Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Laurel Hollow, NY August 25, 2015 – An adult bald eagle flew into our backyard and landed in an oak tree. It perched there for a few minutes and then flew off towards Franklin/St. John’s pond.
Melissa Marano

I saw an adult bald eagle over Jamaica Bay NY on August, 17th- May be of interest for you; Greetings from East-Germany
Ralf Wendt

Feb 14 2015 11:30 am large Bald Eagle flying over Staffords Bridge Saratoga Lake.
Mike Perchar

Immature bald eagle sited Monday February 9, 2015 Oyster bay harbor in Bayville Long Island NY, feasting on captured seagull on frozen water for an hour and fighting off two hungry crows at the same time.
Peter Fullam

New York, NY
February 9, 2015 around 12 noon - duration of observation ~ 40 minutes:
Two bald eagles sitting on ice floes on the Hudson River just north of the George Washington Bridge; 1 adult (dark body/white head) and one juvenile with brown plumage. The juvenile eventually departed and flew towards the New Jersey (Fort Lee) Palisades.
Kirsten Knaup

In Pine Plains NY 12567 at Twin Island pond there have been for 3 days 4 bold Eagles and 5 golden eagles together on a pair of trees. They seem to be eating some kind of carrion in/on the ice.
Clyde Krein

Artist lake
Middle island, ny
Kendra Beavis

Two Bald Eagles in tree right above Hudson in Nyack on Laveta Place. Been sitting there for over an hour.
Dennis Boutsikaris

Copake NY. Have a bald eagle in the trees across the street from the house for the past 3 days, Jan 30-Feb 1, 2014.
William Bell

Sighted single bald eagle several days 01/29-2/1/15 at a small private lake in Georgetown, KY.
Melissa Thenp

Spotted this juvenile Bald Eagle in Bridgehampton NY 1/25/15
Bob Allingham

1/19/15: Spotted an adult bald eagle in a tree overlooking the Hudson River near Green Island, NY. I was traveling North on I-87 around 10:30am. Later that same day I spotted two adult bald eagles sitting next to one another in the same tree as I was traveling South on I-87 around 1:30pm.
James Holland

January 10th 2015, I saw a bald eagle flying over Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, New York. This is my second sighting in this area. I saw one in the same location, in a tree, in January of 2013.
Libby Courtemanche

While driving this morning on Liberty Drive just off River Road,Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County 1/10/15, I viewed an adult bald eagle feeding on a deer carcass road side. I managed to take several pics of this majestic bird with my iPhone. Awesome to say the least.
Les MacKenzie.

Saw bald eagle flying over Galway, NY, Route 147 on 1/10/15. Also saw them in August 2014 and again November 2014 in Galway, NY over a swamp on Route 147.
Dave Lisicki

Today the 26th of December of 2014 around 12 PM I was walking my dog on N. Allen Street in Albany, NY and saw a huge and beautiful Bald Eagle. It was flying southwest and it appeared to be healthy and strong. The skies were blue and there were no other birds visible in the area. It was flying not too high which gave me a clear view of its white head and dark body. I was amazed to see it...I've seen huge turkey hawks in the area but nothing the size of this bird.
David Ortiz
Albany, NY.

12/12/14, 8:45 a.m. - along Route 214 and Stony Clove Creek in Phoenicia, NY.
Rob Kunstadt

Just saw (Sunday, 11/23/14 at approx 1:30 to 1:40 pm) a bald eagle circling above my house in new Rochelle, ny. I had time to get my binoculars and both me and my wife were able to see it clearly. It first appeared in the east and moved across the sky doing many circles until it went out of view in the west.
Roger Rosengren

On Wednesday Nov. 19th at around 1:30 p.m., I saw a bald eagle flying —looked like with a fish in its mouth—just above the upper Niagara River, at the outskirts of Niagara Falls. I was driving on Highway 190N, which goes through the town of Niagara Falls and above the river, heading out of snowy Buffalo into less snowy Canada.
Miriam Shuchman

10.30am on November 16th 2014 - unmistakable Bald Eagle sighting in large waterfront Oak tree in garden just to the north of Morgan Park, Glen Cove, Long Island NY. Bird flew off to the north following coast line.
Previous sighting was in same tree November 13th 2013.
Peter Nash.

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