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New York
Feb 14 2015 11:30 am large Bald Eagle flying over Staffords Bridge Saratoga Lake.
Mike Perchar
Immature bald eagle sited Monday February 9, 2015 Oyster bay harbor in Bayville Long Island NY, feasting on captured seagull on frozen water for an hour and fighting off two hungry crows at the same time.
Peter Fullam
New York, NY
February 9, 2015 around 12 noon - duration of observation ~ 40 minutes:
Two bald eagles sitting on ice floes on the Hudson River just north of the George Washington Bridge; 1 adult (dark body/white head) and one juvenile with brown plumage. The juvenile eventually departed and flew towards the New Jersey (Fort Lee) Palisades.
Kirsten Knaup
In Pine Plains NY 12567 at Twin Island pond there have been for 3 days 4 bold Eagles and 5 golden eagles together on a pair of trees. They seem to be eating some kind of carrion in/on the ice.
Clyde Krein
Artist lake
Middle island, ny
Kendra Beavis
Two Bald Eagles in tree right above Hudson in Nyack on Laveta Place. Been sitting there for over an hour.
Dennis Boutsikaris
Copake NY. Have a bald eagle in the trees across the street from the house for the past 3 days, Jan 30-Feb 1, 2014.
William Bell
Sighted single bald eagle several days 01/29-2/1/15 at a small private lake in Georgetown, KY.
Melissa Thenp
Spotted this juvenile Bald Eagle in Bridgehampton NY 1/25/15
Bob Allingham
1/19/15: Spotted an adult bald eagle in a tree overlooking the Hudson River near Green Island, NY. I was traveling North on I-87 around 10:30am. Later that same day I spotted two adult bald eagles sitting next to one another in the same tree as I was traveling South on I-87 around 1:30pm.
James Holland
January 10th 2015, I saw a bald eagle flying over Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, New York. This is my second sighting in this area. I saw one in the same location, in a tree, in January of 2013.
Libby Courtemanche
While driving this morning on Liberty Drive just off River Road,Town of Wheatfield, Niagara County 1/10/15, I viewed an adult bald eagle feeding on a deer carcass road side. I managed to take several pics of this majestic bird with my iPhone. Awesome to say the least.
Les MacKenzie.
Saw bald eagle flying over Galway, NY, Route 147 on 1/10/15. Also saw them in August 2014 and again November 2014 in Galway, NY over a swamp on Route 147.
Dave Lisicki
Today the 26th of December of 2014 around 12 PM I was walking my dog on N. Allen Street in Albany, NY and saw a huge and beautiful Bald Eagle. It was flying southwest and it appeared to be healthy and strong. The skies were blue and there were no other birds visible in the area. It was flying not too high which gave me a clear view of its white head and dark body. I was amazed to see it...I've seen huge turkey hawks in the area but nothing the size of this bird.
David Ortiz
Albany, NY.
12/12/14, 8:45 a.m. - along Route 214 and Stony Clove Creek in Phoenicia, NY.
Rob Kunstadt
Just saw (Sunday, 11/23/14 at approx 1:30 to 1:40 pm) a bald eagle circling above my house in new Rochelle, ny. I had time to get my binoculars and both me and my wife were able to see it clearly. It first appeared in the east and moved across the sky doing many circles until it went out of view in the west.
Roger Rosengren
On Wednesday Nov. 19th at around 1:30 p.m., I saw a bald eagle flying —looked like with a fish in its mouth—just above the upper Niagara River, at the outskirts of Niagara Falls. I was driving on Highway 190N, which goes through the town of Niagara Falls and above the river, heading out of snowy Buffalo into less snowy Canada.
Miriam Shuchman
10.30am on November 16th 2014 - unmistakable Bald Eagle sighting in large waterfront Oak tree in garden just to the north of Morgan Park, Glen Cove, Long Island NY. Bird flew off to the north following coast line.
Previous sighting was in same tree November 13th 2013.
Peter Nash.
