      If'n there's any irony, I was drafted in '66 and subsequently survived TWO FULL TOURS, Infantry in VietNam with the 101st Airborne Division, "Screaming Eagles".(We oft said amongst ourselves "KerrHee"[the call of the Bald Eagle])      AWESOME sighting today, third I've experienced in my 66 years! I was also wearing my 101st Airborne cap that I EARNED, in Ft. Benning GA, as I usually do.(If you don't know about it, look it up!?)
Cozmos OM Lyght, nee J.Robert Thompson, CPT INF. 2Purple Hearts, SILVER STAR, 5 Bronze Stars, 4 with "V" Device for Valor.
I spotted my first bald eagle around 4:30pm on 2/6/12. I was on Rt. 90 east near the 306 exit in Mentor, OH. The eagle was standing on the ground in the median strip. It may have been eating something.
Donna Kennedy
I just saw a very large male fly over our condo building on Lake Erie in Fairport Harbor, Lake County Ohio. It circled a few times and then seemed to land somewhere here in town.
Nancy Hill, Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
I was excited to see a lone bald eagle soaring over the intersection of Hardin road and St. Rt. 66 in Miami county near Piqua, Ohio. This was the first up close sighting I have experienced. It was beautiful.
Angela Werling
My husband and I were very fortunate to see a pair of bald eagles in flight over Peterson Rd. in Miami Co., Ohio near the Farrington Reserve this past Saturday, Jan. 28th. My target photo was the Farrington Falls and upon taking pictures of the falls the eagles appeared over head and I was able to capture them with my camera as well! Such a beautiful site!
Jodi Ray-Patton
Springfield, Ohio
I saw a lone bald eagle on the western bank of the Ohio River at Marietta Ohio. It was in a about 15 feet from the riverbank approximately 0.25 miles from the intersection of OH SR 550 and OH SR 7. 1/25/12 @ approx 1730.
Tammy Morrow
Bald eagle sighted January 22nd, 2012. In Miami County on Route 571 just West of Route 202. Saw it standing next to the river when we crossed over the bridge on 571.
Polly Moore
Zanesfield, Ohio 1-16-2012 12:45PM
As we were leaving the parking lot of Mad River Mountain Ski Resort, we spotted a bald eagle flying at treetop level above the Mad River. The eagle was circling over the pond used for feeding the snow machines and flew north along the river until flying out of site somewhere near SR 33. This was a fantastic sighting for us. We had just begun reading about sighting is Ohio last night on this web site.
Dean and Robin Edwards
Geauga County, Ohio - 1-15-12 - Today, I saw a single bald eagle sitting at the top of a tall tree near the intersection of State Route 44 and Burton Heights Boulevard. I am not sure if this is in Newbury Township or Burton Township, but it's not far from Burton Wetlands, Lake Punderson, and LaDue Reservoir. At first I thought it was a turkey, but when I got close enough I could clearly see that it was a mature bald eagle, with the unmistakable white head. Unfortunately I was not able to stop and take a photo. It was beautiful and I was thrilled to see it.
Linda McConnell
My son, Jaiden Kai, and I were on our way home from my mothers house in Hamden, Ohio. We were travelling out Lake Alma Road heading toward Wellston,Ohio. He spotted the eagle on the right hand side of the road right before the water treatment plant. I stopped the car and got out to take a picture when she swooped out of the tree and circled back toward Tordons Tree Farm. Pretty sure it was a female from what we could gather. AWESOME!!!
Angye Blanton
Saw a large, fully mature Bald Eagle over the Honda Wetlands Restoration project off St Rt. 739, near Raymond, Ohio. I thought I saw a pair 2 weeks ago but I was able to confirm this one on 1/8/12. The eagle flew directly over me at a height of 30 yards before it landed in row trees off an access road. It sat for a few minuted giving me a fantastic view about 50 yards away. It took off and sail towards Rt 33 and Honda Parkway. I never tire of seeing these wonderful birds.
Eric Koenig
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