Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

Steven Joffe wrote the following: Saw a large bird soaring over the Jones Falls Expressway, September 2, 2015; thought is was a vulture; but then it came to lite on a tree, and I saw the white head of a Bald Eagle

Saw a bald eagle perched high in a tree just east of Grenville Rd on the south side of RT 450 in Bowie, MD, today 2/14/15 at noon. Odd to see one there, so I did another pass just to be sure. So exciting!
Vicki Pocock

Woodbine Maryland 21797 on 9 February 2015 at 1300. Eagle has been in the area for about a week scouring the area for small game and perhaps feeding off a nearby small deer carcass.
Arch Galloway

I wanted to share, what to me, was truly a right place at the right time moment.
I live in Riverdale, MD, and was driving my son to school on the morning of 2/5/2015, about 8:50am. I was heading east on River Road towards Kenilworth Ave., and happened to look and see a large bird circling, he began to descend talons extended and scooped up a rat and flew off with it. I saw his white head and tail and was in awe that it was a bald eagle! I thought maybe he made off with a squirrel, but the long; straight tail left no doubt it was a rat. I feel very blessed to have witnessed this magnificent creature hunting for his breakfast.
Cheryl Tallman

At 12:20 PM today spotted Bald Eagle in tree at Hawthorne Park (close to Coralthorn Rd)on Middle River in Baltimore County, 21220. Flew off down river. Beautiful!
Jan Miller

I'm pretty sure I see one or two eagles on the electrical towers on the north side of the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway mostly every weekday around 4:45 p.m. Yesterday I saw three. Thinking it’s too good to be true and not trusting my own judgement, I had my bird-loving sister and nephew confirm that they were definitely eagles.
Diane Pinter

I live in Sylvan Shores (Riva) just south of Annapolis, a few houses away from the South River. I have only seen bald eagles in the wild when I lived in Washington State. This past Sunday, as I returned from an errand, caught something big out of the corner of my eye, swoop down behind my neighbor's house and perch on a tree on the other side of the house. We normally have Ospreys in the area but this was a bald eagle. I showed my 11 year old son and he says "I told you we saw a bald eagle the other day". I hadn't believed him. So I grab my phone to take a picture, sneak around the other side of my neighbors house, and when I turn the corner to get a view, there were 4 bald eagles in the same tree. Before I could get a picture they scattered. I was able to find two of them a block further down and get a picture of 2 of them in the same tree. Was amazed and have been looking for them each day since.
Reb Cobb

My daughter Terri is shocked to say she just saw a bald eagle fly over our back yard. We live in Columbia, Maryland.
Laura Burris

Pretty sure I saw a bald eagle around 10:30 am on route 370 in Rockville MD heading west to Sam Eig road. Flew off the ground and perched on a tree. I think it was eating something on the side of the road. Turned it's head over its left shoulder, very noble looking. Very impressive.
Gregory Vutrano

Saw a Bald Eagle fly over College Gardens ES in Rockville MD on Friday Jan 9th 2014. I was surprised to see one at work. I live in WV on a river and am used to seeing them there.
Kate Savage

Saw a bald eagle this morning flying low and parallel to I-95 (flying south!) south of the tunnels, just before the signs for Caton Ave :)
Kelly Utter

I wanted to report that I saw a magnificent specimen perched on a low branch about 100 yards off Rt. 198 in Spencerville, MD 20868. It seemed most unusual to me, especially since there is no major river in the immediate vicinity, but there are a lot of tall trees that remain courtesy of the Mennonites who settled this area. I parked my car and endeavored to approach on foot, getting to within about 25 yards before it calmly departed, giving me a memorable view of its awesome wing span. I could hope they might be nesting in this area?
Rich Rolls

