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On Feb 11 at 12 noon, I saw 2 adult Bald Eagles in flight within about 20 ft of each other at the same elevation heading in the same direction kind of side-by-side, as if in formation, and vocalizing, presumably to each other. They flew over Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in California (Contra Costa County, I think) going northwest in the direction of the Lafayette Reservoir or possibly the Briones Reservoir.
On the same day I also saw 2 dark eagles, almost certainly juvenile, perched on the microwave towers at the same preserve. They eventually flew off and had the classic eagle profile in flight. I only had binoculars, but I clearly saw their tarsi which were yellow and unbooted i.e. no feathering on the tarsi. Otherwise they were mainly very dark except for pale grayish under-feathers on the breast. Given lighting and high contrast conditions and the distance, it was hard to discern other markings.
Pam Young
I saw a bald eagle flying through Portola Valley in Santa Clara CA at 8:15am on Feb 6, 2015.
Amy Christen.
We saw 2 bald eagles flying near the truck scales at Truckee, California on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 8:45am and it was amazing. They are so beautiful. We have only seen them in captivity. We have only seen them in the wild in Alaska.
Tonie Reidt
My wife and I saw a female Bald Eagle while driving on east California State Route 46, about 5 miles west of Shandon, in central California. This occurred on Monday February 2, 2015 at about 3:30 PM. Weather-72 degrees, wind-calm, sky-clear. She was sitting in open rangeland on some low foothills to the south of the road about 1/4 mile. We stopped and observed her for about 5 minutes during which she flew around and sat down once again about 1/2 mile east of that point. Her markings were unmistakably those of a Bald Eagle. She rose for a second time and flew northwest until we couldn’t see her any longer.
Jeff Fabbri
wanted to report spotting a pair of bald eagles flying around while I was hiking at Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill, Ca. on Jan 23rd time was 1:30pm. Rangers said they have seen them as well. This is the second time seeing the two and hope to get lucky again.
Ron De La Chevrotiere
I saw a bald eagle Jan 21, 2015 at 4:50 pm on Hwy 4, 13 miles east of Farmington, CA, just at the start of the foothills. Magnificent.
Adult bald eagle seen over Lake Lagunitas in Marin County, CA on 12/27/14 in arial battle with an osprey carrying a fish. Neither got the fish when the osprey dropped it. Amazing!
Nais Raulet, San Francisco
Sighted bald eagle at Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe, 2nd Jan, @ 10.30 am.
Amy Leishman
We saw two bald eagles flying south one behind the other and parallel to Highway 101 at the southern end of Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County, CA on December 27th about 11 am. Clear skies wind from North.
Linda Fraley
Bald eagle spotted at 3:45pm on Sunday December 28, 2014 perched on a tree on the side of Highway 20 in Colusa County leaving the canyon (before reaching the town of Williams).
- Aaron D. and Mieko Yeh
Lone male sited bald eagle in green valley California on the Dittmer family farm in oak tree overlooking reservoir.
Stephanie Bundenthal, Thomas Bundenthal and Samuel Bundenthal on December 2, 2014 9:30 am.
I was walking with my dog in the fresh snow in the Coldsteam area near Donner Lake when a bald eagle flew down very close to the trees near me, only about thirty feet away. I was observing it carefully, in awe, when another flew out of the tree only about ten feet above me. What a gift, but sorry I disturbed their apparent resting place during a storm.
Brooke Bishop, Truckee Ca
I was hiking this morning at Anderson lake in Morgan Hill, Ca. and spotted a pair of bald eagles flying over the lake. I couldn't believe what I saw and was delighted to know that someone else spotted them back in 2012 from this site. The pair of eagles were very vocal and could be heard throughout the valley. I feel honored to have witnessed such a rare sight.
Ron de la Chevrotiere
Date:11/24/2014 at 930am
I think I saw a bald eagle today at crystal springs res. @ 7am at the 2 mile marker. It was really foggy.
Gary Lauber
Nov 18, 10:15am pst.
