Bald eagle, Image created by Hope Rutledge

We are staying in Naples, Florida on Forest lakes blvd. I just noticed a pair of what I believe to be Eagles perced on the top of a tree which is in my fire overlooking a golf course. Could this be.
Jean Maguire

Yesterday, around 5:30 p.m., there was a bald eagle perched on top of a very tall, thin tree in my neighbor's back yard. It was just looking around at his surroundings. I lived in Southeast Alaska for 5 years so very familiar with what they look like...I am in southwest Florida across the bridge from St. Pete Beach.
L.R. Malone

We saw two Bald Eagles soaring overhead yesterday in Delray Beach, Fl. They glided down to take a closer look at us and then off again and away in seconds. Amazing!!!! What a gift to experience them in our own yard!!! We were able to get a picture of them.
Marcia Hamlet

Spotted two Adult Bald Eagles at Tuscawilla Park in Ocala on 01-16-15 early afternoon.
John and Marcy Pebley

Eagle sighting on 1/11/15 at 4:15pm near Silver Springs State Park.
Cobe, Caytin, Cole, Kim, and Dennis Lewin.

Two bald eagle sightings in the Pensacola, Florida area. One near downtown Pensacola, and one north of town in Molino, Florida. We captured poor quality pictures and video.
~ Christina and Blake Hodges

My wife and I were travelling north on I-75 on 1/2/2015 at approximately 10:55 AM. We observed a bald eagle (unmistakable white tail feathers) circling at about tree top level just west of the south bound lanes. Beautiful sight. We were south of Ocala, FL approximately due west of Summerfield.
John & Laura Fillyaw

I seen a male Bald Eagle roosting on top a light pole in Suncity Center near the South club house in Kings Point 4:45 pm. A car stopped to take a picture. Unfortunately I did not have my camera.
Daniel Novitski

December 9, 2014 @ 3:25PM
I saw a large Bald Eagle grab a fish from a small lake outside my office in Delray Beach, Florida. It swooped down, grabbed the fish and soared high. For some reason it dropped the fish in my parking lot and flew away.
John Micalizio

We were camping on November 29, 2014 at Rainbow Park Campground in Dunnellon, FL. There was a pair of them sitting on a branch all day. They were sitting in probably the tallest tree in the campground. Beautiful.
P. Gooch

Saw a Bald Eagle flying southwesterly over the 101 just north of Ft. Hunter-Liggett.
Jan Drees

Sighting this morning and afternoon at State Road 70 and Lena Rd in Bradenton, Florida.
Andrea M. Smith

A Bald Eagle crashed through our screened in pool area in the attempt to capture a squirrel. The Eagle did not get hurt but made his exit through another screen panel.
Fred Ottaviano
Orlando Florida USA

In the early part of October, 2014, I saw from my 7th floor apartment window what I thought was a bald eagle. The following day, I saw either another or the same one again.
V. Ohlsson

approximately 9 am Tuesday 10/21/14. A bald eagle was trying to land and eat a dead animal on the road on Hwy 24 at the Waccasassa river. Upon returning to Gainesville around 5:30 either a young bald eagle or a golden eagle was at the same location on the top of a light pole.
Tim Lee

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