At about 8am on December31, 2014, I caught some erratic movement in the corner of my eye as I passed by the window which overlooks Little Bear Creek in Edgewater, Maryland. Looking closer I realized that an eagle was chasing a small flock of Bufflehead. It was a very large bird, mottled brown and it was determined to have a meal. He dove at the Bufflehead, and the Bufflehead dove under the water which is about 10' deep there. The eagle would hover, wait for the ducks to surface and try again. While he never really touched the water, he maintained a very close distance to the surface, rise about 6 to 8 feet and circle again. If the eagle flew off more than 5 to 10 yards the Bufflehead would surface and a few would take off like a shot in the opposite direction staying very close to the surface of the water. This drama lasted for at least 5 minutes until the last Bufflehead made its escape. I wanted to grab my camera but it was not close by and I didn't want to miss a thing. I did have a good pair of binoculars which I keep next to the window and could watch the whole episode close up.
The Little Bear Creek borders Camp Letts and eagle sightings are not uncommon. I've a few photos of one in a high tree overlooking the creek that I took a few months ago. Regrettably, the photos are not prize winners as he was too far away but very recognizable.
I believe it was a Golden as there were no white markings anywhere and its color was a mottled brown. This was not a small bird - its large size probably saved a Bufflehead from becoming breakfast. It was extremely agile for its size and very determined. The energy he expended over those minutes must have been substantial as he flew up into one of the bordering tree and rested for a time afterwards.
Happy New Year to you all,
Tom Lyons

Saw 3 bald eagles, at least one was mature and one a juvenile SE of Sharpsburg MD on Route 34 (Shepherdstown Pike) in a field near the Mount Airy historic home on December 30th, 2014 around 11:30am. They were seen from the historical marking pull off and were close enough for some nice photos.
Kent McKinney
Matthews, NC 28105

There is a mature bald eagle and two juveniles that can commonly be seen at low tide on Defense Highway (Route 450) where the road crosses the South River near Annapolis. I have seen them half a dozen times in the last few weeks. Beautiful!
Nancy Morin

I just saw a bald eagle with a large number of crows feasting on a deer carcass in a farm field on Greenspring Avenue below Greenspring Valley Road in Baltimore County, Maryland. I have never seen one in the area!
Paul Lipkin

On December 20, 3014 I saw a mature bald Eagle flying above the Monocacy River at the Maryland Highway 144 crossing just east of Frederick.
Nancy Ellwood

Pretty sure we saw a Bald Eagle this morning on Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, MD. It had ben feeding on a goose carcass that had been lying on an artificial island, and flew up to roost in a tree.
Jane Thorne

On Sunday, Dec 14, 2014, saw a beautiful bald eagle feasting on a deer carcass on Ballenger Creek Pike in Frederick, MD. Many cars were pulling over to photograph this majestic bird.
Toni Zimmerman

Just spotted a bald eagle while driving into work, flying over Rte 100 in Columbia (between Meadowridge Rd and Snowden River exit). I believe it was a female because of the abundance of white tail feathers. I've never seen one in the wild before, WOW!
:Liana C Forrette

On Dec. 8th, 2014 we saw two bald eagles on Mountville Rd. near Manor wood Rd. in Frederick, MD. Very majestic birds. They appeared to be a mature male and female. They were at the edge of a cornfield eating, what seemed to be, the remains of a deer carcass.
Kathleen Shreve

Just saw 2 beautiful bald eagles landing in a tree off Devilbiss Road in Walkersville MD. Wow!
Randy Richter

I saw a bald eagle in a tree about 20 years from route 32 about 1/2 mile west from route 108 crossroad in Clarksville, Maryland. I was quite shocked to say the least as that was the first time I have seen an eagle in the area. I went by the same spot hoping to see it again so I could stop and take a picture, but as luck would have it....
Paul Cook

We saw a bald eagle on Nov. 30, 2014 resting on a tall tree in our back yard near South Mountain/Rout 340 (near Knoxville, MD). We took many pictures.

We saw a Bald Eagle yesterday, Thursday, November 27, 2014, outside our back window which faces Bollinger Rd. in Westminster. I'm glad there have been other sightings nearby so I know I wasn't crazy.
Kathy Wood, Westminster, MD

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