Spotted a bald eagle next to interstate 5 southbound, about 1 mile from Hilt near calif/oregon border. Only other time I've seen one in the wild was in Yellowstone.
Gary Campbell
Juvenile Bald Eagle (between 2-2.5 years old) spotted at Contra Loma Regional Park, Antioch California on 16 Nov 2014
This is my first sighting a Bald Eagle. Not only was The Bald spotted, A Golden Eagle was on the same fence line within 10' of the Bald.
Richard Evans
I sighted a bald eagle flying around 200 ft. near Portuguese Bend in Palos Verdes Sep. 10 around 2:30pm.
Jerry Warner
Coleman Ave/ Meridian Ave 95118 in San jose, Ca. 3:00pm 9/6/2014.
younger bird based on head size. Full white head, long beautiful black wings. so cool.
Jonathan Olson
On Friday February 7, 2014 A box eagle was sighted on the streets of los Angeles in a strip called miracle mile... She had injured her wing in flight so was terrified n sheltering herself in a bush..my co worker showed me a pic which looked to b a female eagle .The police Wer called to the scene and as soon as they arrived animal control was called in to pick up the bald eagle and take her to a safe place..thank god she's alrite...
Juan Carranza
2/7/14 - Prather, CA - Fresno County: I saw my first real bald eagles! I couldn't believe it. They were far away, about 500 to 800ft away. I drive this small foothill road all the time and see lots of hawks, even occasional roadrunners and vultures, but never an eagle. There were two of them. It is winter so all the native oaks are bare. I could see a two stem 'lamppost' on top of a hill and realized I had never seen it before. As we got closer my kids saw it was a dead oak tree and the eagles were sitting on the uppermost v-shaped branches and their bodies looked like the lights. They were so huge. I wish I had had my binoculars with me. The road is windy and quite narrow in a lot of places, so I can't look around much. But I'll keep my eyes open as much as possible to see those gorgeous birds again!
Barbara Gray
I would like to report two Bald Eagles in Campbell California. The date was Friday Feb. 7th 2014.
They were in a heavily populated residential area sitting on the top of a tall Redwood tree at 121-A Redding road 95008. It was overcast with light drizzle and the pair sat in the tree for approximately 45 minutes to an hour. I called the Los Gatos Birdwatcher on my cell phone and they set Lisa from the store with a spotting scope to verify the sighting. The time was approximately 10:00 am. Below is a picture I took of the Eagles.
Don Mason
While driving north on Carpenter Rd. from Newman, Ca. around 1:30 p.m. my husband and I think we saw three young Bald Eagle's, these were to big to be Red tailed hawks which we see every day here. They were about twice the size of a hawk, and of a darker brown color.
We have seen a full grown Bald Eagle here near the river in a large cottonwood tree, and these three young birds were in a field near the river as well.
What a sight to see, I'm going to keep my eyes open from now on as I drive the roads around Newman...
H Nemanic
12:30pm, 1/20/14 Today we spotted a Bald Eagle flying over the Lexington Reservoir / Hwy 17. It is just south of San Jose, CA. It had a very large wingspan and very white head feathers and tail.
Leslie Muzzio
I saw a bald eagle around noon, Friday Jan 10, along the White River in the Arden neighborhood near Broad Ripple and Williams Creek.
Ginger Williams
The eagle flew straight up the driving range at the Roddy Ranch golf club. Flew maybe 40-50 feet overhead and landed 100 feet away. I've seen Turkey vultures and Redtail Hawks up close and from a distance, this eagle has unmistakable colorings (white flat tail/white head)but appeared to me to be sized between the two birds I mentioned. I'm sure of what it was but I assumed they were much bigger. Pretty cool stuff.
Antioch,Ca 94531
Christian Bowerman
Just saw a very large bald eagle drinking from a large "water tub" used by my neighbor's cattle and horses... It was huge and I was really caught by surprise to see an eagle... We have a lot of Red Tail Hawks but this is the first eagle I have seen in the area and i don't know if it was a male or female.. The sighting location was on Concho Rd, Templeton, Ca 93465... the major cross streets would be Neil Springs Rd and Vacquero Rd and then major to that would be Neil Springs Rd and El Pomar Rd... I hope the sighting location is helpful in preserving the Bald Eagle. absolutely fantastic... w.o.w.
bernie georg
On 12/27/13 I saw a bald eagle flying over I-25 at mile post 23. I often see a bald eagle flying in this area when I drive by this location in the winter. It is a few miles north of Trinidad.
