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I live in the eastern part of Kansas. I have been observing Bald Eagles in our area for two years now. The second week of January 2015 at Melvern Lake, Melvern Kansas, I viewed 12 Eagles within a few yards of my vehicle. They were hunting/ fishing in the lake and engaging in squabbles with other birds. I also have noticed at Pomona Lake and the area, in which I live, Eagles. There were 3 at Pomona Lake. I had one fly right through my front yard area here in the country between Ottawa, Ks and Pomona, Ks. This year I have seen more Eagles than last year, giving me hope that their numbers are rebounding.
Rhonda Ferguson
Ten bald eagles in a southern suburb of Kansas City. We are near a river and the property owners have a large pond with geese and seagulls and of course, lots of fish.
Suzanne Frisse
I just saw 3 eagles in the trees to the East of 18th Street on hte Kansas River in KCK
William Mahoney
My husband and I observed a mature bald eagle flying in front of our house this morning, December 28, 2014.
We live about 3 miles south of Topeka, Kansas, in a rural area.
It was glorious to get a clear view of an eagle here. We think we have seen them in the area before, but never could be sure until this one, which was very close and allowed us to see the white tail and white head. We are not near any lakes or rivers, only numerous small farm ponds, The immediate surrounding area is a cattle ranch, a prairie remnant, wooded areas and rural residential acreages.
Mrs. Michael Williams
During the past week, on 12-20-14 and again on Christmas Day, I saw I from four to six individual bald eagles at Pomona Lake in Osage County, KS. They ranged in appearance from what appeared to be a yearling (brown with totally black beak, minimal white streaks on chest) to one or two with adult plumage. It was a fantastic experience.
Additionally, about six weeks ago, I spotted a pair of adults soaring above Highway 70 between Lawrence and Bonner Springs, KS.
Dolores E. Anderson
There is an adult and juvenile in my back yard below Rocky Ford Dam along the Blue River in Manhattan Kansas.
What a joy to see these birds just outside my living room. To cool!
Mark Miller
I have seen several bald eagles in Chautauqua County, Kansas (southeastern Kansas) and in Washington County, Oklahoma (northeastern Oklahoma) this year. I also have photos.
Jolynn Reed
Drove past a bald eagle feasting on something on the shoulder of hwy 56, east of Marion, KS on January 10 at 4:30pm. When I saw it from a distance I commented "that big hawk must have found something good". Upon approaching I realized it was actually a bald eagle! Very excited to see, but worried me, it being so close to the highway!
- DeDe Kaempfe
I saw a group of 6 or 7 bald eagles around 5:00 PM today while northbound on I-35 about 10 miles east of Beto Junction. An adult was soaring above the side of the road and the others were in a cluster of trees two hundred yards or so off the highway. There may have been some immature eagles in the group. The adults really stood out to me because of their size and extremely white heads and necks. The one in flight looked huge and I could clearly see its white tail feathers. I drive this stretch of road often and enjoy seeing all the hawks. When I saw the eagles I immediately thought "those sure aren't hawks"--they're so much larger and the white heads really catch your attention. Beautiful birds!
Steve Lewis
I just had a pair of bald eagles fly over my house in Kansas City, KS at 11:40 AM CST on 12/29/2013. They were high in the air, gently circling and in general moving from North to South riding a strong northerly wind. I live near I-435 and Leavenworth Rd., zip code 66109.
Scott Martin=
Spotted 6 adult bald eagles and 2 juveniles along the Arkansas river in Wichita, KS. One adult was perched in a tree at the Indian Center. Two adults perched in a tree next to the river, a little east of Cowtown. Saw 2 juveniles perched on the island at Twin Lakes along 1900 block of Amidon St. Saw 2 more adults perched in trees along the river at Marina Point. Saw more flying along the river but not sure if these weren't some that we already spotted perched. December 14, 2013 between 9 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
Nancy Henderson
Thursday December 3, 2013 I spotted an adult bald eagle that was stunning, flying North to South just over the top of a hedge row of trees on the west side of the Kansas Turnpike that just parallels the road between the Belle Plaine service center and the Kansas Star Casino around mile marker 30 at 3pm.
Darren Page, Wellington Kansas
I spotted an adult bald eagle in Augusta, KS on November 26, 2013 around 3 p.m. It was flying south to north over US 54 at the Whitewater River Bridge. It continued north above the river, it wasn't too high. I could make out it's white head and tail without binoculars.
Nancy Henderson
I saw two bald eagles yesterday afternoon, Feb 22 around 4:00-5:00 pm. This was at Clinton Lake, near Lawrence, KS. The first was near the North end of the dam in the Overlook Park. I walked down the road in front (west) of the dam along a grove of trees when a bald eagle with a kill flew into some branches in the grove. As the sun was almost entirely behind the eagle, I had to adjust my camera to get more detail from the bird but can clearly identify the bald eagle markings. It flew away after about five minutes. I saw the second bald eagle below the dam between the spillway and golf course. At first, it was perched in an evergreen near the road to the golf course but a few minutes later saw it in a tree across the road near the playground north of the golf course. The sun was brightly shining so no problem identifying it
Dave Gift
Today, 12 Feb 2012 at about 10:30 am, we spotted a bald eagle flying just west of Bucyrus, KS on 223rd street and Pflumm Road. We watched it fly across a field and land in some trees just south of 223rd street. Just a single male.
