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Saw a lone bald eagle just north of Cotton Plant MS. Jan. 25, 2014. He or she was sitting in the upper part of a dead tree just across the RR track which parallels Hwy 15 about 10 am.
Gwen Adcock
We have been seeing a bald eagle for four or five days east of Bruce. The eagle was eating armadillo carcasses. Amazing beautiful bird
Connie Hanley
12/9/2014 clermont harbor, ms on beach blvd just east of silver slipper, just viewed a pair of osprey hunting together over marsh area here and resting in nearby trees - see a pair of bald eagles regularly in this same area - a truly amazing site !!!
D Dobne
My husband is working down hwy 8, near Phillip, MS ... There are 2 Bald Eagles in someone's front yard ... they are in Pecan trees about 15 feet up in the tree. Thought it was really majestic!
Elizabeth Mabry Rybolt and John Robert Rybolt IV
Boyle, MS
On 11/12/2014 around 4pm I was coming home from work in Liberty Ms traveling on hwy 569 bout halfway between Liberty and hwy 98 spotted one bald eagle when I first saw it, it had landed on the side of the road left there a landed in a tree truly an amazing sight first one I have every seen in the wild
David Roberts
I was at the MS Visitor Center in Vicksburg today and saw a single Bald Eagle flying the shoreline of the Mississippi River about 15 feet above the treeline. I spotted it on the north side of the bridge and it flew into the tree line of the south side of the bridge. It’s wingspan was incredible as it glided through the air.
Louis Klotzbach
Vicksburg, MS
Three of us spotted a bald eagle at Snow Lake Shores of Benton County in Northern Mississippi on October 30th, 2014. The eagle was perched atop a tall dead tree overlooking Snow Lake's middle finger only about 250 yards from my home. I did view it with binoculars, but it flew away while I was inside preparing my long range camera lens.
Mike Smith
October 29 2014. Greenwood Mississippi airport area. Spotted two bald eagles. Last year at the same time of year spotted two in 2013
Jill Suchik
I was traveling down JQ West Rd between Como and Sardis in Panola County, Mississippi when I saw a bald eagle amongst some smaller birds eating roadkill. He flew away, but came right back. I circled around and as he flew away, I snapped a decent picture. I have never seen one in the wild, and this was a real honor.
Michael Saripkin
   On February 8th, 2014 around 3:15 pm on my way to Meridian, MS on Hwy 45 heading northbound. The Bald Eagle was swooping down in the median on Hwy 45 about midway between Quitman and Meridian. (approx. 12 miles south of Meridian I-20/59). It appeared very large such as a female. There was another bird similar but smaller above the trees on the west side of the road about 20-30 yards in from the highway. May have been a male but I could not see well enough to the other side of the highway by the time I noticed the 2nd bird. At first glance I assumed it was a hawk as they are in great abundance in Misissippi. As we approached and drove past, it's white tail was fanned out as it was gliding full spread close to the ground westerly away from us in the direction of the other bird and you could also see it's head was white. That's when I realized it was a Bald Eagle purely by surprise. Amazing.
   This was my first sighting purely by accident of a Bald Eagle in the wild. It really is an amazing beautiful bird to see in the wild.
William Denton
Pascagoula, MsThursday, January 9, 2014 at 2:00 pm, 15-17 miles south of West Point, MS, the west side of Hwy 45, a single bald eagle perched atop a tree just on the side of the highway. A logging truck roared by causing the eagle to fly about 100 yards inward perching atop a tree overlooking a field.
Kay Moody
This morning(12-31-13) around 10:00am a Bald Eagle flew over my home on West Old Pass Rd. in Long Beach, Mississippi.
Ashley Geil
My wife and I saw a bald eagle on the road inspecting roadkill on Hwy 11 about 500 feet from the entrance to the landfill between Picayune and Poplarville Mississippi today 12-22-2013 at about 11:00 AM. He then flew up into a pine tree and remained for quite some time.
Bryan and Mary Kelly
On Tuesday December 17 at 4:30PM a pair of bald eagles flew to perch on the tallest dead tree at Blue Lake in Berclair MS. Beautiful creatures.
