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We are staying in Naples, Florida on Forest lakes blvd. I just noticed a pair of what I believe to be Eagles perced on the top of a tree which is in my fire overlooking a golf course. Could this be.
Jean Maguire
Yesterday, around 5:30 p.m., there was a bald eagle perched on top of a very tall, thin tree in my neighbor's back yard. It was just looking around at his surroundings. I lived in Southeast Alaska for 5 years so very familiar with what they look like...I am in southwest Florida across the bridge from St. Pete Beach.
L.R. Malone
We saw two Bald Eagles soaring overhead yesterday in Delray Beach, Fl. They glided down to take a closer look at us and then off again and away in seconds. Amazing!!!! What a gift to experience them in our own yard!!! We were able to get a picture of them.
Marcia Hamlet
Eagle sighting on 1/11/15 at 4:15pm near Silver Springs State Park.
Cobe, Caytin, Cole, Kim, and Dennis Lewin.
Two bald eagle sightings in the Pensacola, Florida area. One near downtown Pensacola, and one north of town in Molino, Florida. We captured poor quality pictures and video.
~ Christina and Blake Hodges
My wife and I were travelling north on I-75 on 1/2/2015 at approximately 10:55 AM. We observed a bald eagle (unmistakable white tail feathers) circling at about tree top level just west of the south bound lanes. Beautiful sight. We were south of Ocala, FL approximately due west of Summerfield.
John & Laura Fillyaw
I seen a male Bald Eagle roosting on top a light pole in Suncity Center near the South club house in Kings Point 4:45 pm. A car stopped to take a picture. Unfortunately I did not have my camera.
Daniel Novitski
December 9, 2014 @ 3:25PM
I saw a large Bald Eagle grab a fish from a small lake outside my office in Delray Beach, Florida. It swooped down, grabbed the fish and soared high. For some reason it dropped the fish in my parking lot and flew away.
John Micalizio
We were camping on November 29, 2014 at Rainbow Park Campground in Dunnellon, FL. There was a pair of them sitting on a branch all day. They were sitting in probably the tallest tree in the campground. Beautiful.
P. Gooch
Saw a Bald Eagle flying southwesterly over the 101 just north of Ft. Hunter-Liggett.
Jan Drees
Sighting this morning and afternoon at State Road 70 and Lena Rd in Bradenton, Florida.
Andrea M. Smith
A Bald Eagle crashed through our screened in pool area in the attempt to capture a squirrel. The Eagle did not get hurt but made his exit through another screen panel.
Fred Ottaviano
Orlando Florida USA
In the early part of October, 2014, I saw from my 7th floor apartment window what I thought was a bald eagle. The following day, I saw either another or the same one again.
V. Ohlsson
approximately 9 am Tuesday 10/21/14. A bald eagle was trying to land and eat a dead animal on the road on Hwy 24 at the Waccasassa river. Upon returning to Gainesville around 5:30 either a young bald eagle or a golden eagle was at the same location on the top of a light pole.
Tim Lee
Just saw a Golden Eagle on our property in St. Augustine, Florida
Totally caught me by surprise.
Glenn Spillman
I just saw a bald eagle fly by my condo at 2451 Brickell in Miami, Florida 33129
Patti Brooke
Took this picture yesterday along the side of Okeechobee blvd and SR 7 in Royal Palm Bch Florida.
We have seen 2 Bald Eagles about a week apart (might have been the same one) in the area.
Keith Brown
9:10am Spring Hill, FL
Elgin Road – between Mariner and Deltona
Huge adult bald eagle – He was swooping down between cars, seemingly attracted by prey or roadkill. Unmistakable markings, very large – stopped traffic. I was within 20 feet of him. The last thing I expected to see today.
Michael McGaha
Monday Feb.17 4:45pm
Jacksonville Florida
Sighted sitting on bridge light post at the intercoastal bridge on Atlantic Blvd.
Ronald Hobbs
Saw Bald Eagle this morning in Palm Beach Gardens. First time couldn't believe it. Awesome!
Samuel Adler
We are wintering in Panama City Beach from Canada and today this is what we saw on the beach enjoying a nice big fish. It was very cold and icy outside, but the bird did not seem to mind the weather.