Saw two adults hovering over Congers Lake, Congers NY, 11/14/14. Mark Laslo
10/30/14 @ 4:15 pm I watched and photographed 2 bald eagles soaring above the Mohawk river in Schenectady. They were heading north.
Joe Sokal
Saw one broadway 110 street,manhattan,10/24/2014,soaring high up,unmistakable ID time 9:30 AM ,today,8:30 AM gliding north over Riverside Park. Pure luck to have seen them!
Daniel Dannerman
We were headed into Ithaca NY today for lunch at roughly 12:10. Going south on Rt. 13 parallel to the lake, I looked over and saw a bald eagle flying just above us about 100 feet off the road, tracking the edge of the lake. I shouted and one of the other guys in the car turned and confirmed it for me. Amazing and majestic, to be sure.
Joshua Plumeau
My wife was working today, October 8, 2014, at an elementary school on the north end of New Rochelle, NY. While out on the playground, she and the children noticed a bald eagle flying overhead.
Brian Hopkins
Could it be possible? Oakdale NY, Long Island, by the Osprey nests high above Montauk Highway, I saw what I believed was a bald eagle - it was soaring, for a split second I was reminded of the turkey vulture, but the colors were very distinct, then I realized it had to be an eagle.
Barbara Martin
My wife and I just has a bald eagle fly 20 feet over our heads in Bloomfield, NY, a rural town outside of Rochester, NY.
Tim Elder
A blad Eagle was seen Sept 14 2014, perched on an 8 ft fence post at the Orchards of Concklin on South Mountain Road, Pomona, NY.
Janet Newman
2/11/2014 Tuesday 7:45 am Hastings on Hudson NY (Southern Westchester ….2 adults, one with what appeared to be large stick( trailing vine) in its beak. Not far from the river and flying rather low.
Catherine O'Brien
1/28 -30/14
All sighted at Steamboat dock Verplanck NY
Billy Liljeroos
Bald eagles are currently seen in the morning on the shores of the Hudson River in Stony Point and Haverstraw, NY. It is common to see six or more. Maybe the ice on the river north of this area is causing them to move into the area. January 30, 2014
Dianne Diangelo
Just south of the City of Fulton, New York, abeam the water works plant and over the river. Three Eagles, multiple sightings during the last week.
Mark Webb
I saw several adult and I believe 2 juvenile bald eagles sitting on the ice on the Hudson River. They had dead prey on the ice and were vying fir who would get it. I see them often from my windows overlooking the river near 187th st. They seem to come over from the NJ side of the river as far as I can tell. Yesterday's sighting was the most eagles at once I've seen. Beautiful.
Nan Irwin
Saw a single bald eagle today in Burnt Hills NY.
Brian Goudey
Yesterday at Stony Point light house (Stony Point,NY) -Spotted 2 eagles : 1 bald ,1 black or brown They were flying back and forth -over the Hudson then landing in the trees
Simcha Rosenblum
We spotted a single bald eagle today sitting on the ice in the middle of Hempstead Lake.
01/14/14 around 11:00am
Joel Junker
We saw an amazing amount of bald eagles today feeding from the edges of the ice off Senesqua Park in Croton - on - Hudson. At least 16. We went back home to get binoculars since all but one young eagle were quite a way out. Wow!!!!
Victoria Wilkins
On 01/05/14, in the Kingsbridge/Riverdale section along West 231st Street of Bronx, NY at approximately 9:00am my wife and I notice an eagle perched on top of building adjacent to my building. It stood there for several minutes and then soared towards my building. A magnificent sight!!
Ronald Murray
Mature Bald Eagle feeding on road kill on Latting Rd. Just south of Shortsville, NY this afternoon (Thursday, January 1st/13.)
John Bland
banded eagleThis is a banded eagle I believe, it was on Lake Meahagh in Verplank NY on 12/30/2013
Billy Liljerous
We live on the Mohawk River in saratoga county,ny. Yesterday we had the amazing privilege of seeing 7 bald eagles at the same time! 5 were sitting in a tree and 2 were sitting on the ice sharing lunch. There were also 2 young brown eagles and 2 unidentified white and brown birds, possibly also young ones. We have amazing photos, taken from our home so as not to disturb them.....
