December 31. 9am. Highway 40 in Arkansas mile marker 246 there is a pond on the north side of the highway. Eagle sitting in tree.
Kim Maddox

We watched 50-100 bald eagles today near cosmic caverns in AR. AWSOME sighting!
Jon Waren

Saw a lone bald eagle at a neighbor's pond twice this week. My husband took a few telephoto pictures from his car. We have lived here 14 years and this is our first sighting.
Dover, AR
Deborah Barber

I came across a bald eagle today on Catholic Point Rd in Center Ridge, Arkansas. He was picking at a dead armadillo as I came driving by. As soon as I realized it was a bald eagle I stopped to try and get a picture on my iPhone but he flew off and circled around until I drove off a ways. A truck driver a little further up the road stopped me to confirm that it was a bald eagle. He saw it too, only I was closer. I ran my errand and came back that way and he was there again picking at the carcass and again I wasn't quite quick enough and the picture I got isn't close up enough to distinguish his white head & tail feathers from the sky. So cool!! I've never seen one outside of a zoo.
Dana Phelps

October 19, 2014, Lake Hamilton, Arkansas, about 8:00 am observed two bald eagles flying low over the lake near the shoreline at Farr Shores Drive area.
Edward Mikowski

NCR 511, Gosnell Arkansas
Dec. 29, Saw pair of bald eagles flying by levee
Lee Ward

On Nov. 23 we were on Hwy 65 and there was a big beautiful bald eagle perched on a tree that could not be missed in Leslie Arkansas. This was my very first time to see one besides in a zoo.
Marcelle Duffel

We had 2 bald eagles on our lake today near the Arkansas River in Lavaca, AR in Sebastian County. They were on a tree sticking out of the water. One flew off and then another a few seconds later. The second one looked like he had a snake in his mouth. They both flew up to a tree close by and ate the snake. Totally Awesome to see these beautiful bald eagles so close to our home!
Kristi & Brad Albert

My husband and I have a habit - every sunday we go for a drive around a local small lake that was once a limestone quarry. Lake Atalanta in Rogers, AR. The last three sundays, we've been honored to see one or two bald eagles. Some perched high in the trees above the lake, but today we watched one doing the evening fishing. Of course, this was one of those occassions where I didn't have the camera ready but I love watching the bald eagles. We often see an uptick in eagle spotting around this time of year - they do seem to love wintering around the Beaver Lake area and, of course, around the State-run fishery in Centerton... never pass up a massive feeding opportunity!
Susan M Ratliff
NW Arkansas

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