Anne Beaton
I observed a Bald Eagle yesterday circling above my house in South East Florida, 33410, Palm Beach Gardens. He/she was enjoying the windy weather circling my house and several others for approx. 15 minutes before he drifted out of sight. It was my first Florida sighting and it made my day!
Fay James
Two bald eagles were circling each other almost directly overhead. One must have been a juvenile because the feathers were still spotted. The other was a striking adult. Sighted on January 24, 2014 at about 2:30pm on the shores of Lake Bonny at 1200 Bartow Road, Lakeland, Florida.
Dean Hall
We saw a bald eagle standing in a small field next to a pond on hwy 2 north of bonifay in holmes co florida. We took pictures and it flew up into a big pine tree next to the pond.
Ivan Peters
I live in tampa FL, 33626 Citrus Park area. Yesterday around 1:30 when I was driving I looked up and I saw a bald eagle. I was so surprised and happy. So I was going to stop to take pictures but there was traffic on Sheldon rd. I got home and when I parked in my driveway to the left I saw a big bird. I opened the door threw my purse on the ground and ran to see if it was the bald eagle. Sure enough it was. I was so exited that I rang the doorbell to get my husbands attention and let him know to bring the camera. It was a wonderful experience!
Yanira Perez
We saw a bald eagle standing in the grassy roadside along Rt 301 in Thonotosassa on 1-18-14 at about 4:15 pm.
Rhiannon Gray
Bald eagle sighted along side of Coronet Road in Plant City Florida on January 14, 2014 about 5:00 pm as it was eating.
Sheryl L Cooper
Saw a bald eagle on route 70 outside of Bradenton/Sarasota area. An amazing sight. He was eating road kill on this busy road. We were so amazed by this spectacle! We're hoping he's ok as we originally thought it was a vulture.
Robin Heston
Saw a bald eagle off of lake Emma road in lake Mary on December 29th at 11:20 am
James Cinqmars
Saw a bald eagle today (12/26/2013) on snow memorial highway, near Lake Lindsey in Florida.
Nick Barnes
December 19th, 2013. Just saw a pair of bald eagles over our community lake off of SR 27 south of Leesburg, FL. Beautiful sight!
Barbara Poehlein
On November 19, 2013 around approximately 8:30am we spotted a bald eagle in a yard on South Glencoe Road in New Smyrna Beach, FL. What a sight to see and such a beautiful bird. Have not seen since but doesn't mean they aren't still around somewhere.
Robin Becker
November 13th 2013 my husband and I spotted a bald eagle driving towards vernon florida.we were so shocked. First sighting ever for us both...45 minutes later while returning home passing through wasua florida the same eagle flew off from a carcass on the side of the road...whats crazy the next day driving to panama city florida my husband was telling my son what happened and pointed to the area of where we saw the eagle..and they both saw it again! Amazing!
Madaie Cooper
Saw a bald eagle on the golf course in Betmar park in zephyrhills fl 33542. A wonderful sight!
Vera Watson
Saw a pair of bald eagles at 6:30 am swooping low over the lake behind my home on the Westend of Panama City Beach (Laguna Beach). They made several passes before heading west. What a fabulous way to start my morning!
J. Swift
November 9, 2013 - 7:20 AM. Bonita Springs beach, just south of Ft. myers Beach, approaching Lovers Key, a beautiful Bald Eagle took flight in front of us as we drove north. What a sight to behold! Days later, I am still in awe.
Beth Hjartnes
park ave.
orange park, fl 32073
Right outside my office window perched up in a tree.
He swooped by twice but has been sitting for about an hour now.
He is not relaxed as he was since a bird has started chirping nearby and he is alert and attentive now.
Jennifer O'Neill
Two mature bald eagles and three immature eagles on the beach east of Cap San Blas in Gulf County. They were eating on a shark carcass just outside the surf zone. Close fly-by revealed the markings. Wow!
Fred Rehrig
2013.10.25 6pm NW Tampa, FL on Dale Mabry Hwy at Zambito Rd - Glorious day so the top was down on the convertible, which gave a big view, and right above us on a phone pole was a big beautiful bald eagle surveying the scene like she owned it. (Been in this neighborhood 25 years, see lots of hawks but this was my first eagle)
Charon C Leith
Walking my dog on Tuesday October 22, 2013, in the morning, along Lake Emma Road in Lake Mary, Florida I saw a bald eagle flying about 100 feet in the air. It was just above the trees. It flew over the Sun Lake Apartment complex. I walked under some trees by Sand Pond Road, and when I came out on the other side the bird was gone. It was really cool. So cool I am trying to find another place I can go and see more.