Sue Miron
I sighted a bald eagle today, 12/28/2013, at 1:36 pm, flying over Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (135). It was flying rather low and it is a smaller eagle, so my guess is it is still young even though it has its mature feathers, white head and tail. It was so exciting to see! I had just heard about them being spotted in Hempstead and was amazed to see one the very next day.
Nancy Mettz
Mature Bald Eagle Sighted 12/27 about 12:00 noon perched in a tree on Route 202/ US 6 adjacent to Annsville Creek lagoon near the entrance to Camp Smith.
Bob Altomare
Saw one today 12/23/2013 12:30 pm. Bronx, NY (Co-op City vicinity) High in a tree it was thee for approximately 20 mins. Enough time for me to grab my binoculars and stare in awe. Too bad my point and shoot camera can zoom in on it. I'm getting a DSLR for Christmas. This is the second time this season I'm seeing it. Last time was perched on the roof of Holy Rosary School.
Mario Pottinger
Spotted about 12:pm on December 21, 2013 at the NEW YORK RACING ASSOCIATION TRACK in Saratoga Springs, New york.
Michael Coffey
My family and I saw a bald eagle while on the 890 RAMP in Schenectady, NY getting onto the Thruway. It was perched in a tree watching the river. It was giant!
Hillary White
12/14/13; Saw several juvenile Bald Eagles on the Titicus Reservoir in North Salem, NY yesterday. There have also been numerous adult sightings along many Hudson Valley waterways recently as well. Now is the time of year when our resident population along the Hudson is complemented by many "transients" from up north.
Rick Stafford, MD
Katonah, NY
On 11/29/13 at 4:10 pm, my son Ryan spotted a bald eagle perched on a tree stump in Smith pond on the corner of Peninsula blvd. and Ocean Ave. in Rockville Centre, NY (western Nassau county) as we drove by. We parked the truck and walked to the waters edge with binoculars and confirmed our sighting.
Tim Chelius
Rockville Centre, NY
We live in beautiful Western New York, just west of a nice litttle town called Westfield. I was outside with my boys shoveling our driveway, when my oldest son said "wow look at all those birds!" There was a bunch of pure white birds. Then we noticed a much larger bird that seemed to be flying around them. It was merely passing threw but we were fortunate enough to see the majestic flight of our first ever sighting of a bald eagle! It was great! Time was 12:25 PM, about a mile west from downtown Westfield.
Art Miller
A pair of Bald Eagles were spotted 11/24/13 around 0900 in a tree while driving along the Hudson River on the Storm King Highway(just north of West Point New York).
Lynda Tresler
I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle in upper Manhatten near the GWB and Henry Hudson Pkwy at approx. 1pm today. I was looking out the window on the 7th floor of NY Prespaterian Hospital, what a beautiful sight watching it soar.
Lauren Brown
Clear unmistakable sighting of a Bald Eagle around 9.30am Wednesday 13th November 2013 next to Morgan Park, Glen Cove, Long Island NY. It had a large dark bird in it's talons, looked like a duck of some kind. Stopped in our waterfront Oak tree for a minute, then flew off to the north in the direction of Welwyn preserve. Never seen one here before.
Peter Nash
I spotted an eagle today at 1230 pm in staten island ny at high rock park ,walker pond
Mary Ebcat
Tuesday, September 17, 2013. I spotted a bald eagle at some road kill in the Town of Riga in Southwestern part of Monroe County, NY.
It took off as my car approached, it's white head and profile clearly visible.
R. DeGroff
Rochester, NY
Three of us saw a bald eagle today (9-7-13) at approx. 11AM just north of the GW Bridge from our car, which was traveling southbound along the Henry Hudson Parkway in NYC. The eagle was flying fairly low along the Hudson River. It was so beautiful.