Sparky, Midnight and Jelly (my dogs) stood silent for 15 minutes watching them.
James Wilkinson
We live in a neighborhood in the wetlands in Vancleave, Ms. We were sitting on our back deck.
Cheryl Dykes
Pair of Bald Eagles sighted on hwy 61, South of Walls, MS. on Thanksgiving 2013. Absolutely beautiful.
Deborah Crocker
LakeView RV Resort on Hwy 15, just north of D'Iberville. Mature bald eagle arrived around 3:30 pm, circled the lake and sat for a few minutes on 3 different stumps in the lake before flying into the top of a tall pine on the north-east bank. Was "calling" ? steadily for almost 20 minutes & must have hunted when I wasn't looking because now is in another tree eating what appears to be a fairly large snake. Have a photo of bird on stump in lake and also with snake in the tree, not very good quality due to distance and Iphone camera. In last 6 years here I have seen 2 osprey (hunting together sometimes) and a golden eagle, here often but this is the first bald eagle.
Phyllis Gresham
Saw a bald eagle in our pasture this morning (11/2/13) in Bogue Chitto, eating a neighborhood cat then flew off. His claws were massive. This is the first time I have ever seen one and I am super excited!!
Emily Davis
I've been aware that Enid Lake(Enid, MS) hosts an eagle watch, I think it happens in the spring, and I've been camping at Plum Point Campground for 35 years, but I've never been lucky enough to see a bald eagle there, until last week! Actually, I am 50 years old and I've never seen one before!! It was absolutely awesome, as I'm sure you know! We camp primitive for a few days after the weather cools here every year, normally at the same campground. Last Tuesday morning, my husband went fishing early and I stayed at camp, planning to catch some morning light for some good photos. I heard a strange sound from the sky, it sounded a little like a bird, but none I'd ever heard before. I searched the sky with my camera, and a pair of large birds came into view. About then, my camp neighbor yelled, "Eagles, there's a pair of them!" So there were, and I snapped three photos, the closest of which blurred, but I'm attaching them here for your viewing. After the initial sighting, I watched them for another two mornings when it seemed as though they were following the shoreline around the lake. They never got near enough for better photos than these, so I didn't get any more photos. I plan to do so since I have a schedule of their flight plan, somewhat!
Laura McCammon
I saw a Bald Eagle today, 10/20/13 at Trace State Park, which is In Ponotoc county between Ponotoc and Tupelo. I was fishing on the lake at the park and one flew out of a tree on the edge of the lake and fLew right over me. That's the first one I've seen in Mississippi.
Joey Carwile
Have seen a bald eagle 2 of the last 3 days in Long Beach Mississippi just off highway 90 and Richards Avenue. The first sighting, the eagle flew across highway 90 and back into the oak trees. I lost site of the eagle before I could get out my camera. This morning, I saw the bald eagle again. He or she was eating a dead catfish on the beach. I took a video of the eagle but couldn't really see anything. The eagle finally took off and perched on a dead or dying oak tree in the median.
Edgar Allen
I saw a bald eagle perched on a tree on hwy 49 in Yazoo city 2/20/13 around 8:00 a.m. I was coming down zelleria turning onto 49 and noticed it sitting there. I was astonished I actually saw a bald eagle! In real life. It was breathe taking! What a beautiful creature. Then today I noticed that one had been hit by a vehicle in Oregon. So sad. I hope it's ok. What a weird coincidence me seeing one and the next day one being on the news. Truely a humbling experience to be able to say I have seen one.
Teesha Thill
I saw a Bald Eagle on the beach in Waveland, MS on 02/07/2013, about a half-mile east of the Silver Slipper Casino.
Eric Freeman
I saw a Bald Eagle flying over the bridge on Belle Fontaine Rd Ocean Springs MS . Today 1/1/03 around 11:15am. I have had some friends claim to see one in the area but was skeptical, but I saw it for myself today!
Benjamin Frierson
I have hunted for 23-25 years and have seen a lot of animals in the wild. I knew there were some eagles in MS but I never have been able to get the privilege to see one until today.