Blake Wallace
Southeast Rush County, Indiana. October 9th, 2013, 2:30 P.M. Soybean field at the corner of 1000 S. and 450 E. A bald eagle flew in front of our car with a rabbit in its talons. We immediately stopped. Upon seeing us, the eagle dropped the rabbit, and landed in a combined bean field about 15 feet from its prey. My son took a picture with his smart phone. This is my second sighting in the wild. My first was an eagle catching a fish in front of my parent's home on Alligator Creek in Charlotte County, Florida.
Margaret McQuinley
Right in my backyard!!!!
Today September 23rd 2013
Scottville St,
Spring Hill, Fl. 34609
It was amazing! What an experience to behold! A messenger from Heaven!
Careylu Trease
Walking on the Beach in front of the Wyndham Ocean Walk hotel saw a bald eagle with its unmistakable white head and tail, circling above the beach, being chased by a smaller bird and eventually apparently landing on the building which is about 20 stories high.
Tom Denny
Spotted a beautiful, fully grown bald eagle yesterday shortly after noon on 2/22/13. Spotted in Wesley Chapel, Florida gliding low to the ground over a park next to a neighborhood called Meadow Pointe (in less populated Meadow Pointe 4 section). Wesley Chapel is a suburb northeast of Tampa. Many lakes and wildlife in the area. I also spotted two bald eagles last year during winter (also in Meadow Pointe area). They were swooping in to feed on a carcass with a group of other large birds, I reached for my phone to take a photo, but other cars were coming.
- Brian Sweet
We saw a Golden Eagle at the Avon Park Air Force Range in Avon Park, Fl today, February 10, 2013. It was the first time we saw one and it was definitely not an immature bald eagle. This was much bigger than any bald eagle I have ever seen. It took flight from a tree near us, so we got a good look at it.
Travis and Norma Reynolds
Riverview, FL=
I saw a bald eagle today (my first ever in the wild). I live in an apartment building in Clearwater Florida. The apartment is located near busy roads (between Sunset Point and Northeast Coachman Roads along US Highway 19 North).
The eagle flew by my balcony which faces a small wetland/swamp area in an open field that has power lines. It flew by, swooped down and perched himself by the water and looked like it was either eating or cleaning itself.
It was such an amazing sight to see!
Kira Solomon
I live in Hudson FL off of Hudson Ave. At least once a week I spy one Bald Eagle sitting atop an electrical pole near Hays Rd. on Hudson Ave. He/She is beautiful and majestic!! Thank you God for these great birds!
Tiffany Mansfield
Amazing! saw a bald eagle at Eden gardens state park just east of Destin Florida.
Chris Schwehm
Sarasota, Florida. Near the Sarasota Airport/U.S. 301. Several sightings by myself of a mature Bald Eagle and a juvenile.
Penny Johanesen
I saw a bald eagle today on a tall light pole by the orlando airport. I was in absolute awe. What a beautiful creature god has made. I did snap a few far off pics.
Shawn Rath
Driving home from picking kids up from school on Shady Hills Rd towards Mariner Blvd. Turned on to County Line Rd. and their it was fly over head u turned to take a second look and it flew around our car about 2 ft up landed in front of the car about 5 ft grab some food and flew off the wife, kids and i where just amazed. We've been here 6 years and did not know Bald Eagles lived in Florida. Just such a Regal and Majestic bird.
Vincent Bonilla
Sunday, January 13, 2013
Orlando, Florida (East Orlando-Waterford Lakes)
Relaxing on our lanai, my husband said, "do you see that bird flying toward us?" I looked and knew immediately it was a bald eagle. I had no idea we had them in Florida, having just moved here 6 months ago, so we watched it with great interest to verify that it was. He was large, majestic, and amazing! He flew from west to east, then near our home, flew a couple of circles before flying off to the southwest. A wonderful sighting and memory!
Shannon Kropf
january 1st 2013. Bald eagle sighting in Tequesta florida perched on the branch of a very tall pine tree. =
Tammy Ostuni
Dec 23, 2012, single mature eagle on the ice at the lake at Florida and Kipling, it was feeding on something. Flew off directly overhead, heading southwest, just before dusk.