Sophie Ruedeneuf
One bald eagle, I think male but not sure, sighted a 2:20 pm today in upper Manhattan, New York City. Exact location was Hudson Rover Greenway at 190th St (aka Inspiration Point). Bird was visible almost continuously for about two minutes, sometimes circling directly overhead, before flying north over the river. I've lived in upper Manhattan 25 year but this was the first I've ever seen here.
Bob Rosen
One large female in the maple tree next to my house. We're set back about 350' from the Hudson River in Stony Point NY. They're a fairly common sight around here this time of year. During the last 5-6 days, I've seen no less than 12. Some in groups of 4 or 5 perched in the trees overlooking the water, some solo riding the ice flows down stream.
Mark Johnson
Viewed six Bald Eagles along the southern shore of Onondaga Lake on February 4th. There were 4 adults in the trees along Carousel Center Dr. and a couple more out on the ice. Due to their distance I could not be certain but I think they were juveniles. The adults eventually took off in the direction of the Nine Mile Creek outlet on the western shore.
Paul Marconi
I had 2 bald eagle sightings in a little over a month.
The first was in the last few days of December while driving east on Rt. 313, just after crossing the Vermont state line. A bald eagle flew almost parallel to my car along the south side of Rt. 313 for 1 1/2 - 2 miles! My 89 year old mother was my passenger and we were both in awe of this beautiful bird.
Then on January 18th, 2 days after my mother passed away, as I was driving east on Rt. 29, just after leaving the village limits of Greenwich in upstate NY, a pair of bald eagles flew about 15-20 ft. above my car coming from the wooded side of the road and flew across the Battenkill River. That blew me away!
I have only had 2 previous sightings of bald eagles in my life along the Hoosick River near Stillwater, NY.
Mary Lou Daniels
I saw an adult bald eagle circling near the Mohawk River approximately 3 miles east of Amsterdam, NY, on January 27, 2013. It appeared to be a male, based on the size. Beautiful sight.
-Mark Pastuszak
We saw 6 bald eagles in Tomkins Cove NY..right across the the power plant 2 days ago..Jan. 2013..We saw 30 one day there two years ago..Very excited they came back this year.
Kristy Bartholomew
We spotted a bald eagle on Sat jan 19 2013 at 9:30 am on hwy 85 about 3 miles west of Elmira. It was standing about 50 ft off the side of the road on the ground in a field. We stopped and it tool off and flew about 100 ft farther out into the field,
Dave Pettit
In Hempstead Lake State Park, gliding over the smaller of the two lakes bordered by Peninsula & Lakeview. It then roosted in a tall tree on the Western edge of the lake. Very large bird with gleaming white head & body.
Josh Rosenblum
January 13, 2013 at 3:30 PM. Standing on a small sandbar in Smith Pond just south of Peninsula Blvd in Rockville Centre, New York. I did a u turn and came around again to look at it. It must have stood about 3 feet tall, black body with a white head. My twin daughters were in the back seat of the car and they verified that it was a bald eagle. This is the first sighting I have heard of in south Nassau County.
Thomas Murray
We saw a bald eagle at our home Friday, Jan 11, 11am, 1193 Patterson Hill Road, West Hebron, New York 12865(Washington County).
The eagle flew over the house and lawn then turned and flew directly towards the house again. We allow our chickens to free range, as well as several cats. Not sure if that is what caught his/her eye. Very Cool!
We saw another eagle the next day Sat, Jan 12 around 4:30pm driving on Rt 22 south where it crosses the Battenkill River south of the town of Salem, NY 12865.
Love it!!
Wendy LeBlanc
Bald Eagle spotted on the banks of the Mill River in East Rockaway/Rockville Centre, NY on January 4. Must be the same one that was spotted upstream in Smith Lake. Saw what I assume was the same bird circling Sunrise Highway/Rocklyn Avenue on January 10.
Andrew Miller
Bald Eagle sighted on River Road in Tomkins Cove NY sitting in tree just off the road.