Julie Schwab
Received a call from a rental tenant of mine reporting a Bald Eagle flyover at approx 100 foot altitude over his trailer which is located close to Blanchard St. in Natchitoches.
Gordon Christensen
I saw a bald eagle in a tree right alongside highway 152 on Sunday Oct 20 2013 at approx 1pm. I can't identify exactly where, but it was on a flat, straight stretch of the highway between the San Luis reservoir and 101.
Janet Beegle
I was driving on California State Highway 198 East 5 miles west of Highway 101 when I saw two bald eagles and either one turkey vulture or condor feasting on a dead animal carcass on the dude of the highway. This occurred on October 9, 2013. It was a beautiful sight to be seen, as they were literally ten feet from the side of the road. It looked as if the eagles were trying to shoo off the other bird as if to say "stay away from our food."
Eric Razavi
Saw a Bald Eagle standing in a farmers field south of Milton around 4:45pm, Oct 4, 2013. I was driving home along Britannia Rd and saw the bird West of James Snow Pkwy. I was very surprised by the sighting
Amelia Sapinski
I saw a bald eagle chasing a bird this morning over Hwy 17 on my morning commute from Santa Cruz to Los Gatos. The sighting was right as I reached Lexington Reservoir. I had no idea we had bald eagles in those hills! It was amazing. The poor little bird it was chasing was flying for its life.
-E. Crabtree
(Sighting on 9-19-13)
I believe that my granddaughter and I sighted a Golden Eagle on September 12, 2013 in the backyard of our home in Clovis, California. We live close to ranchland and are on 5 acres east of town off the 168 hwy that leads to the foothills, Prather being the closest town. I noticed a very large bird circling the area, then landing in one of our 30 year old trees. We were having a swimming lesson in the backyard. At first I thought that the bird was a hawk but it was too large to be a hawk . I have seen both bald eagles and golden eagles before in several different states. We have lots of squirrels on our property and rabbits as well. We also have had great horned owls nesting here.
I assume I've seen the same Bald Eagle 4 mornings in a row at nearly the same time in the morning east of Willows, Ca., on Highway 162, between 45 and Highway 5 during the week of January 29-February 1, 2013. Once it was flying into a small grove of trees and the other 3 times it was sitting in those same trees.
Suzanne Tefs
Two sightings on two different days!!! January 20, 2013 (late afternoon), and January 22, 2013 (early morning). I saw what I believe is a juvenile bald eagle in Coto de Caza, CA, near our house. Feathers seem like molting. More white in chest area. Almost spotted white patches, on dark brown. Maybe a golden eagle, but I am pretty sure a bald eagle. Beautiful. He (or she) got startled by the crows. This morning I was watching him with binoculars. He was perched in a tree, about 300 feet away. Neighbor's garage opened and he flew away. Then returned. We also saw him two days ago. He was "squawking/screeching" quite a bit two days ago. Louder than the local hawks. And much bigger. Body almost looks like a penguin, compared to our local hawks.
Evan C. Borges
I saw a Bald Eagle flying high above Lake Anderson, Morgan Hill, CA 95037 on December 24, 2012. A Christmas present from the Lord for my grandchildren and I. It appeared that the eagle was flying with other eagles but they didn't have white heads.
Nicholas Thom
We were driving up Highway 101, just near San Ardo, when I looked up and was shocked to see a bald eagle soaring above us on Saturday, November 24, 2012 around 1 pm.
I also saw one on Sunday, August 19 while driving up Highway 1, north of Hearst Castle.
Leigh Stevens
On Saturday October 15th,2011 four of us saw a lone Bald Eagle on the 18th hole of Sierra La Verne Country Club in LA County, So. Cal. It flew over us and sat in a tree for a few minutes before flying north.
