Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Jeff Bough wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle soaring above our office downtown at 400 West Rich in Columbus, Ohio! Had no idea they flew around this area!

Richard Drouhard wrote the following: Although we have been had occasional sightings of eagles for several years near our home outside of Lucas Ohio, the sightings have become daily occurrences. We now have five eagles which regularly visit us, there are two adults and three younger ones. Of the younger birds, one is tagged. I can't say for sure but it appears to be number N-3.

Kenn Campbell wrote the following: 11/9/15 2:45 pm-Sighted a bald eagle on the edge of state rte 235, about one mile north of De Graff, Logan Co, OH. It took flight toward the east as I approached. Stunning!

James Moorhouse wrote the following: Saw a bald eagle flying low and leisurely along Binder road in Union Township Clermont County Ohio heading toward Owensville.

Melissa Schwartz wrote the following: Just saw a bald eagle in a tree watching over a field at mile 26 on Ohio Turnpike. Gorgeous bird!

John Buras wrote the following: Spotted a beautiful bald eagle near rt 5 and rt 82 on Saturday morning around 10:30am 11/7/2015 perched in a tree overlooking a pond. Took a few pics from the truck. Beautiful bird!!!

Jim Gerken wrote the following: 11/6/2015 10:00AM A mature bald eagle was feeding in a cut bean field at the corner of SR 61 and Olive Road in southern Huron County Ohio. I observed it from Olive Road for about 15 minutes until it took flight.

Just took pics of bald eagle at cosgrove and fishel dr in dublin ohio awesome!
Jeanna Zalipski

Bill Shea wrote the following: Barberton, Ohio: Sighted two bald eagles Nov. 3 around 1PM flying together towards lake Dorothy Norton Ohio. We are on a fly zone from Nimisila lake to lakes westward.

Dick Drouhard wrote the following: I live in central Ohio. I believe I spotted K-3 (Thunderbird?) Saturday morning. It was crazy, I had seen two buzzards sitting in my recently harvested bean field, not fifty yards from my house. Also present was three crows and I could see that they were giving someone hell. upon closer examination I saw what the fuss was about, there in the middle of the other birds was a good sized hawk eating a very young groundhog (wasn't a baby but not full grown). The crows were raising hell but were keeping their distance, the buzzards were just hanging close by. I watched for about ten minutes. Suddenly the buzzards took off and very soon after so did the crows. Next thing I knew a beautiful fully mature eagle passed over very low, maybe 4 to 5 ft off the ground then raised and came back in, of course the hawk skedaddled in short order as the eagle came back in and landed, how majestic was this sight, absolutely beautiful! I don't have a decent camera but got some pretty decent pictures with my cell phone. I watched this bird eat for a good half and hour when he started screeching and within a few minutes two young eagles came in and ate some of the kill, the adult perched in a near by tree while they tore at and ate the carcass. One of the young birds had a tag attached I believe it was K3 but not certain. All together they were here for about three hours. We have had a lot of sighting here over the last few years but nothing like this. They do perch in the trees near and around my house often.

Richard Burd II wrote the following: 10-28-15 Driving east from Findlay, OH. on St. 224 and CR 7 south of Hopewell Loudon School saw a young Eagle flying west.

thomas zubek wrote the following: Saw a adult bald eagle on 10/30/15 at 8:30 a.m. on windsor-mechanicsville rd. at callender rd. ashtabula county, ohio. It was sitting in an open field on a tree stump.

Dee Braun wrote the following: 10/22/15 @ 8:15am, Wyandot/Hancock County Line, St Rt 30 & 37 Interchange: While driving West on 30, I saw two eagles land near a little pond on the SE corner of the 37 ramp. One had a white head and the other was brown (just learned that it was a juvenile!). Last fall, I saw one in a cleared cornfield on St Rt 67, SW of that Silver Creek Dairy, just south of Marseilles.

Barbara Ford wrote the following: I spotted an eagle sitting in a field on Richfield Center Road just south of Brint Road near Sylvania, Ohio today. October19, 2015.