Heather Whitehead
The pictures were taken behind Publix's SuperMarket at the address below:
13154 U. S. Highway 301
Riverview is about 25 Miles from Tampa, Florida.
Michael Mandarino
2 yr old first sighting 8 am till 9:50 am in high pine tree in backyard, Winter Haven, Fl. Have observed pair for l yr., we live on a pond that is frequented by raptors.
Joan Drake
   I have biked the same paved trail in Tampa, Fl before or after work for over 2 years and this morning I was honored to witness what I believe was an ‘American Bald Eagle’ flying right-to-left, about 150 ft in front of me, on my far right, at about a 45 degree angle, coming from a rain water drainage channel, that runs along the trail named ‘Upper Tampa Bay Trail’. The trail runs on the west shore of Upper Tampa Bay "Channel A" and is full of fish.
   My only concern was from my vantage point biking on the trail riding towards the bird, it did not appear as big as I would have expected, I have seen fishing hawks, a lot smaller and large owls, it was larger than the owl. I would guess the wing span was say at the most 4 ft from tip to tip. The colors were clearly evident in addition I spoke to an elderly couple who stated they saw it as well but it was on the ground on far bank of the channel. They agreed with me it that it looked like an bald eagle. It happened so quick even if I had a camera it would have to be in my hand and ready.
Date: 11-20-2012
Time: 07:18 am
Here is the GPS:
Tom Kelly
I just spotted a bald eagle on a nearby rooftop at 10/28/12 at 3:36 PM. I live in Tara Golf and Country Club in Bradenton, Florida. He flew off and headed east. Awesome sight!
Grant James
October 5th 2012, I was driving next to Bonaventure Country Club in Weston. I saw this big figure in the middle of the golf course shich I though was a man picking up something but then I realized there were no golf cars around so I looked again and saw the eagle. Sadly I could not find a close place to park to take a picture, but I'm 100% sure it was a bald eagle.
Carla Carrero
See them all the time! Saw eaglet yesterday fishing here at Laurel Oak CC. Parents have been around for years! Many pairs in the area(Sarasota) Beautiful!!!
John Miller
My family and I were staying at the Jacksonville Florida Naval Air Station during the Labor Day holiday 2012, when much to our surprise, a majestic Bald Eagle made several passes across our window as it flew over the St. John's River. We had no idea these wonderful birds had a habitat in Florida. What a pleasurable and memorable experience.
Al Lumpkin
My wife and I saw a pair of Bald Eagles in Bradenton, FL yesterday (Sept 6th) along the causeway to Anna Maria Island (Manatee Ave).
Brett Gallagher
9 am on Sat, Jan 28th, at Deerwood Country Club (Tee #5) at Baymeadows Rd and Southside Blvd in Jacksonville, FL. Sitting in the top of a tree minding his own business.
Bill Gowen
January 28, 2010 11:00 a.m.
I live about 5 miles outside of Vernon, Florida on Pate Pond Road and my husband and children were outside when my 6 year old son run into the house hollering for me to come outside quick that they just saw a bald eagle. Sure enough circling over the house and the pines was an eagle. I ran back inside and got the binoculars to get a better view and it was the most beautiful bird I have ever seen. We watched him circle farther and farther out until we could no longer see him. This is the second time my husband has seen one here at the house. I had seen one a couple of years a few miles from my Dad's house on Pioneer Road outside of Vernon. That one was on the side of the road and flew into a tree when I passed by. I stopped and went back and took a couple of pictures of him sitting in a pine tree.
Merisha Harvey
I saw my first bald eagle pair today in Sanderson Florida. I have lived here for nearly 30 years and this is a first for me!
Marilyn Penrod
My wife, kids, and myself were just driving south on the Florida Turnpike just south of Orlando and spotted a bald eagle flying just on the east side of the road over a field.
I wasn't even sure they were in the area until we looked it up and found your site.
Very cool.
Tim Sullivan.
I live in Vero Beach, FL and I feed the ducks and ibis daily. In particular, I feed a large male muscovy duck and his mate who has only two ducklings left of the twelve born. I sighted a bald eagle on the banks of the lake watched him through my binoculars. I held my breath as the mother muscovy and her ducklings swam right toward the eagle. He watched and then as they approached, he ran a few steps flapping his wings. The ducks swam quickly away, and then the eagle took flight over the lake. It was amazing sight to see a bald eagle in my backyard!