Richard Bowen
Sitting in my office today, 12 floors up in downtown San Jose, I noticed a large bird flying substantially higher than any others that I've noted over the past 4 years of casually looking. I watched it for a bit, and I caught a glimpse of white towards the tail, making me think that it could be a bald eagle. I ran to get some binoculars and upon closer inspection, it turns out I was watching a Golden Eagle. I was really surprised to see one circling such an urban area, but thrilled nonetheless.
Dave Miller
I was surprised to see a Bald Eagle landing in a tree out in a field to the left as we were driving east on hwy. 152 out of Gilroy,Ca just about 2 miles off hwy 101 on 9/7/2012
Michael McClain
San Jose, Ca.
Hedgpeth Ranch, Sonoma County, California. Was awesome!
Jim Anderson
Saw a bald eagle today soaring in the sky above Highway 16, between Cache Creek and Clear Lake, CA. Pulled over to watch it, as it kept flying higher and higher. Beautiful....
Shawna Serpas
I was scuba diving in Folsom Lake (Folsom, California) at Mormon Island on Saturday morning and saw a Bald Eagle in the tree above us. What a cool sight!
Paul Lockhart
I live in Lanark Highlands and while driving along Rodger Rd. and very large bird flew out of the woods, I did a double take as I knew it was an Eagle. What a magnificent site. I stopped my truck and just watched him fly over the field next to me, I had the honour to watch him for a few minutes. When I got home I immediately looked him up on the computer and believe it was a male – I am not a bird expert, but it was truly a once in a life time experience.
Mary Ryter
My family and I were at Donner Lake just outside Truckee Ca between Christmas and New Year. We arrived at our condo around lunchtime on Dec 27th 2011 and decided to take a walk along the lake shore with the kids and my inlaws (avid bird watchers !) As we walked out of the condo a bald eagle glided by above us...maybe only 50 ft above us ....just above the treeline. We were so excited....my inlaws were able to note another New sighting in their log.
Iain Mackenzie
Folsom Ca
Last year my son Elijah and I were driving a furniture delivery to a customers house in Carmel, Ca. Just before we arrived, at the corner of High Meadow Dr. / Outlook Way, I saw a large bald eagle sitting in a damaged tree on the high ground of this corner. I stopped my truck in the middle of the street and told my son to look. I couldn't believe my own eyes. I was looking at a Bald Eagle with the distinct white markings to contrast the darker color on its body. It was so impressive we stayed awhile just to marvel at the huge animal. The eagle was only 100 feet from us, wow! I was shocked to know that bald eagles lived here near us in Monterey, California.
Sgt. Greg Johnson
My husband and I were in our hot tub this morning and had the pure luck of watching an eagle land in a pine tree behind our gazebo. He/she sat there for a few minutes and flew to another tree further in the distance. It was incredible! We are in Grass Valley, CA closer to Auburn, Ca…..in ranch land, not the mountains…but we do have a lot of water that surrounds us. Have there been many others from Grass Valley/Auburn that have had sitings?
Angela Van Ness
I live in Copperopolis, CA and was driving west on highway 4 near Milton on Dec. 12th 2011. I had to take a double look and pulled over and saw for my first time, a lone bald eagle circling some cattle land. I couldn't believe it. At first I thought it might be a vulture, but the white head and tail feathers made me look again. I never thought I would see one and had no idea they were in this area. What a Big and beautiful bird!
Mike Cooper
We were awaken by our dogs bark from in our home about 8am Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving 2011. Their barks make us go to the back sliding patio door. When we looked out sitting on our dogs rug was a huge Golden Eagle. The dogs were barking to get out but the Eagle was twice as big as both our Toy Poodles, Paris and Destiny together, at that time the eagle turned and looked at us. I looked into the eyes of a bald eagle. At that point it frighten me. I closed the blinds and went up stairs to get a better look. He after about 5 min. Stood up his wing span was 5 or 6 feet. I have never seen a bird that big up close. our patio is quite small maybe 20 x 40 feet. Than he elevated to a row of 8 feet bushes lining the back wall of our patio. After what seem like 5 min. He casually lifted off and up into the sky heading west back towards Woodland Hills mountains with a squirrel in his giant claws.