Stephen Robinson
Just north of Tivoli NY
Bonnie Johnson
Thurs Jan 3 while driving on I 287 in Rockland County. Near West Nyack. Wondering has anyone seen any at Rockland Lake?
Mary Ellen McDermott
On January 1st I spotted a mature Bald Eagle over Onondaga lake in Syracuse New York. I had stopped at the new Onondaga Lake Visitors Center to take in the view. It flew for a few minutes over the lake and then came over to to the west shore and landed it a tree by the Nine Mile Creek outlet.
Paul Marconi
We saw a large bald eagle with its kill this morning (820am ET, 23 Dec) in Scarborough, NY just inland from the Hudson River.
Christopher P. Bogart
LaGrangeville, New York in the vicinity of Sylvan Lake
Seen on the morning of Sunday, Dec 9, 2012 at 11:30 AM, flying high over a pasture. We have chickens and were worried they might look like a nice snack!
I live in Delevan New york right on the Machias border and very close to Lime lake.
Twice now in the past two months ( nov & dec) I have seen what research into their markings & size has told me are a pair of bald eagles soaring very high over the town of Machias, I was so excited since I have never saw them outside of the dam near allegany state park. On this last sighting... I pulled over and sat for quite a while hoping they might fly lower so I could get a better view as well as a positive ID but had no such luck, :-( they flew together for a while then went in separate directions for what had to be miles down here on earth covering three towns and just as I was getting back into my truck they came back into view seeming to be heading toward each other again.
After the 1st sighting, I thought it was a fluke that I'd probably never witness again,but after seeing them both twice in the same area... I'm wondering if they haven't taken up residence near by? I hope so!
Lori Riesz
Was lucky enough to see a huge adult bald eagle fly over my head while ice skating at Beaver Dam in Locust Valley (north shore of Long Island NY) yesterday! Also, heard reports of two eagles seen earlier together in same area. I have never seen them in this area before. Beautiful!
Marion Schmitz
Bald Eagle sighting at 8:30 a.m. Valley Cottage NY 10989 (Rockland County)
Pair flying overhead.
Alicen Noselli
November 2, 2012
Mohawk Valley, near Canajoharie, sighted single Bald Eagle near river locks watching the river level rise post - Hurricane Sandy. Welcome back, we love to watch you!
Lydia McEwan
Saw a mature bald eagle on the border of southern Westchester County and the the Bronx in NYC. Have seen many in the Hudson Valley near the Hudson River in northern Westchester. Very exciting to see one this far south.
Liz D'Imperio
Pelham, NY
October 14, 2012
Adult bald eagle in Laurel Hollow, NY in my backyard just above St John's church and Cold Spring Harbor
Michael Thompson
White Plains, NY (Westchester County)
13 Oct 2012
Single bald eagle circling at about 200'
Steadman Watson
I saw 1 on Monday oct 1 2012 - it was flying over COINDRA Hall on the north shore of Long Island- I'm a birder so it was a wonderful surprise
Patti McGinley
Just saw two mature bald eagles on the ice on the St. Lawrence River at Kring Point State Park perched and waiting for fish!!!
Liz Hutchinson
Kathy LaRosa
I got some decent pictures of an adult and two young bald eagles on Friday January 20th in Hartford, NY in Washington County. A spectacular site to see.
Matt Armenio
Just saw an eagle setting in a tree. It was across the river from Owego in upstate. I had never seen one around here at this time of year. I stopped the truck and tried to get a picture but it flew off heading toward Hiawatha Island.
Dean Lawton Sr
Saw one yesterday morning (1/18/2012), here on campus in upstate New York. White tail, white head, huge wingspan. It was alone as far as we could tell. We couldn't stop to watch it for long, it flew above some trees near a creek here and then perched in the top of a tree. It was my very first sighting!!!
Barbara Sprouse
This morning January 18, 2012, at 7:30 over the Hudson River just off the Henry Hudson Parkway at the 158th Street exit southbound, New York City.