Deborah Burke
1/1/2011 Pensacola / Perdido Bay While on a bike ride I saw a bald eagle sitting in a pine tree around 4:30 p.m. I took a lot of pics and video. Great to see one in this area, hope it hangs around.
Jean Krysinsky
Near Pensacola, Florida on Dec. 22, 2011. At 12:40pm, we were driving west on I-10 from our home in Milton, FL, on our way into Pensacola. As we approached the Escambia Bay Bridge, we saw two large birds flying overhead from the right side of the interstate to the left (from north to south). We both at first thought "hawks", but at the same time, we saw very clearly that they had white heads. Bald Eagles! They flew on southward, over the pines that line the east side of the Escambia Bay. We were in view of the bay at the time. It was a very cloudy, windy, rainy day, temps around 70 degrees.
Cam Sasser
My 4 year old daughter and I were walking around outside our house in Lakeland, FL and two Bald Eagles were sitting in a pine tree. When they knew we spotted them they both flew off. We have 4 acres which is right up against the Green Swamp. Amazing sight!
Jed Ziniaks
We have a Bald Eagle here on NAS Jacksonville, I see it now and then, the first time I saw it, it was chasing another bird that had a fish in its talons the two put on quite a show until the other bird dropped the fish and the Eagle plucked it from mid air, I see it mostly by the golf course over by the river but you just can't help looking when it give you a fly by just a magnificent sight.
Bill O'Brien
I just spotted a bald eagle out our back porch. Our location is Orange Lake Resort, outside of Orlando, FL. This was my first sighting ever. What a site.
Kevin Pursell
November 16, 4:30pm -- I witnessed a bald eagle flying over 417 in Orlando while I was taking a walk. No doubt about it. It was magnificent---bright white tail – soared above me and flew over 417 into a nest of trees. It will be a memory I will have for the rest of my life. What a treat!
Laura Sfiligoj
Sighted on November 16, 2011 in northern St Johns Co, on St Johns Pkwy between Racetrack Rd and Russell Sampson Rd. I've never seen one in the wild before, so still can't believe it. It swooped down and landed by some roadkill as I was driving by. At first I thought I must be mistaken, it must be some type of vulture I'd never seen. But as I drove by within about 40 feet, it actually was a bald eagle. It was only on the ground a few seconds and I got to watch it fly away with that large wingspan. Very beautiful bird, and a very unexpected sighting!
D Smart, Jacksonville, FL
On November 11, 2011 I went on my back porch , in this vacant lot next to our home was this large bald eagle. He or She was feeding on a small animal tha he caught. I stepped back in the house to get my camera when I came back out I scared him away. No picture but I saw him fly away carrying his prey.
This was the first time I have ever saw an eagle here. WHAT A SIGHT TO SEE A LIVE EAGLE ON VETERANS DAY . November 11, 2011 at 4:00 PM
Jewel And Delma Graves.
Plant City. Florida.
St. Petersburg,Florida
The eagle was perched on a power line located on first street between 62nd and 72nd Avenues
Deborah Gurney
I spotted a bald eagle today, October 22, about 2.01pm:
He was in the shallows and shells about 2 minutes. On Bimini Bay, Anna Maria Island, Florida. It was low tide, a bright sunny afternoon. Then he flew away, and hasn't been back.
He/she is quite beautiful.
Robert Johnson
I just saw a bald eagle for the second time this week flying over Lake Killearney in my neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida-I saw it on Sunday and today at about 1 pm. Went running in to get a camera but its gone out of sight again.
Tracy Raheb
20 October 2011 1430 local time bald eagle was spotted on the old 7 Mile Bridge in Marathon. Being from Alaska I was shocked but just learned from your site that they are found in Fl as well.
Chuck Lindsey
11:30 Sunday, 16OCT 2011 - I saw a Bald Eagle apparently nibbling on road kill, on Meridian Road, 1 mile North of Orchard Pond Road in Northern Leon County, Florida. Thought it was a larger than average buzzard/vulture, but the big white tail as it flew off was a distintive field mark.
Tom Baxter
Florida- Manatee County
I'm happy to report that I saw a bald eagle in Manatee County, on a light pole along SR 64 E, near Lakewood Ranch Blvd. I've noticed several other people have posted about sightings in this general area throughout the last couple years. I'm happy to know the eagle/s like it here.