Kevin Palm wrote the following: Spotted a bald eagle at Putnam Hill Park in Zanesville, Ohio. We were at a scenic overlook, and it flew westward about 20 feet away from us.

Jody Worrell wrote the following: 3 Bald Eagles on Oct 10th 2015 field south of Bresler Reservoir south of railroad tracks. Located in Allen County ,Oh 45806 area

Derrick Boling wrote the following: 10/11 I saw a bald eagle with about a 3 foot wingspan take off from alongside the road in Champaign county on Calland Rd. near Springhills. I had no idea that there were bald eagles in Ohio so it was a pleasant experience to see one.

Mike Roop wrote the following: Saw an adult bald eagle on Mendon Road in Van Wert county in Ohio 9/27/2015 at 10:30am. It was down on the road at a road killed racoon. Our approach made it take to the air. We stopped thinking it might come back for a picture but it continued to circle and move north. This was my first sighting in Van Wert county.

M Smith wrote the following: Two bald eagles west of Ashland, OH spotted on 9/22/15. They were circling and looking for a meal and spent 15-30 minutes in the area flying over open fields, ponds and tree tops. We have lived here three years and this is our first siting.

Dinah and Jerry Worley wrote the following: A bald eagle flying North, West of our place outside of Lewisburg, Ohio, at about 8 am. Beautiful and majestic with its white head and easy flying style. Hope to see it again here in southwest Ohio.

Meg Fite wrote the following: Clermont County, Ohio. Just saw a bald eagle fly across the field right in front of my front yard as my daughter and I stood amazed! We have seen them in upper Ohio, western NY and Florida but never here. So excited. What a great addition to put down in our bird log.

I saw a Bald Eagle, for the first time in my life, in my backyard in Canal Fulton, Ohio on 8/21/15. It was beautiful! It was so low I could see everything about it (about as low as my roof). It soared over the pond and took off. Just amazing! I included two pictures I was able to get of it.
Nickole Cottrill

Newark, ohio
Canoeing along the Licking River we saw two bald eagles! They were in the area between Staddens Bridge Road and Brownsville Road on 8/23/2015 around 3:00pm. I'm not sure if they were a couple as we spotted them several minutes apart.
Kathleen and Joel Spahr

Sighting a pair of Bald Eagles, SE Columbus OH area 8/21/15 @10:00 a.m.
Susan Norton

Celina, Ohio on Grand Lake. The past two days as I sat on my deck in the mornings I had a young bald eagle pass right by, flying low but along the water edge. White tail, white head and yellow beck... Then again this morning a larger eagle was sitting on the rocks next to the lake eating something then spread his wings and flew low across the lake headed south.
Awesome feeling to see one in the wild, I have only seen in the zoo before this week....
Shelia Schmitt

I live on Paint Creek State Park so I've observed bald eagles here and close by in Ross county. Yesterday, I was driving through Fort Ancient, Ohio (very close to Clarksville) and observed a bald eagle in the woods. I had never spotted one there; what a thrill!
Vanessa Schoettle-Cain

I spotted one bald eagle in Jackson Township (Canton, Oh area) this morning. Was flying low at about treetop level. Seen them before around Lake Erie but not this far south.
Brad Spencer

Saturday January 31at 3:30pm in a corn field on the corner of Ideal Rd and Vocational road in Byesville Oh 43723 I spotted and took pictures of a bald eagle in flight.
Leslie Robinson

Spotted eagle on centennial rd in sylvania ohio in tree above road below was a canada goose carcass
Dennis Krohn

Today I was driving south on 23 from Wyandot County ( only 2-3 miles after a work visit to Wyandot Community Hospital) and a bald eagle soared over the highway from a nearby tree!!!
Amy Baden

I travel along the Muskingum River on SR 60 from Beverly to Zanesville to work each day. I see 4 bald eagles on average each morning. There are often times 4 eagles around the Rokeby lock area on the river. Eagles can be seen perched or flying over the river. Another area that eagles are common is between the Beverly dam and the Muskingum River Power Plant. When the river is iced over the Muskingum River power plant is a great spot to see eagles.
J. Schott