It was being harassed by four sea gulls as it rode the strong winds out of the west/northwest about 50 feet above the water. I couldn't believe it myself but with traffic moving very slowly I got a good long look and I'm well versed in spotting them as I have a home on the Hudson River in Ulster County where they are frequently seen. Classic white crown and tail feathers. Given the size, probably a male.
Ellis Cousens
New York State - Mohawk Valley.    January 18, 2012
Spotted an adult Bald Eagle soaring over the Mohawk River in Canajoharie near river bridge. This has become our winter treat watching them in search of food. I work at St. Mary's Clinic and our break room faces the locks where the river is open most of the winter. We have been monitoring them since 2009, awesome!
Lydia McEwan
We have a couple of beautiful Bald Eagles in our area I enjoy looking for them along the Allegany River just outside of Salamanca Ny. I hope to see them today as we are heading to Jamestown Ny.
Deb Stucks
Duke Center PA
i live in eden ny & just saw a bald eagle, first landing in a white pine tree & then circling over the area where i feed birds.
this is the 1st time in 40 yrs that i've seen one around here.
Judie La Flamme
On January 4, 2012 we spotted an eagle in a tree along Route 207 in New Windsor, New York about a half mile east of the entrance to Stewart Airport. A beautiful sight to see.
The Zubalskys
My husband and I saw a bald eagle flying about 25 feet above us when we were driving on the north way going north just past the twin bridges in Half Moon, NY. It was unmistakably marked with the brilliantly contrasting white head and tail and the black body. Majestic and even more beautiful than paintings and pictures, I can understand why it is the national bird. Amazing!
Maureen White-Schock
    Saw an immature bald eagle today flying near the thruway exit at Harriman State Park. No white head but definitely an eagle and by it's size I would guess close to maturity. Flying low enough for me to see it well. I have seen mature Bald eagles at reservoirs upstate New York a handful of times through out my life and I am certain this was an immature bald eagle.
Cristy Bauer
Yesterday afternoon at approximately 1pm, we watched two bald eagles soaring overhead in Livonia, NY. They came out of the south (we are 3 miles north of Hemlock Lake) and continue circling northward. Beautiful blue skies above and their heads and tails were shocks of white electric as the sun glinted off them. Temperature was 31 degrees.
Cheryl I Cicero
This afternoon (Saturday 12-4-11) at around 3pm, I happened to look up and spotted a beautiful Bald Eagle flying in a westerly direction about 200 feet off the ground. I live in New Windsor, NY. The sighting was at the intersection of Rt 207 and Rt 300. We were about a mile east of Stewart Airport, about 4 miles west of the Hudson River (Newburgh) and Bear Mountain is south of us (maybe 10 miles or so). We watched the Eagle soar up over the eastern edge of Stewart Airport where it seemed to join a second Eagle but we are not positive. They circled for about 20 minutes..then they disappeared. What an absolute joy to have been able to see such a majestic bird. It made my day!
Ronni Warshaw
I saw a bald eagle off route 20 in alexander ny on 11/6/11..It really made my day as I always am looking and finally saw one.
Michael Barillari
    Just saw (11/17/11) a beautiful huge Bald Eagle fly off the Mohawk River in the City of Amsterdam, NY on NY route 5 by the train station. It circled right in front of my car, very impressive, Happy Thanksgiving!
Guy Tomlinson
(11-10-11) I saw a bald eagle on Rt. 63 in Geneseo NY, between Geneseo and Piffard. It was incredible! It was flying among some crows, and landed in a tree in the middle of a cornfield. I stopped the car to get a better look!!
Arielle Herberger
My girlfriend saw today, on November 9th, 2011, a Bald Eagle flying over the Chemung river while she was traveling West bound on 352 (over the Gibson bridge). The Bald Eagle was on her left. The Eagle was circling over the river. The temperature was around 45 degrees F. {: - )
Spork Schivago
On rt. 37, just outside of Waddington,NY..perch on a tree limb overlooking the St. Lawrence river. Date: 11/5/11 at 5:00pm apx,
Peg Langley
While Playing golf at Harbor Links in Port Washington NY on 10/25/11 a beautiful mature white headed Bald Eagle circled above....couldn't believe Long Island had bald eagles.