I commute every day from Cleveland, MS to Greenwood, MS and on my way to work due south of Minter City on Hwy 49 I spotted a bald eagle perched at the top of a Cyprus tree overlooking a body of water fishing. That is one impressive creature and it was a privilege to get to see it. I am a hunter and conservationist and I want to see the eagle’s thrive here in MS.
That was awesome!
Eric Gregg
Sighted a bald eagle on the morning of 12/07/2012, flying over the beach on Highway 90 in the City of Pass Christian. This is the second recent sighting I had on my morning commute. I have had several other sightings along the Mississippi Gulf Coast over the past two years. I have been a Gulf Coast resident most of my life and have never seen these eagles until recently.
Gary Ponthieux
I was driving on highway 6 between Oxford and Batesville and saw a mature bald eagle flying down the middle of the grass median. It was about 50 feet high so I got a good look at it. I have seen them in Colorado before but never in Mississippi! It was amazing!
L.E. Thomas IV
I spotted a male bald eagle flying over Puskus Lake in Holly Springs National Forest. He perched at the top of a pine for 15 minutes or so and then circled around the lake a few times before flying out of site.
Gabe Hinojosa
I just saw a grown bald eagle circling an armadillo roadkill on Hwy 7 between Water Valley and Oxford, Mississippi. I've lived here since 1997 and have never seen a bald eagle in this area.
Coulter Fussell
Water Valley, MS
My name is Kyle Wolfe and my wife and I spotted a bald eagle in a pasture behind our house in Conehatta, MS on 2/20/12. It was feeding on dead deer carcass near a pond. We did manage to take a couple of photos of the eagle.
I was traveling on Hwy 322E in Quitman County Mississippi, when just outside of Lambert I saw a huge bird standing in a drained catfish pond. I pulled over to look at it and it flew up into a nearby tree. I keep a spotting scope in my truck, and I was able to see it very well. I knew then that it was a bald eagle. I have never seen one before in the wild like this. They are truly amazing, and I wish I would have had a camera.
A pair of Bald Eagles spent the day in an Osprey nest in the woods behind my house in Gulfport, Mississippi. I was hoping they were nesting but they appear to have moved on. What a great day it was!
Bruce Hoyt
Gulfport, Mississippi
January 30, 2012. Bald eagle seen in the trees on old highway 82 just east of emcc mayhew campus.
Thomas Allen, West Point, Ms
I spotted a bald eagle flying over route 90 and landed at the shore between Long Beach and Gulfport, MS at approximately 3 pm 1/18/2012 — — K. Darling
My family and I just spotted a bald eagle roosting on a fallen log at the edge of the woods on hwy 25 in Leake County, Mississippi.
Danisha Shields
My wife, mother-in-law, and I spotted two mature bald eagles and one immature bald eagle roosted above Town Creek at the Eason Blvd bridge in Tupelo, MS.
Jonathan Markham
I was out by a lake in southern Madison county ms east of the city of flora, late pm on dec18 2011. while watching three large gaggles of Canadian geese which are as common around here as cotton a bald eagle landed on a peninsula in front of me. I was in my vehicle. . Land was open pasture surroundings.He landed a short distance from one of the geese groups near the shore. He stood there for 20 minutes during which time the geese came toward the eagle and watched him intently. Justifiably I presume, a raptor I know. He had a snowy white head and white tail. Positive id I am sure. I know a sparrow from Henrietta my neighborhood hawk!
Eagle then flew and landed in top of tree near lake and I departed. The eagle watch didn't indicate their overwintering in ms river valley with penetration this far south. Sighting was approximately 45 air miles to ms river at Vicksburg
alton phillips
We have sighted a bald eagle flying around our lake in leaksville, ms and have gotten some really good pictures.
Curtis Hood
I have seen a bald eagle and/or eagles driving on Seaman Rd., Vancleave, MS (approx. 5 miles north from I-10. Observed this morning at about 9:00 am eating a dead animal in the middle of the road.