Dye Mill Rd. Troy Ohio January 24,2015
Julie Puckett

Marietta, Ohio
    On 1/24/2015 @ 8:15 am I had just turned off st. Rt 550 on to st. Rt. 7 south and I spotted 2 Bald Eagles flying towards the Ohio river. I hope to see them again.
Don Flanagan

I saw an eagle on Jan 24, 2015 at the Fairfield/Licking Co line. along a cornfield at the corner of Blacklick Rd. and Basil Rd/York Rd. I turned left from Basil Rd NW onto Blacklick Rd and started to head west when something caught my eye to the right. I was blown away to see it was a Bald Eagle flying parallel with me. It was beautiful!! Just like the eagle picture I have above my fireplace with the bible verse Isaiah 40:31. This was my first siting. It landed in a tree top on the edge of the field. I pulled over to watch it and to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. He perched in the tree for a few moments before taking off and flying around the field a couple of times then heading northwest out of site.
Renee Johnson

I saw a bald eagle in Delaware County, Ohio, 3 miles north of Sunbury. Flew off from farm field with prey.
Walt Sandefur

Allen County, OH. I live east of Lima, OH at the edge of a small housing development, with a woods directly behind my house. Over the past 2 weeks I have seen a bald eagle fly over the woods on 2 occasions. Then on January 17, 2015, a bald eagle was perched high in a tree, on a limb that hung out over my lawn. I watched it from my back window with binoculars. When I drove away about an hour later, the eagle stayed. On January 18, 2015 I saw an immature bald eagle perched in another tree about 50 yards from where the eagle perched the day before. It flew away shortly after I spotted it, and about 5 minutes later the mature bald eagle was back sitting on the same branch where it had perched the day before. I had more time to watch it that afternoon. Mostly it sat still other than for turning its head. But it did preen itself briefly, stretched out its left wing, then lowered its wing and vibrated its body as though to get all the feathers readjusted. Later, it leaned its head down, raised its tail, then pooped! Watching it was fascinating. Early the next afternoon January 19, the eagle was back, and this time stayed for several hours. At one time it turned completely around, and faced the opposite direction, but I didn't observe other activity. Today (January 20), I have not seen the eagle at all. But for 3 days it was quite thrilling.
Lois Benham

Chagrin Falls, OH
Saw a bald eagle on my way to work today. Awesome sight!
Axel Rodriguez

My wife Audrey and I seen a bald eagle two different times on the Miami river.One sitting was in Miamisburg Ohio and another was In Franklin Ohio.
Ron Boyer

I just saw an eagle about 3 miles east of Degraph Ohio
James Moss

My husband has seen a bald eagle twice this week around our home in Van Wert, OH. (35 miles south-east of Ft W, IN. We live in the city limits, but on the edge of town.) He came in the morning of 1/8/15 from taking out our dog and was excited about having seen the eagle flying close by. (Ok, I half wondered if maybe my husband was imagining things! lol But I have heard of sighting near lakes in IN, not that far from here, so thought it might not be impossible). Then the next afternoon, 1/9/15, my husband and the man picking up our recycles saw it again.
Lee Ann Mieke

Sighting January 9, 2014 in a field in Akron Ohio, landed on turkey carcass I threw out for the crows. About 50 feet from my window away, so majestic, lived in ohio all my life and I am truly blessed to have seen him... I call him Fitz!
Lynn Marie

I had a bald eagle sighting at my house on Friday afternoon.
I had no idea eagles were so close by, the only next I was aware of is at Eastwood lake, and REALLY hard to see!
Note: at first I thought I had a pair of juveniles but later I figured out I had a juvenile and an adult right out behind the house, and the second adult farther down river in a big sycamore tree. It was breathtaking to see them fly in , settle on a big poplar branch outside the dining room window, and stay for most of the afternoon :)
Carrie Craig

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