Stephen Fauth
Houseguests from England took a train to Tottenville, Staten Island to visit a home in which signers of the Declaration of Independence had gathered. They then took a walk along the nearby shoreline. While on that walk they said they say a bald eagle. I questioned them about it, and they described what sounded like the symbol of our nation. I told them I had never met anyone who said they had seen one in the wild, certainly not in New York City. But they said they did.
Mary Caulfield
Sunnyside, New York
99% sure I spotted a Bald Eagle today along the Grand Central Parkway near Lake Success. I'm familiar with the Hawks that are often seen near here, and this was certainly different. It was flying eastbound, rising, I could see its white tail and it looked much larger than the Red Tails. Also saw some wild parrots down off Point Lookout about a month ago, very cool.
Evan Clancy
I am almost certain I saw a bald eagle on 9/21/11 near rt. 29 Fulton co. between Broadalbin and Galway, New York. It was in the late afternoon and the bird was huge with a white head. About 4 days earlier about a mile from that location I spotted three similar sized birds at a high elevation but was driving and could not see their heads and just thought they were vultures or turkey vultures, which they could have been, but maybe they were eagles. The solitary one I saw was about 100 feet off the ground and very visible. I have seen eagles in Michigan when visiting but none here. Any other reports?
Lynn Yeager
September 4, 2011 Ghent NY, Columbia County. Dirivng on a side road near our house and was amazed to see a bald eagle standing in the middle of the road directly in front of us! He was standing about two feet away from a dead groundhog (probably hit by a car). I came to a complete stop about 20 yards from him. He waited only a few seconds before flying off and into a tree about 100 yards off the road. Summertime, not near a major body of water and going after roadkill – I found very interesting ..
Paul and Cara Pluta
Today August 23 around 4:30 pm. while driving on Hwy 19 in Belfast, NY saw a Bald Eagle flying about 60 feet above my car.
Lloyd Chinn
I go to school in Fredonia, NY and fish and hike regularly. I used to be a die hard bird watcher and I remember going to established nesting sights (Alabama Swamps, NY) to help bring these birds back. It seems it's sticking because 3 times in the past year I have seen bald eagles along Lake Erie, ranging from Silver Creek to Barcelona. I just had the pleasure of seeing a mature bird perched in a tree on the side of Rt. 394 (02-16-2011 5pm), just South of Westfield. I pulled over and walked up to try to get a photo, but he spooked quicker than I thought he would.......which is a good thing!
Jeremy Keller
Fredonia, NY
I live in Brewster, NY, about an hour north of NYC and not far from the CT border. On January 30th, just as I was about to enter my home, I looked up to see a large bald eagle flying directly overhead, only about 40 feet up. It was literally a breathtaking experience, very exciting!
Greg Lara
Jan 22, 9 to 9:30 AM. woods by Hudson, just W of Raoul Wallenberg Forest in Riverdale, NY. single bald eagle, perched in tree.
Thomas Hubbard
I took great pics of a bald eagle perched in a tree next to my house, I live in Rosendale NY and it has been around for a year or two. I live on the Rondout creek and It flys up and down this waterway. Jesse Scherer
This morning, Saturday, January 15, 2011, while driving to the bank in West Seneca, NY, I spotted a mature bald eagle soaring over Cazenovia Creek gorge near the intersection of Seneca Street and Center Road (Rt.16). There was no mistaking it for any other large bird, since it clearly displayed an enormous wing span and the unmistakable white head and white tail markings of a bald eagle. It was quite a sight to see locally. While I have seen numerous eagles in Alaska, the state of Washington, and the coast of Maine, this is my first sighting of a bald eagle in Western New York. It is a beautiful sight!
Ralph J. Bernacki, East Aurora, NY 14052
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