Linda Stewart
I saw one bald eagle today, 10/24/2011, on Barlow Rd, in Copiah county. Approximately 5 miles from hwy 28. It was beautiful!
Heather Thornton
My wife and I saw a bald eagle in North Lowndes County, Mississippi Oct 11,2011. It had just taken flight and started to circle. Believe it was feeding on road kill that we saw on a county road.
2/13/2011 - We saw a bald eagle in west Lowndes County Mississippi while driving on Hwy 45 South.
Daniel Hayward
Margaret Hayward
Columbus, MS
2/10/2011 – There have been a lot of ducks on the pond at our house. It took a second for it to register that there was an adult bald eagle swooping and attempting to grab one of the ducks!
Jimmy Pace
Tupelo MS
Jan 11,2011 rosebud, Leake county ms. My wife and I was out playing with our horses when my wife asked "what is that?" As I looked it was a bald eagle soaring in the wind. As we watched him circle around another one showed up. This one was a female. They soared around for a few minutes and continued on. It was a beautiful site!
Kline McDonald
On Monday January 10th, 2011 around 2:30pm my husband and I were out duck hunting on our lake when I spotted what looked to me to be an eagle on further investigation I found that it was. The eagle was out flying around chasing the ducks, it was a great sight to see especial in my own front yard. The eagle stayed in view for at least an hour or two and then we lost track of it. I live in Randolph Mississippi and to have something like that in my own front yard is such a great privilege.
April King
On Christmas Day 2010, my family and I spotted two bald eagles perched in a tree alongside US 78 about 1/4 mile east of the US 45 interchange. This is within the Tupelo city limits.
David Hutson
Today (12-13-10), my husband and I spotted a mature bald eagle in a field off of Hwy 15 near a farm pond in Ripley, MS (Tippah County). I called the landowner and he said that he had seen it two days ago in the same spot. This was our first sighting of a bald eagle in the wild. It was such an awesome thing to see!
Michelle Spellins-Johnson
I am reporting a bald eagle sighting today Nov. 27 2010. I was moving hay on my tractor and noticed the eagle flying along side the road. It seemed to be after another large bird. It even hit it in mid air a couple of times, but never did get it down completely before I had to leave. Never seen anything like it before. Union Co. MS.. the West Union Area.
Joel Willard
I am reporting a bald eagle sighting today, 11 November 2010.
The bird flew in front of my car as I was approaching the drive to my farm. It then circled around and flew in front of my car again as I was driving down the farm drive. It had prey in its claws and was struggling to gain altitude. It perched in a pine tree at the edge of one of my fields. It stayed there for about 45 minutes and then began to feed. I exited my car, which was parked in front of my barn about 600 feet from the tree, and I approached to about 200 feet. It watched me for about a minute and then flew off further into the pine stand.
Jason Whitfield, Hancock County, Mississippi, 4 miles East of Picayune, MS.
We live in the northern area of Hickory Hills in Gautier, Mississippi. Our property lies at the northern-most point and backs up to the marsh and river.
We have 11 acres of property with 2 stocked ponds, and spotted a bald eagle sitting by the pond closest to our home. It stayed by the pond for only a few minutes, and flew into a nearby dead tree top over the marsh, where it stayed perched for some time. It was very large, much larger than the ones we've seen here in past years. Hopefully this indicates that he's very healthy :)
In the past 10 years, we have had only had three sightings, and this particular eagle seemed to be much braver than the rest, coming very close to the house, where we had a large dog in the yard, as well as two cats. Our pond often attracts hawks and cranes, but this was the first time we'd seen a bald eagle there. He was smart enough to stay on the farthest side of the pond.
It was quite an awe-inspiring sight!
Joli Lauban
I saw a Bald Eagle in Hattiesburg, MS on Thursday 1/7/10 flying near the Turtle Creek Mall on US Hwy 98 west.
Benny Waddle
My grandfather and I saw a bald eagle flying over the field next to my house just off Highway 78 in New Albany, MS today at about 2 p.m. He had binoculars and we were able to pull over and briefly look at the bird. I appeared to be a mature adult. It was an amazing sight.
Ed Maxwell
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