We live in Winnetka California, and I can say with certainty. The eagle has landed.
Diane Blackmon
Azusa, California, Los Angeles County November 19, 2011. Again saw Bald Eagle perched on power pole surveying the two reservoirs directly behind my home. Previously spotted September 2011 and reported here at that time. Always a thrill to see one this far south!
Jill Brantley
I was having a garage sale at my house when I saw a bald eagle flying very high with other birds. I think they where hawks. Any way he was circling around up there. I have seen these way up north but never down here? About a week later I saw another one or the same eagle circling in the same area.
Tom Severson
Saugus California, Santa Clarita Area
Would have shared this sooner if I'd known of this website. Summer in 2010, I live on Hidden Lake in Lake Forest, CA. Heard the eagle before I saw it, flew in very low and close by, circled the lake three times, so I got a very good look. Beautiful creature, first and only one I've ever seen.
Erik Miller
Azusa, CA, Los Angeles County. Sept. 7 & 8, 2011, I again saw a Bald Eagle perched on power pole outside my back yard next to reservoir. No ID tag. First sighting in this location since February 11, 2007 (also reported here).
Jill Brantley
On August 20, 2011 My sighting was in the same area as Kathy D below.
A lone Bald Eagle soaring off Hwy 101 near San Martin, in Santa Clara County. I wasn't sure until the dark foothill background reinforced the snow white head and tail. An amazing sight, and fortunately I saw a Ranger who was able to confirm it or I would have been continued doubting myself.
Dave Millet
On February 3rd, 2011, I saw this bald eagle in Los Molinos, CA, on the East side of Highway 99. Several weeks earlier, I saw another bald eagle also just on the East side of 99, but approximately 5 miles south of Chico, near Oroville, CA. The one pictured below appeared to be eating carrion.
Melissa Beebe Roberts/Mark Roberts
Jan 31, 2011 (South) Escondido, California near Lake Hodges. One sat in the eucalyptus tree in my backyard for about an hour!!!!!
Mari Oyama
On Sunday, Jan. 23, at around 2-2:30 p.m., I was driving on California's Highway 101, heading north between Gilroy and Morgan Hill. It was a clear day. This area is flat, open and rural. Just ahead of my car – about two or three car-lengths – and some 30 feet up, I saw a bald eagle fly directly across the highway, flying from west to east. I was able to observe it for about 5-10 seconds. What a thrill!
Kathy Dillon
I live in a small community – Yosemite Lakes Park with a Coarsegold, Ca address in Madera County, Califonia. YLP is about 8 miles from Coarsegold. This is a Sierra foothill community of 1-5 acre parcels and fairly populated. This morning I saw several Crows/Ravens circling and chasing an equivalent size bird. In the sunlight from 250 yards, I could see the Vivd White Tail and Head on what had to be a bald eagle. Nearest intersection is Yosemite Springs Parkway and Stetson.
I was amazed at the sight as it disappeared behind the trees. Moments later, I was able to catch a similar view and then it was gone.
Mark Pansing
Lake sonoma, saw one on morning of January 20, 2011
Jose Alcantara
Today, 1/12/2011, at noon, a Bald Eagle was soaring with several Turkey Vultures over Spanish Lakes area, just south of Paso Robles, CA. The area is a few miles East of the Salinas River.
J Van de Wouw
While walking the reagle beagle this morning, I saw a bald eagle perched in a tree. Wilson creek wash area between Bryant and 2nd street. Yucaipa Ca. Januraury 12th 2011
Andrew Blough
January 12, 2011, El Segundo, California, Soaring south of LAX
David Bricker
I was walking around Contra Loma Reservoir in Antioch, California this morning and I just happened to look up to see a bald eagle sitting in a tree. Luckily I had a camera to document the evidence.
Donald Luis
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