Mary-Beth Croome
I saw an immature bald eagle today (possibly 4th year from what I have read) in Hillsborough County, Lithia along one of the more eastern walking trails in FishHawk. I was some distance away, but it was slowly circling on some air currents. The bird was mostly dark underneath with only small patches of white under the shoulders and on the secondaries. The tail was predominantly white with a dark tip and the head was mostly white with a dark eye stripe. I'm not sure if the feet colour change with age, but they were a very vibrant yellow.
Bec Zanker
Just saw one land on a tree limb adjacent to I-10 north of Panama City
Greg Haynes
I saw a bald eagle flying over my home in Navarre, FL, today, on the Santa Rosa Sound. Then this afternoon, I saw a young bald eagle (no white head yet, but still very big) in my back yard. He ran into our trampoline net - was fine though.
Tonya Keebaugh
While working in my backyard on Sunday 11 Sept 2011 I observed two eagles gliding effortlessly from east to west along highway 98 in Mary Esther Florida. The hot summer breeze out of the Gulf provided lift for their wings and I am humbled in the wake of this brief moment of time.
Timothy Boswell
Since we moved to Jacksonville, Florida over 5 years ago I have had the pleasure of sighting Bald eagles. Today I saw a large one on the ground by the side of the highway trying to tear into a plastic garbage bag.
When I drive by the St Johns River I frequently see a lone eagle flying overhead towards the river to fish. I have seen them circling the river and once I saw three of them circling a nearby neighborhood.
These majestic birds always thrill me and excite me because in the 1960s there was a threat that they might not be around in the future.
Gloria Balmaseda-White
I spotted a Bald Eagle on 4 different occasions in late December 2010.
I just turned 51 in January and I have been longing to spot a Bald Eagle for the better part of 25 years! I'm always looking up in the skies looking at the soaring & gliding hawks (and other beautiful birds). Every time I say, "I wonder what that bird is?", my family jokingly will say, "It's probably a Bald Eagle!", because I've been searching to see one for so many years.
We have a place in Bonita Springs, FL in a development called Palmiera. My husband & I were out for our usual morning walk. We were walking toward the cul de sac on Speranza Way in the Palmiera Development. We stopped to talk to a neighbor. As we stood there, I noticed a large bird with a beautiful white head! I said (as I usually do), "What kind of a bird do you think that is?". My husband turned to me and replied with a giggle (as he usually does), "It's probably a Bald Eagle!". The gentleman we were talking to happened to be from Alaska and he said, "Actually it is! He said he couldn't believe it the first time he saw it - He didn't think there were Bald Eagles in this part of the country - but he said he always see them in Alaska."
2 days later I was out on my Lanai having a cup of coffee in the Morning & I could see it coming toward me about 50 yards away. It flew right over my head about (10 ft above my head) - AMAZING!!!! We saw it perched up on the same roof we spotted it before 1 or 2 days later. And then one morning (around 6am) it was right behind our house playing in the sand traps on the golf course! It stayed there for about 15-20 minutes. There were other species of birds playing also - it was unbelievable! Fortunately we got a picture of it because nobody would have believed us!
Janice Mellon
I saw a Bald Eagle on Highway 441 in Lady Lake, FL January 26, 2011. It took me by surprise because it flew in front of the car and then landed on top of a power pole. Also, because I did not know that there were Bald Eagles in Florida. In fact I doubted that I even saw it until I drove back by and it was still there. My office is close by so I was able to observe it several times that day flying and landing. Very majestic!!
Beverly Sudol
Sighted a single bald eagle circling at fairly low altitude (500-800’) above Signal Hill Golf Course in Panama City Beach, FL on Saturday 22 January 2011. This area is in the heart of the tourist district in Panama City Beach.
JB Watson
I saw a bald eagle riding the thermals about noon today (2 January 2011) as I was heading east on the Polk Parkway, about 10 miles from I-4. It was flying not far from a pretty good-sized flock of turkey vultures, and it was immediately apparent that bald eagles are a very big bird with an impressive wingspan. I saw a second eagle just as I merged onto Interstate 4. This is my first winter in Florida, and I didn't know that bald eagles had any presence in Central Florida. It was great to discover the "catalogue" of sightings at baldeagleinfo.
Mary P. Johnson
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