Chris Swanda
1-13-2011 Just 8 miles south of Abilene Ks. we saw a large animal setting in the wheat field and I thought it was a small deer but my wife got the binoculars and it was very obviously a bald eagle. From the distance (200 Yards) we estimated the size at about 3 ft. tall. I grabbed the camera with the telephoto lens and ran outside so I wouldn’t try to photograph it through the screens. by the time I got there it was airborne, beautiful site but missed the photo...
Larry Miller
Yesterday afternoon I saw a beautiful bald eagle as we went over the Willard bridge - it was flying over the Kaw river on the east side of the bridge - around 2:35 pm. There was only one that I could see and I couldn't tell if it was male or female but I am certain it was a bald eagle - they are magnificent!
Evelyne Lindstrom
Saint Mary's, KS
We live on Hiway 160 about 1 mile east of the turnpike between Wellington and Oxford Kansas. Today (2/10/2011) we saw 3 Bald Eagles in our large Cottonwood tree. One flew away as we watched and was just very large and beautiful.
Edwin & Dena Martens
I live east of Bennington Ks., For 2 days we have sighted 3 bald eagles and 1 juvenile, on the north side of the Solomon river along Hwy 81!! What a wonderful sight to behold. They appear to be feeding on a carcass laying in a wheat field.
Renee Boss
While driving home from work around 1:45 pm on Feb 4, 2011, I saw a bald eagle feeding on a dead carcass about 15 foot off north side of Speedway Blvd. in Kansas City, KS. It flew away as I drove by.
Chris Manion
We have been going to Eagle Days in KS, and now we like to take drives to see them. In the past have seen some at different areas and I always carry a camera. Saw one the other day 3 miles East of Wamego by a bridge near hwy 24, was really amazed that he was so close to the highway. Don't know how many we have missed but now we really watch and carry binoculars and camera now. Someone posted on my facebook page of one they took a picture of out by Tuttle Creek dam. It's such an honor to see them.
Paula Daniels
We live on a small lake in NE Kansas near the MO River. I have seen as many as 7 at one time and have videos of 4 at a time on the ice feeding on birds We regularly have Eagles taking ducks & geese on our lake and now seem to have a pair here almost permanently.
Dave Parsons
I live off of Midland Drive and Ogg Road next to Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee KS and incredibly enough I just saw 2 bald eagles in my neighbors tree. One was already sitting in it when I looked out the window and saw another pass overhead and land in the same tree.
John Foley
Rose Hill Kansas 67133. 1/2 mile west of Rose Hill Road on Rosewood St Also known as 63rd street. 9:30 a.m. Jan 2,2011. He was sitting on the ice watching a duck in a small amount of open water. This water is a pond located in a new developement called Rockwood Falls.
How excited to see this. Also another person stopped to take a look...
Beth Beltz
I have had the pleasure to have had multiple sightings of bald eagles in the Turner / Argentine area of Kansas City, KS, near the Kansas River. One sighting was at the Kansas River and K32 near 18th street. The eagle flew out from under the bridge and circled back and flew right over the top of my car. A few days later, I spotted one sitting in the top of a tree overlooking the Kansas river in the same area. a few days later I saw 3 Bald eagles circling the landfill area on the northwest corner I70 and I635. I could see them from I70, but if not for earlier sightings in the area would not have paid attention to the high flying birds. All sightings were in December 2010, about 7:00 AM as I was driving to work in the area.
Doug White
At around 6pm this evening a bald eagle flew about 60 ft over my head. going west towards the Kansas river. I was on my property about 1 mile from the river at the intersection of Loring rd and 142nd St in Bonner Springs, KS.
Quentin Brewer
I have sighted two bald eagles flying over our 18 acre pond at Loma Vista Nursery, Inc. in Ottawa Kansas. They are beautiful.
Leanne Follett
This past weekend February 20-21, 2010 we visited two central/east central Kansas reservoirs; Fall River and Redmond. We saw 10 Eagles ranging along the dam at Fall River, most were perched in the trees on either side of the dam area. Three were located in a tree in the park and allowed the cars to come quite close, we took turns driving up the road and stopping to watch so as not to upset them. What a wonderful site. Sunday we went to Redmond dam and saw at least 5 Eagles on the ice. They were quite a ways out but with binoculars we could see them quite well. We did see one in flight below the dam, amazing.
Dawn Murray, Kansas
We live in Perry Kansas and have been viewing a large amount of Eagles in our area in one location there are about 50 to 75 Eagles in the trees and on the ice of a small pond it is quite a majestic site to see so many in one area.
Tim Unbenhower
January 28, 2010 - Overland Park, KS. College Boulevard & US 69 Highway. 6 p.m. Driving home tonight, from my office in Corporate Woods, I spotted a bald eagle soaring low over the highway. It was flying from West to East.
Jennifer Bush
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